1. REMASTERED SOUND - Heaven 17 - "We Live So Fast" Music Video

  2. RCA SelectaVision VideoDiscs bumper in Stereo....

  3. Pioneer LaserDisc logos in Space

  4. Planning NAS and EIZO Tokyo Eizosha Co. Ltd. Production logos from LaserDisc...

  5. LaserVision blue still logos and side markers....

  6. Golden Harvest, BoB & Partners Company, Fitto Movie Co. logos from LaserDisc...

  7. "AV" logo. Unknown Hong Kong home video logo from a LaserDisc....

  8. Gull Audio-Visual International Marketing logo LaserDisc....

  9. Universe Laser & Video log with copyright warning screen...

  10. MGM/CBS Home Video logos

  11. 5 computers at my desk....

  12. 2012 4th of July Fireworks at South Miami Beach in High Definition

  13. JVC X'EYE S-Video output modification

  14. "Phantom of the Floppera" with added reverb

  15. 1983 Sony Beta hi-fi Demonstration

  16. Roger Wilco's Story - Space Quest IV....

  17. International Education Corporation (inedco) logo

  18. LaserDisc Rot Examples....

  19. Magnetic Video Corporation - ABC Video Enterprises variant

  20. "Superman: The Movie" WCI Home Video condensed end credits

  21. Rare blue and white LaserVision side bumpers

  22. 1978 Chevrolet Pro Serv Training - "Just a Little Misunderstanding" - MCA DiscoVision

  23. Pioneer LaserDisc - How It Works with Don "Mr. Wizard" Herbert

  24. Pioneer LaserDisc - What It Is with Patrick O'Neal

  25. Leonard Nimoy demonstrates Magnavision LaserDisc Player

  26. "Star Voyager" / "Cosmo Genesis" Ending (NES/Famicom)

  27. NBC Nightly News Voice Over (Response to obsgia)

  28. Random clips with two stock movie sound effects....

  29. High end Sony Super VHS and SuperBeta VCRs...

  30. Pioneer ELITE CLD-79 LaserDisc Player Auto Reverse "Gamma Turn"

  31. Christmas shout out to some on YouTube.....

  32. Master Arts Video logo

  33. Quick 'n dirty vid: Test of Teac X-20R Reel to Reel stereo 1/4" tape deck.

  34. Death Wish 2 - More Dumbass with Boombox and music...

  35. Bob Etheridge, Keep Walking... (fake Johnnie Walker commercial)

  36. 1976 Paramount Home Video logo

  37. Walt Disney Home Video "Neon Mickey" variants and FBI Warning screens...

  38. Disney Channel station ident (Mickey's Nightmare)

  39. Key Video logo (Key Video in Space)

  40. My big weiner being very naughty....

  41. CBS-FOX Video openings

  42. NES 72-pin replacement speed run....

  43. My collection of some rare Sega CD games....

  44. Warner Home Video logo (WCI revision)

  45. WCI Home Video (Warner Home Video) with FBI warning

  46. Fixing Cessnaace's LaserDisc Players...

  47. My modest Sega CD systems collection playing some of my rare games....

  48. Sony MDP-605 LaserDisc Player Auto Reverse

  49. 8 inch LaserDisc Spinup (Spins up to 1800 RPM ... FAST)

  50. Pioneer DVL-V888 LaserDisc / DVD Player Auto Reverse "Gamma Turn"

  51. Pioneer ELITE CLD-59 LaserDisc Player Auto Reverse "Epsilon Turn"

  52. RCA LDR-600 (Pioneer CLD-2090) LaserDisc Player Auto Reverse "Alpha Turn"

  53. Pioneer CLD-3070 LaserDisc Player Auto Reverse "Alpha Turn"

  54. Sony MDP-600 LaserDisc Player Auto Reverse "C-Quick Reverse"

  55. 80's Sony Turntable and 21st century Sony receiver.

  56. VHD Videodisc opening plus CIC Video and Japanese copyright warning (originally from ThatLogoDude)

  57. RCA VideoDiscs 1982 opening in stereo

  58. RCA VideoDiscs 1981 opening in mono and stereo

  59. Philips LaserVision (LaserDisc) Opening Logo

  60. Death Wish 2 - Fruity Bad Guys

  61. Death Wish 2 - Dumbass with Boombox and music...

  62. *FAKE* Angry neighbor shoots poor dachshund

  63. The Nutcracker (Painful skateboard bails on the nuts, a.k.a. economy vasectomies)

  64. Divine Intervention Makes a Mistake

  65. Artmic ident

  66. Columbia Tri-Star Home Video 1992

  67. Lorimar-Telepictures "Crashing Comets" ident

  68. Paramount Home Video 1982-1986

  69. Polydor ident

  70. Toshiba Video Software ident

  71. MCA VideoDisc bumpers, including end and start of sides

  72. LaserVision bumpers, including end of side

  73. DiscoVision bumpers and dead side

  74. Rare Pioneer LaserDisc bumpers and side break in stereo...

  75. Volvo Safety commercial (with voiceover)

  76. The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past (with voiceover)

  77. Pontiac G8 GT commercial "Invincible" (fan edit)

  78. Re: United Artists 1968 Logo (reconstructed)

  79. Translated Audi A8 Commercial

  80. Re: RE: Sony SCPH-50001/N PlayStation 2 quick service tutorial

  81. Re: Re: Sony SCPH-50001/N PlayStation 2 quick service tutorial

  82. Magnetic Video Corporation Logo (Pioneer Variant) *FAKE*

  83. Paramount Home Video 1979-1981

  84. Re: Old Seagate Hard Drive Power On

  85. PART 2: Sony SCPH-30001 R PS 2 disc drive cleaning tutorial

  86. PART 1: Sony SCPH-30001 R PS 2 disc drive cleaning tutorial

  87. Pioneer DVL-700 LaserDisc / DVD / CD player Auto Reverse "Gamma Turn"

  88. Re: SEGA mastersystem demo

  89. Sony SCPH-50001/N PlayStation 2 quick service tutorial

  90. PART 2:Samsung SDG-605 service tutorial for XBox

  91. PART 1:Samsung SDG-605 service tutorial for XBox

  92. Mac OS X Leopard alternate intro (Jupiter)