1. NYS Route 14

  2. Monkey Run to Ridge Road

  3. Ride home to office

  4. On the way to the Bald Eagle State Forest

  5. Crossroads in the Bald Eagle State Forest

  6. Entering The Bald Eagle State Forest

  7. Bald Eagle State Forest trail

  8. Landrus Rd Arnot, PA

  9. cool fountain

  10. NAIS restaurant Aquarium

  11. Spider Monkeys in Rio Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala

  12. Islote con Pajaros in Rio Dulce

  13. Castillo de San Felipe in Rio Dulce

  14. Bronwyn feeding a Grizzly Bear

  15. Animal Sancturary Motorcycle Ride

  16. Brian and the Wild Hogs

  17. Riding all the way down Mt Washington

  18. Section of Riding down Mt.Washington.MP4

  19. panorama from Mt.Washington.MOV

  20. Walker Hill Rd to Burlingame Rd to 224 to Johnson Rd

  21. Chaffee Creek Rd to Bull Hill Rd to 13 to Alpine Rd to Connecticut Hill Rd to 6 to Oak Hill Rd to 224

  22. Burlingame Rd to Walker Hill Rd to Jackson Creek Rd to 223

  23. Banfield Rd to Irish Hill Rd to Vankirk RD

  24. Connecticut Hill Tudy Rd

  25. Connecticut Hill - Summerton Hill to Alpine Rd..MP4

  26. Fall riding in the rain.MP4

  27. Fall motorcycle riding at dusk

  28. Riding to the Highest Elevation 6,053ft. on the Blue Ridge Parkway

  29. Me riding US-129 "The Tail of the Dragon"

  30. Devil'sCourthouseTunnel.MP4

  31. going back to my room.MP4

  32. going down for breakfast.MP4

  33. riding to Highest Elev. Blue Ridge Parkway.MP4

  34. GrassyKnobTunnel.MP4

  35. Cherokee weapons.MOV

  36. "The Tail of the Dragon" US129 (full version).MP4

  37. Parade (2).MOV

  38. Wench auction (2).MOV

  39. Camel (2).MOV

  40. Camel.MOV

  41. Jousting at the Sterling, NY Renaissance Festival.MOV

  42. Dude & fruit.MOV

  43. Dude vs Bronwyn.MOV

  44. Forksville PA pow wow

  45. Combs Hill to Southport in Elmira, New York

  46. Gillett to Snedekerville PA

  47. Harris Hill to Route 352

  48. Access to High Knob

  49. A Dragon named "Dude"