1. "The Path President Obama Has Put Us On Will Lead To A Welfare State" Paul Ryan

  2. Are Americans Under Taxed?

  3. Man Says LA Police Kidnapped Him Beat Him Up & Threatened To Kill Him

  4. Judge Orders Release Of Brandon Raub Marine FBI Jailed For Mental Evaluation Over Facebook Post

  5. FLA Police State Clearing Jail Cells In Preparation For Republican National Convention Protesters

  6. General Wants The Letter "D" Removed From PTSD (Because That Will Make All The Difference)

  7. Man Kicked Off Plane For Wearing Anti Homeland Security T-Shirt "Mock The Security Charade..."

  8. Mitt Romney Lays Down Interview Rules "Absolutely NO Abortion Questions"

  9. Who Is The Worst POTUS Ever?

  10. NAACP Comes Out In Support Of Legalize Marijuana Law In Colorado

  11. NASA Names Curiosity Landing Site After SciFi Legend Ray Bradbury

  12. "Swiss Bank Account! Untold Millions In The Cayman Islands! Refusal To Release Your Tax Returns!"

  13. Congressional Budget Office Warns A Recession May Be Coming Soon

  14. New Book About Bin Laden Raid Written By Member Of Seal Team SIX To Be Released On September 11th

  15. FBI & DHS Warn Anarchist Could Use Improvised Explosive Devices During RNC Convention

  16. Project To Cool The Earth

  17. "The Taliban Believe They Are Fighting The Same War Their Grand Fathers Fought Against The Russians"

  18. NPR Doing Bias Reporting For Big Bank Sole Sponsor Of Financial Show PLANET MONEY

  19. Maddow: Romney Not Technically Eligible To Be On The Ballot In Washington State

  20. RT: Is The FBI Capturing Terrorist Or Creating Them?

  21. No Gun Residue Tests Done On Chavis Carter Who Committed "Suicide" While Handcuffed In A Cop Car

  22. Man That Threatened To Kill Obama Had "FIVE Guns & A Rather Large Marijuana Grow Op"

  23. NYT 2003 KIA In Afghanistan

  24. Interview With Ronald Weekley Jr Skateboarder Tackled Stomped On & Beaten By Police

  25. CNN: China Warns U.S. On Military Exercises With Japan

  26. "The United State Saw A Soft Target & They're Trying To Put An End To Journalism As We Know It"

  27. "This Is The Momentum Of The Military Machine Eisenhower Warned Us About 51 Years Ago!"

  28. Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. John C. Stennis Leaving For Middle East FOUR MONTHS Ahead Of Schedule

  29. Recycled Plastic Cups

  30. Afghan President Blames Foreign Spies For Attacks On U.S. Troops By Uniformed Afghan Soldiers

  31. Veteran Arrested For Threatening To Kill President Obama

  32. There's Three And A Half Minutes Of Police Dash Cam Video MISSING From Chavis Carter's "Suicide"

  33. POS Cops Beating Up Skateboarder Caught On Video

  34. Tuskegee Airman George Hickman Dies At 88

  35. Another U.S. Soldier Killed By Uniformed Afghan Police

  36. "There Is Not An Army Or Troops That Hold A Candle To The American Military" Romney Town Hall

  37. "We Are Happy Because We Brought The Revolution Closer" Nadya Tolokonnikova Pussy Riot

  38. "According To NYT Sen McCaskill & Her Supporters Contributed 2 Million Dollars To Akin's Campaign

  39. Autopsy Report Finds Twice Searched Double Handcuffed Man In Police Car DID Commit Suicide

  40. CNN: Iraq Helping Iran Evade U.S. Sanctions

  41. Swine Flu State Fair Warning 227 Cases Since July

  42. Willie Nelson Hospitalized

  43. Comedian Phyllis Diller Dies At 95

  44. Republican Members Of Congress Party Like Animals In The "Holy Land"

  45. "If It's A Legitimate Rape... The Female Body Has Ways Shut That Whole Thing Down" Congressman Akin

  46. "Rape Is Rape" President Obama (REALLY? What About In The U.S. Military? Mr Commander In Chief)

