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[Team Kamiuta ft. Miku Hatsune] Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Kimi [English Subtitles]

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Published on Dec 15, 2012

"Look, Look, It's Beautiful!"
Courtesy of Team Kamiuta, today we begin a new storytelling song series: "The New Testament: The Gods' Sealed Eden". In this first episode we are introduced to a host of characters: A pair of seemingly tragic lovers who are victims of fate in old Japan, the mysterious Mira, and the innocent but equally mysterious Eve. With possible themes related to time-travel, immortality, and fate, I know that I will definitely be looking forward to the continuation of this series! We should also point out that Miku sounds great in this song, and I love that old Japanese singing style "Yaaaaaa" Miku does, it's my favorite part!!!!

(Update: Romaji link provided below now)

This song was pretty hard to translate, ALOT of old-style Japanese language. Much of which seems to be borrowed from old sayings, proverbs, and songs. I learned alot! I'll try to add a few notes here:

-It's actually translated once in the song but I'm sure alot of people want to know the name in English. I left it in Japanese because it sounds much prettier and poetic there. Trying to bring it over rather literally to English it would be "The petals are of the cherry blossom trees, the person is you".

-The line "Drunken shade of blue" was chosen by me for aesthetic purposes and it's grammatically correct. But while it seems random, it can very well be referring to the girl (Eve), rather than just blue. The kanji for blue here can also mean things like young and immature. So it's possibly referring to her drunken state of naive sensory overload as she experiences the scene in the past.

-As mentioned in the song, the lines about "slipping" and "who is in front of me" are almost all taken from the children's game and song "Kagome Kagome" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kagome_K...). The song has many possible meanings, many of which are obvious, and thus tie in well to this part of the song.

-The "Passion and Desire I had shared, alone with you line", I tried to leave as ambiguous as possible both times. Two ways to look at it. Either this can be the Eve girl talking, about how she watches the ruins of that love with the person who is also witnessing it. Or I suppose possibly it's the person experiencing it talking.

-Even the opening line about the worlds dancing together seems to be a modified quote from Fujiwara no Michinaga, found here (http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%97%A...)

-Yes there does seem to be alot of perspective switching in the song, as to who "I" and "you" are. Most songs try avoid that and I tried to leave it as ambiguous as possible until more is reveal for us to interpret. So when you read the lines you could try to read them all as "Eve" speaking and think about what the "I" means in that sense or for now you could take it as different people speaking.

-As mentioned in the video Edo is the old word for Tokyo

-Oiran is a Japanese word for courtesan and possibly prostitute in a blunt way.

-The computer seems to say "Project Hos-" (Host?" on it, in the control room, with an image of that device Eve was sleeping in.

-One thing that caught my eye, though I doubt it matters is that "Souka" used at the end of the song (which generally just means "Sou, Ka?" like "is that so" or "i see") is also the reading of some obscure words like "Edo Streetwalker/courtesan" and "Flower" which both relate to this song.

-I don't know the relation yet but the title is very similar to a touhou song (I know they say touhou at the beginning but it's not THAT touhou) called "Hana wa Sakuragi, Kimi wa Kaze", so if anyone knows more let me know.

-There were many other complicated old phrases, including 愛執染着 which is an old saying and related to the feelings of passion between man and woman as referenced in the lines where I used "passion" in the song.

-The guy in the song also somehow appears to be alive at the end...OR...it looks like he might have been there at the killing during the night time? That's really hard to discern, but very interesting to consider.

Original Video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19582438
Version sung by someone in KamiUta (don't know much about them yet sorry), which is actually amazing: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19582390
Lyrics & Offvocal→http://piapro.jp/zunichi1002

My Romaji for the lyrics (it's a bit tough): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u...

Production:チームカミウタ(mylist/27943338 / co1552673 / @team_kamiuta)
VOCALOID Tuning:タカオカミズキ(mylist/7896513 / @takaokamizuki)

Official Home Page→http://www.teamkamiuta.com/

Thanks for Watching!

Descent87's Info:

Descent's translation/discussion Blog: http://descentsubs.wordpress.com/
Descent's Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/descent87
Descent's Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/descent87

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