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  1. Rabble Rabble - CB1

  2. Soul Vistas - "Good Morning Little School Girl"

  3. Soul Vistas - "I'll Play the Blues For You"

  4. Soul Vistas - "What Is This Emotion?"

  5. Add 2 "Relax Relate Release"

  6. Agents of Change - Agency (live at reggies 2-7-14)

  7. Agents of Change - Destroy (live at reggies 2-7-14)

  8. Agents of Change -Hideous (live at reggies 2-7-14)

  9. Evil Empire

  10. Evil Empire

  11. The Holy Mother Fucking Shit Song by My Magic Shoes

  12. Agents of Change - Silent Spring [from the upcoming release "How You Gon' Wait?"]

  13. Evil Empire

  14. ADD-2 Relax, Relate, Release

  15. [EVENT] Agents of Change

  16. George Harrison - It Don't Come Easy

  17. Hiding My Heart - Adele (Lyrics)

  18. ADD-2 Losing Me Live

  19. ADD-2 Superman, Bring em out live

  20. Add-2 performance at Vocalo's Winter Block Party 2013

  21. Add-2 Show at The Metro

  22. Add-2 Performing "Bring Em Out" at A3C 2012 Atlanta

  23. Add-2 performing "Modern Day Coons" at A3C 2012 Atlanta

  24. Del Amitri - What I Think She Sees

  25. My Magic Shoes - Teaser

  26. great day to be alive.wmv

  27. ADD-2 ft. Johndavid Provitt -- LOVE JONES (Official Video Dir. @HOTC_TV)

  28. Agents of Change @ Studio Chicago 11-17-12

  29. Travis Barker - Solo

  30. Travis Barker and DJ AM in Chicago

  31. Dechilove-Never Falling Down *LIVE DRUMS by Mike Curran, Studio version*

  32. Hella. Concentration Face DVD (Better quality)

  33. Agents of Change - Decolonize Now

  34. Agents Of Change - Chicago Got Me Sweatin'

  35. Evil Empire Rehearsal - Music Garage

  36. Mike Curran Drum Compilation

  37. Agents of Change - Discoteca Antifa live

  38. Faded feat. Lil Wayne (We Make It Better Drum Remix)

  39. UNtitled Noise Instrumentation V2 [Trailer] (available 4/26/12 via

  40. Mic Jack - Add-2 (Mike Curran Drum Remix)

  41. Murda Jam Studio Chicago 4/7/12

  42. Agents of Change "Rebel Since the Crib" (Live 3/30/12) [Buzzkill Goes Hulk]

  43. John Blackwell and The Matrix Live

  44. The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

  45. Murda Mike drum solo at Soapbox

  46. We Make It Better -- Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix) ft. Childish Gambino

  47. We Make it Better - Plan B- She Said

  48. Mike curran Studio of Chicago

  49. Mike Curran Drumming at Studio Chicago

  50. Tony Williams Drum Clinic 1985 pt.2/3


  52. SUSHI FUNK - College of DuPage Percussion Ensemble

  53. The Funky Buddha with Brendan B, Mike Curran and Sean Short


  55. mike curran drumming

  56. mike curran drum groove

  57. harlem ave lounge 2

  58. We Make it Better - Add 2 - Superman

  59. [Deleted Video]

  60. new phone, time to drum in front of it

  61. Mike curran tracking it out with mike Napoli engin

  62. Mike Curran/Kaylee Preston Drum Duo 4/28/11

  63. Mike Curran on bodhran at The Porter House with Des Cafferkey in Westport County Mayo Ireland

  64. Mike Curran Drum Solo w/ Add-2 at The Mid

  65. Add-2 performs Relax Relate Release at The Mid

  66. Add-2 performing Cassette Tapes at Mid 4/1/11

  67. Mike

  68. Add-2 Goes To SXSW Pt1

  69. "The No Tell Nothing" "One Less Mouth To Feed video"

  70. Agents of change @ the korova

  71. [Deleted Video]

  72. Peter Hulne as "The Boss" Bruce springsteen "Do your job!"

  73. mike curran drumming in the studio

  74. mike curran drum solo

  75. drum solo at guitar center by mike curran


  77. conga solo by mike curran

  78. [Deleted Video]

  79. [Deleted Video]

  80. Slaughter House - The One (Official Music Video) (HQ)