1. Halifax Nocturne 2012

  2. Crystal Crescent Beach Photoadventure

  3. A Halifax Photoadventure

  4. An adventure begins, again.

  5. A birthday cover of California Stars

  6. Pre-Photowalk Banjolele & update from an empty house in Toronto

  7. China Beach BC - Maplemusketeer's 2012 Cross-Canada Adventure

  8. Silverdaisy Mine ruins and waterfall

  9. Disc Golfing in Nanaimo Part 2

  10. Disc Golfing in Nanaimo Part 1

  11. Karsten almost nails the dismount off of the large stump in East Sooke Regional Park

  12. Going for a spin near Holland Point Park in Victoria BC

  13. Sounds heard while visiting friends in Nanaimo

  14. Hail on the Crocuses

  15. Those who succeed are not those who don't fall down...

  16. The reason benches are a good idea, but don't work, in the rainforest

  17. The world is vast and full of awesome around the corner

  18. I wish I had a giraffe

  19. Unexpected Growth

  20. What did I find at the beach today?

  21. Why leave work the normal way, when you can use the Secret Exit!?!

  22. Our transient world

  23. A Maplemusketeer Moment: At the head of Sechelt Inlet in a car in the rain, with tea.

  24. Bald Eagles above Mount Daniel on the Sunshine Coast

  25. How to tell you're in Canada

  26. Things seen in the Inner Harbour of Victoria BC

  27. The Port Renfrew Hotel and Pub's awesome bathroom!

  28. For all the geologists out there, check out that cleavage.

  29. Natural West Coast Bonsai

  30. Several options for how to cross a chasm

  31. Grandpa seeing a picture I took appear on the BC morning news

  32. Trees tell stories in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

  33. Upon finding an Ent in the Pacific Rainforest

  34. In the rainforest the salal grows thick enough to lose someone

  35. You know you're in a popular Canadian park when....

  36. A chilly prep time for Botanical Beach Adventure introducing Mandy

  37. Exploring attempts at erosion control at Islandview Beach on Vancouver Island

  38. Have you noticed that tree before? I like that tree.

  39. A Poor Man's Whale Watching Trip in Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Canada

  40. Not your average parking lot

  41. The Quest for Pants

  42. My dark night horny deer encounter

  43. What does the Maplemusketeer do? Imitate Seasonal Beings?

  44. Getting ready for the Grey Cup party on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

  45. A Zany West Coast Quest of Squamish Phone Reclamation by way of IKEA in Burnaby

  46. Scrabble Players.. the Sechelt Activity Center needs your help! ;)

  47. Deactivating Beach Weaponry aka Beachcombing with the Maplemusketeer

  48. Falcor the Luck Dragon or a Cloud Crocodile? Things seen in the sky!

  49. It's Ok to wet yourself: A Maplemusketeer Phototip

  50. The time I found myself up a tree in Hope BC

  51. The "Bear in a tree" technique of fruit picking

  52. BC Ferries Chase Scene

  53. Angus Creek Mushroom Discovery

  54. Crossing the Howe Sound from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale on the BC Ferry the "Queen of Surrey"

  55. What does the Maplemusketeer do? Load pop machines?

  56. Maplemusketeer Adventure featuring a random cat (named Augustus?)

  57. Discovering an undercut alder in the river, still growing

  58. Exploring Hope and the Coquihalla River, extremely dangerous seeming? - A Maplemusketeer Moment

  59. Finding an active bear trap when going out for a walk - A Maplemusketeer Moment

  60. Canoeing on Texas (Klahatter) Lake in my favourite weather. Adventurous mystery weather!

  61. It's time to move on Ian, or Learning to Love the Raven's Quork

  62. Great roadtrip grub stop at the Hope Slide

  63. Kawkawa (Sucker's) Creek nature moment - Hope BC

  64. Frog Rescue 2011 with Chef Hiro 'Yoshi' Takeda

  65. Never Feed Coyotes - A Vancouver BC park sign

  66. A Long Day Road Trip to Long Beach, British Columbia - A Shorts and Gaiters Adventure

  67. Photo-adventurous:From Waterfall to Lake Cowichan

  68. Oh Deer

  69. Photo-adventurous: Harris Creek Detour-exploration

  70. Learning to Strum aka The DDUUDU Song

  71. Cliff Gilker Park Sign for Dog Owners

  72. Drinking tea on the "Porch"

  73. If I ever own a truck and a recliner...

  74. PSA at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

  75. With a little help from my friends

  76. Storage Units are Creepy

  77. Roadtrip Tip - Shop Early

  78. Oak Bay Deer

  79. Predawn Photoadventuring Prep = CBC

  80. Chalk Petroglyphs in Sechelt

  81. Maplemusketeer How To - Take Great Pictures

  82. Maplemusketeer How To - Let Providence Provide

  83. Maplemusketeer How To - Not hurt yourself sucka!

  84. Maplemusketeer How To - Go further

  85. Maplemusketeer How to - Shoot from a tree over a lake

  86. Maplemusketeer How To - The Leg Hook

  87. Pre-School Advanced Skills - Carpentry

  88. Can you put a price on art?

  89. Discoveries made while adventuring into the woods and finding elusive quarry

  90. Sechelt Coyote Sighting

  91. A Man and his dog..

  92. Explore your area

  93. Lessons from Roman

  94. A Cautionary Tale involving a woodwind and a moose-skin jacket

  95. March Egmont Adventure Away - The Dismount

  96. March Egmont Adventure Away - Different Pathes

  97. March Egmont Adventure Away - Timos has an idea...

  98. March Egmont Adventure Away - The Giant Stump

  99. March Egmont Adventure Away - Never before have we seen this