1. TECCELL-FB Honeycomb material is strong, lightweight, impact-resistant and recyclable #DigInfo

  2. High speed food radiation testing system used for testing rice from Fukushima #DigInfo

  3. Daifuku Baggage Tray System moves baggage at 600m per minute #DigInfo

  4. Main Sugar Constituent Provides Effective Anode Material for Sodium Ion Batteries #DigInfo

  5. Interactive virtual anatomical model using a projector and sensors #DigInfo

  6. Compact, high-power hydrogen fuel cell for release in spring 2013 #DigInfo

  7. Denso Wave handy terminal can scan QR codes up to 50m away #DigInfo

  8. Ricoh Contactless Thermal Rewritable Laser System - Labels reusable 1000 times #DigInfo

  9. Casio Paper Writer 10.1" Android tablet traverses the analog and digital divide #DigInfo

  10. Walking Analysis System #DigInfo

  11. Walking Aid Can Reduce Load from Body Weight #DigInfo

  12. Electric Care Bed with Assist Capability #DigInfo

  13. Quake-resistant Emergency Bed-shelter #DigInfo

  14. Automatic motion tracking home security camera helps keep your pets safe #DigInfo

  15. Cooking simulator will help you cook a perfect steak every time #DigInfo

  16. Live2D - Interactive 3D animation of 2D images #DigInfo

  17. Guitar Designed for Hemiplegics #DigInfo

  18. Cap with Detachable Hairpiece #DigInfo

  19. Device for Leg-disabled Children Helps Them Move Independently #DigInfo

  20. Measuring objects in 3D using only a camera and projector #DigInfo

  21. Ranking and Sorting Bell Peppers at High-speed #DigInfo

  22. Print a 3D model of your unborn baby with the 'Shape of an angel' service #DigInfo

  23. Rehabilitation Device Emits Sound Based on Tilt #DigInfo

  24. Instantly Measuring Sugar Content, Acidity, and Weight #DigInfo

  25. Uroflowmeter Measures Urine Volume Simply by Using Toilet #DigInfo

  26. agri-cube compact hydroponic unit produces 10,000 vegetables per year #DigInfo

  27. Aquaponic therapeutic indoor display #DigInfo

  28. AED Storage Case Capable of Functioning in Cold Locations #DigInfo

  29. EDV-01 Disaster Response Unit #DigInfo

  30. Swumanoid swimming android robot from Tokyo Tech will help athletes swim faster #DigInfo

  31. Bakery goods POS visual recognition system on trial in Tokyo bakery #DigInfo

  32. Traction Device for Person Sitting in Chair #DigInfo

  33. Camitool automatic touch-free toilet paper dispenser #DigInfo

  34. Research for Making Engine Sounds Pleasant #DigInfo

  35. KDDI "Smart TV Box" Cable TV STB runs Android 4.0 #DigInfo

  36. Bathing Unit with 300-micron Particle Mist Shower #DigInfo

  37. Quadcoptors flying in formation using motion capture #DigInfo

  38. Omron MEMS thermal area sensor checks for human presence and hot food #DigInfo

  39. Visible Light Communication devices ready for commercialization #DigInfo

  40. 3D Virtual Building Block System Works Without Markers or Sensors #DigInfo

  41. Indoor guidance system for the blind using a smartphone and UWB #DigInfo

  42. GT-Layout app word wraps text in photos for smartphones #DigInfo

  43. Mahoro lab android automates dangerous lab work #DigInfo

  44. Flexible Substrate Material Minimizes Transmission Losses #DigInfo

  45. Making Electric Currents Visible #DigInfo

  46. Casio PicapiCamera iOS app uses visible light communication #DigInfo

  47. Multicolored penlight for light painting on an iPhone or iPad #DigInfo

  48. Haptic VR System Makes Anything Feel Squashy #DigInfo

  49. AR app visualizes water height in the event of a tsunami #DigInfo

  50. Mixed Reality system from Canon fuses real and virtual worlds #DigInfo

  51. Digital Puppet Instrument Is Played by Opening Its Mouth #DigInfo

  52. Instantaneous Deodorizer, Useful for Diaper Changing #DigInfo

  53. i-SODOG robot pet dog controlled via smartphone, can communicate with its friends #DigInfo