  47. Julian Assange Speech At Ecuadorian Embassy In London On August 19, 2012

  48. POS Cops Execute Mentally Ill Homeless Man

  49. WikiLeaks Julian Assange Press Conference On Release Of Military Documents pt.2 (Re-Upload)

  50. Jodie Emery HEMPFEST 2011

  51. WikiLeaks Julian Assange Press Conference On Release Of Military Documents pt.6

  52. Rick Steves HEMPFEST 2011

  53. Julian Assange BBC Interview

  54. WikiLeaks Julian Assange Press Conference On Release Of Military Documents pt.5

  55. WikiLeaks Julian Assange Press Conference On Release Of Military Documents pt.4

  56. WikiLeaks Julian Assange Press Conference On Release Of Military Documents pt.3

  57. WikiLeaks Julian Assange Press Conference On Release Of Military Documents pt.1


  59. Julian Assange Possible Escape Scenarios

  60. Seven Year Old Describes Being Attacked By A Mountain Lion From His Hospital Bed

  61. 14 Year Old Attempts To Be Youngest Ever To Swim Lake Ontario

  62. More Body Parts Found In Park West Of Toronto

  63. Norway's Top Cop Resigns After Report Say Police Could Have Stopped Anders Breivik's Attack

  64. Massive Waves Wreak Havoc In Chile

  65. Radon Gas Causing More Cases Of Lung Cancer Than Previously Thought

  66. "How Many Of You Are 55 Or Older? Our Solution To Save Medicare Does Not Affect Your Benefits"

  67. "WikiLeaks Is The Most Significant Journalistic Enterprise We've Seen In The Last 30 Years"

  68. Pentagon Wants To Use Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray To Stop Soldiers From Killing Themselves


  70. New Police Dash Cam Video From The "Suicide" Of Handcuffed Chavis Carter


  72. Occupy Oakland Protesters Takeover Obama Election Headquarters & Demand Apology For Bradley Manning

  73. Afghan Policeman That Killed 2 US Soldiers Had Just Been Given A New Weapon As A Gift By Them

  74. More U.S. Soldiers Committed Suicide In July Than Any Other Month On Record

  75. SOMEONE Trying To Censor News Coverage Of Julian Assange

  76. ONE Percenters Flock To Spend Millions At World's Most Expensive Car Auction

  77. "Al Qaeda Is Looking For A Few Good Terrorist" Online Ad: SUICIDE BOMBERS WANTED

  78. Court Bans Gay Pride Parades For The Next 100 Years In Moscow

  79. Gun Manufactures Not Able To Keep Up With Booming Increase In Demand For Firearms In U.S.

  80. Julian Assange To Speak OUTSIDE Ecuadorian Embassy On Sunday

  81. Two More Separate Attacks By Afghan Security On U.S. Troops

  82. Police Busted Smuggling Steroids! THERE IT IS! Drug Test Every Cop In the Country NOW!

  83. Dog Unearths 300 Million Year Old Pre-Dinosaur Fossils

  84. POS Plain Clothes Cop Under Investigation After Kicking Handcuffed Man That Was No Threat

  85. South African Police Killed More Than 30 Miners Protesting Working Conditions


  87. SS Terra Nova Found

  88. Human Head And Severed Foot Found In Park West Of Toronto

  89. "Members Of The Hacker Group Anonymous Were On The Front Lines To Support Julian Assange"

  90. State of Emergency Issued In Dallas Texas Because Of West Nile Virus

  91. Plains Clothes Cop "Caught" Kicking Handcuffed Man That Was No Threat

  92. British Evening News On Julian Assange

  93. Cougar Attacks Seven Year Old On Camping Trip

  94. "NYT & Rest Of The Media You Ought To Be EMBARRASSED! Julian Assange Should Be YOUR HERO!"

  95. Julian Assange & Daniel Ellsberg Interview With Larry King pt.2

  96. Julian Assange & Daniel Ellsberg Interview With Larry King pt.1

  97. "Julian Assange Is Being Targeted By Many Members Of The U.S. Government"

  98. Britain Threatens To Raid Ecuadorian Embassy To Get Julian Assange

  99. "We Know That the War On Drugs Is A Failure" Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes HEMPFEST 2011