1. What Greek Can Do For You! (LU Show Season VIII, Episode 5)

  2. Longwood University 26th President Announcement, W. Taylor Reveley IV

  3. Executive-in-Residence presents Robyn Deyo

  4. Executive-in-Residence presents Grace R. den Hartog

  5. How Longwood Uses Sawdust to Heat the Entire Campus

  6. Lancer Fans (LU Show Season VIII, Episode 4)

  7. Tiny Timber and Friends in "The More the Merrier" (2012 Holiday Video)

  8. Cyber Security Panel

  9. Ruffner Carols

  10. What We Do At LU (LU Show Season VIII, Episode 3)

  11. Oktoberfest 2012 (LU Show Season VIII, Episode 2)

  12. Longwood University Fall 2012 / Spring 2013 TV Commercial

  13. Rock the Block 2012 (LU Show Season VIII, Episode 1)

  14. Convocation 2012: Colleen Margiloff '97

  15. The G.A.M.E. 3.0 Pep Rally Highlights

  16. Thank You to Our Donors

  17. There's a Spirit Here (Long Version)

  18. There's a Spirit Here (Short Version)

  19. Commencement 2012

  20. Congratulations Class of 2012

  21. Longwood Trend Line: The Raven

  22. Spring Weekend 2012 (LU Show Season VII, Episode 9)

  23. Longwood Trend Line: Titanic

  24. Catch the Lancer Spirit (LU Show Season VII, Episode 8)

  25. "WaterWalk" by Dr. Steven Faulkner

  26. Longwood University: Welcoming the World

  27. Discover the Power in You at Longwood University

  28. Longwood Trend Line: The Hunger Games

  29. Founder, Chairman and CEO of IMC, Inc. (Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series)

  30. Longwood Life and You (LU Show Season VII, Episode 7)

  31. Longwood Trend Line: Marketing the Super Bowl

  32. President and CEO of Rainbow Station, Inc. and PRISM, LLC (Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series)

  33. Bloopers! (LU Show Season VII, Episode 6)

  34. Longwood Lancers to join Big South Conference (Community Response Highlight Video)

  35. Longwood Neuroscientist Catherine Franssen Shares Tips to Deal with Holiday Stress (WDBJ-7 Roanoke)

  36. Longwood Neuroscientist Catherine Franssen Shares Holiday Stress Tips (Virginia This Morning)

  37. Tiny Timber's Holiday Odyssey (2011 Holiday Video)

  38. Longwood Trend Line: Holiday Stress

  39. Longwood Ropes Course (LU Show Season VII, Episode 5)

  40. SOLstice

  41. Longwood Show Stop Motion Episode (Season VII)

  42. Founder and CEO of Innovation Interactive LLC (Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series)

  43. Longwood Trend Line: Vampires

  44. Inauguration of Patrick Finnegan as Longwood's 25th president

  45. Inauguration of Patrick Finnegan - Inauguration Ceremony (Oct 21, 2011)

  46. Wooden Chef (LU Show Season VII, Episode 3)

  47. Longwood Gives Back

  48. Oktoberfest 2011 (LU Show Season VII, Episode 2)

  49. Chairman of NBC Oklahoma Bank (Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series)

  50. Longwood students, faculty and staff make a stand for diversity

  51. New Lancer Days 2011 - An Extended Orientation Experience

  52. Rock the Block 2011 (LU Show Season VII, Episode 1)

  53. Longwood students surprise President Finnegan and sing Happy Birthday

  54. Longwood President Patrick Finnegan speaks on "Torture and the War on Terror"

  55. Heating Plant Ribbon Cutting

  56. Convocation 2011

  57. Another Look at The G.A.M.E. 2.0

  58. The G.A.M.E. 2.0 - New Mascot Introduced - August 21, 2011

  59. Longwood community attempts to break World Record for largest papier-mache sculpture

  60. What is CHI?

  61. Longwood takes on the world in annual math contest

  62. Longwood Show Season VI Episode 6

  63. My Longwood Story: Igniting Passion

  64. Longwood Show Season VI Episode 5 (Maria vs Food)

  65. Lieutenant Colonel James Zumwalt (Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series)

  66. Longwood Trend Line: "Dr. Seuss" (Seen on Google Trends)

  67. Turtles: A Cause for Wonder, a Cause for Concern (Blackwell Talk)

  68. Teaching to the Test? Addressing Language Expectations of the SOL (Blackwell Talk)

  69. Chairman and Principal of Eagle Fire Consulting, Inc (Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series)

  70. Longwood Trend Line: "Super Bowl Commercials" (Seen on Google Trends)

  71. Longwood Trend Line: "Egypt" (Seen on Twitter & Google Trends)

  72. Longwood Show Season VI Episode 4 (A Day in Farmville, VA)

  73. Longwood Trend Line: "Martin Luther King Day" (Seen on Google Trends & Twitter)

  74. My Longwood Story: Defining Service

  75. Longwood Trend Line: "Black Friday" (Seen on Google Trends & Twitter)

  76. Longwood Trend Line: "Harry Potter Premiere" (Seen on Google Trends)

  77. Longwood Show Season VI Episode 3 (LU Traditions: CHI / Princeps, Capping & Rock the Block)

  78. CEO & President of Evergreen Enterprises, Inc (Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series)

  79. Longwood Trend Line: "Eric Legrand Rutgers" (Seen on Google Trends)

  80. Longwood Show Season VI Episode 2 (2010 Color Wars & Oktoberfest)

  81. The Ins, Outs, Ups, and Downs of POGIL Pedagogy (Blackwell Talk Series)

  82. Longwood Trend Line: "Miners" (Seen on Twitter's Trending Topics)

  83. Longwood Trend Line: "Vampire Diaries" (Seen on Twitter's Trending Topics)

  84. Heart Development is Loopy: Insights from Zebrafish (Chichester Colloquium Series)

  85. Longwood University's Online Retail Management MBA Program

  86. My Longwood Story: Fueling Ambition

  87. Longwood Trend Line: "US Real Estate" (Seen on Google Trends)

  88. Al Carey, President of Frito-Lay North America (Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series)

  89. Rock the Block 2010 at Longwood University

  90. Longwood University Campus Tour: Intro / Welcome

  91. Longwood University Campus Tour: Longwood Landings

  92. Longwood University Campus Tour: Hiner Hall

  93. Longwood University Campus Tour: Center for Communication Studies & Theatre

  94. Longwood Show Season VI Episode 1 (2010 Freshmen Move In and Pep Rally / March)

  95. Longwood University Campus Tour: Willett Hall

  96. Longwood University Campus Tour: Wheeler Residence Hall

  97. Longwood University Campus Tour: Ruffner Hall

  98. Longwood University Campus Tour: Longwood Center for the Visual Arts

  99. Longwood University Campus Tour: Lankford Student Union