  54. NICT Daedalus Cyber-attack alert system #DigInfo

  55. Fast, efficient method for reconstructing 3D spacial data online from regular photos #DigInfo

  56. Suction Mat Cleans Shoe Soles #DigInfo

  57. Nissan LEAF Battery Used to Power Homes #DigInfo

  58. Remote Control Fighting Robot Cyborgs - Tomy BattroBorg 20 #DigInfo

  59. Next-generation micro lens array AR markers are stable and precise #DigInfo

  60. Bender robot simultaneously feeds, twists and bends pipes #DigInfo

  61. Intelligent meat slicer uses 3D imaging to cut perfect slices every time #DigInfo

  62. Robot Hand Uses One Actuator to Provide Gripping Action #DigInfo

  63. iPad App Recreates 3D Anatomy in Fine Detail #DigInfo

  64. Inari-zushi robot makes 2,500 inari-zushi rolls per hour #DigInfo

  65. Avatar mirrors users facial expressions in real-time using a standard webcam #DigInfo

  66. Air Cast Stabilizes Injured Area with Single Straw #DigInfo

  67. RoboCar HV driverless R&D test vehicle can also be driven with an iPad #DigInfo

  68. Mobile House Kit That can be Taken Apart and Reassembled #DigInfo

  69. Micro Electric Vehicle Kit for Educational Use #DigInfo

  70. World-class image recognition service for smartphones - NEC GAZIRU #DigInfo

  71. Brain wave meter visualizes levels of desire, concentration, sleepiness and stress #DigInfo

  72. Docomo's Peripheral Display Coordination system is location aware #DigInfo

  73. Experience virtual worlds with the Docomo 3D Live Communication System #DigInfo

  74. Sharp's new IGZO crystal structure for high density LCD and OLED displays #DigInfo

  75. Transparent dual-touch display Android smartphone prototype #DigInfo

  76. Driving simulation vehicle testing system reproduces movement on a real vehicle #DigInfo

  77. Olympus 2.4mm diameter industrial videoscope is world's thinnest #DigInfo

  78. Intelligent monitoring and warning system for vehicles - Aisin ITS #DigInfo

  79. NHK 33 Megapixel 120fps Ultra High Definition imaging system #DigInfo

  80. Interactive Plasma Display Where 4 People Can Write in Different Colors at Once #DigInfo

  81. World's first Ultra High Definition shoulder-mount camera #DigInfo

  82. NHK Hybridcast making broadcast TV interactive #DigInfo

  83. Water Tank Prevents Waste of Rainwater #DigInfo

  84. Lightning Rods That Prevent Lightning Strikes #DigInfo

  85. Fujitsu's 5mm thick palm vein sensor small enough to fit on a tablet #DigInfo

  86. Mobile printer for smartphones #DigInfo

  87. Skin care smartphone app tracks skin condition over time #DigInfo

  88. Panasonic Eluga v, power & life mobile devices - docomo summer 2012 #DigInfo

  89. Sharp Aquos st, Zeta & sv smartphones - docomo summer 2012 #DigInfo

  90. 0.25mm-thick Waterproof Soft Case for iPhone #DigInfo

  91. Sony Xperia GX & SX smartphones - docomo summer 2012 #DigInfo

  92. Sand-blasting Utilized to Engrave on Glass #DigInfo

  93. KDDI au Summer 2012 Smartphone Lineup #DigInfo

  94. Smart Washstand with Android in the Mirror #DigInfo

  95. Instantly Obliterating Data on Magnetic Media #DigInfo

  96. Angio System Supports Hybrid Technique #DigInfo

  97. Cocorobo intelligent vacuum cleaner robot communicates with its owner #DigInfo

  98. Qumarion mannequin input device for intuitive 3D manipulation #DigInfo

  99. World's Lightest Wireless Digital Radiography System #DigInfo