1. Dr. Badtooth: Unlicensed Hollywood Dentist

  2. Elvis Presley's Hot Tub: Palm Spring California Estate

  3. President Obama: Hidden Names in Reverse

  4. Happy Halloween Wicca, Witches & All Folks in Between!

  5. Air Canada Vancouver to Sydney Australia Flight 033 Saves Lost Sailor

  6. Biplane Aircraft Stunt: (Terraplane Car) Muroc, California 1932

  7. Slow Motion: Pumpin-Pumar House (HD)

  8. Opening Day of California's Golden Gate Bridge: May 28, 1937

  9. John F Kennedy Inaugural Address: Ghosts of Truth From The Past...

  10. Hope Slide Memorial: Canada's Largest Landslide

  11. Full Moon Movement: Time Lapse Canon Powershot SX40 HS

  12. World's Widest Long Span Cable Bridge: New Port Mann Bridge (Time Lapse Crossing)

  13. The Hunt for the Million $ Dollar Home: Vancouver, Canada

  14. Canada Vs USA: Cross Border Shopping-Price Comparisons

  15. The Unguarded Electronic American Border

  16. Canon Powershot SX40 HS: HD Video Zoom Test Footage

  17. President Kennedy's Vision for All Humanity: Space Is Man's Future & Destiny

  18. Vintage 10 Minute Film School

  19. The Perfect Day Song...

  20. My West Coast: A Tribute to the Left Coast (HD)

  21. World's Only Luxury Prison: Halden Prison, Norway: A 2nd Look Inside the Walls

  22. Yard Pro 22" Kohler 149cc XT6 Engine Front Wheel Gear Drive Lawn Mower UNBOXING & TESTING

  23. Canon vs Canon: EOS Rebel T3i/600D Vs. Power Shot SX40 HS (DSLR vs. Point & Shoot)

  24. Canon SX40 HS Unboxing and Test Video Footage

  25. Furby Vs. Sarah Palin: The Political Debate of the Century!

  26. Two Smart Phones Discuss the New Apple iPhone 5 (Comedy Animation)

  27. Nancy Pelosi for Obama 2012 (Political Satire)

  28. Cola Pork Ribs Barbecue Recipe

  29. Las Vegas Night Neon Images in Time Lapse

  30. New York City Tribute (HD)

  31. The Seven Tunnels of the Fraser Canyon: Trans Canada Highway, British Columbia

  32. The Natural Desert Beauty of the American West (HD)

  33. Fishing With Your Car: How to catch Smelt in your Backseat

  34. Elvis Presley Former Palm Springs Estate (Part 2): The King of Palm Springs!

  35. Palm Springs: Memories of Sonny Bono

  36. 2012 Vancouver PNE Opening Day Sights & Sounds

  37. Hunky Bill's Perogies: a PNE Food Icon Since 1967!

  38. Elvis Presley Palm Springs Home: A Narrated Tour By Current Owner (Part 1)

  39. I am Canadian: A Culture Lesson for Americans on Canadians, eh?

  40. Ryan Jenkins Jasmine Fiore Suicide Location: Thunderbird Motel, Hope, B.C., Canada

  41. Canada Road Trip: Jasper National Park, Alberta (Part 4)

  42. Road Trip Canada: Poopy Trails to Mount Robson With A Rocky Mountain High (Part 3)

  43. Road Trip Canada: Campers Pampers & a Tour of my Tent (Part 2)

  44. Road Trip Canada: Car Camping with My Little Pony (Part 1)

  45. 60 Second Trip Across Metro Vancouver Timelapse: Vancouver to Surrey, B.C,

  46. America vs. Canada: Border Corn Wars!

  47. The Unguarded American Border Part 2: A Personal Tour

  48. One Love: Hootie and the Blowfish- a Tribute

  49. Top 5 Worst American Cars Ever Built!

  50. Dukes of Hazzard TV Series Vs. 2005 Movie (Old Vs. New) YOU DECIDE!

  51. Knight Rider TV Series: 1982 Vs. 2008 (Old Vs New) YOU DECIDE!

  52. Good Night Canada: End of A Television Programming Day CBC (Animation)

  53. My Havana, Cuba: Yesterday and Today- Photos in Contrast

  54. Classic Epic Fail: Wash Your Clothes with Gasoline! NOT!

  55. The Cutest Bear EVER: Sloth Bear, San Diego Zoo, California

  56. Pearl Harbor Hawaii: Then & Now

  57. Climbing Diamond Head Crater: Oahu, Hawaii

  58. Sex Tupperware Party 1959: A Parody! (Rated PG-14)


  60. Aurora Stunt and Drag Race Car Set Commerical: Late 60's TV

  61. 1989 TV Commericals: Remembering the 80's with some forgetable Television Commercials!

  62. America: The Road of Yesterday I got a Name Jim Croce

  63. Let it Be: Beatles for A Nuclear Free World: A Tribute to Those Lost 日本の人々に捧げ

  64. The American Canadian Border Then and Now (1950 and Today)

  65. A Trip to the Maricopa County Jail and Tent Prison: Phoenix Arizona USA!!

  66. YVR-Vancouver International Airport Aircraft Landing Footage

  67. Box Canyon: A California Desert Road Traffic Timelapse

  68. Vintage Colorized Sex Education Films of America 1947-1957

  69. Worlds Smallest Handheld Calculator: WAY BACK THEN!

  70. Random California Video Moments (HD)

  71. Classic Canadian Labatt's Beer Television Commercial for U.S. Market (HD)

  72. Aloha from the Tropical Island of Canada!

  73. A Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride

  74. National Airlines Classic Television Commercial: Super Groovy Miami Go Go!

  75. Canon T3i/600D Low (Dusk) Light Photo Burst Test with 55-250 mm Zoom Lens

  76. Desert Breezes Palm Desert: A Canadian Snow Bird Winter Home

  77. A 60 Second Trip to the San Diego Zoo (HD)

  78. Giant Dipper Roller Coaster: Mission Beach, Belmont Park, San Diego, California

  79. Max Webster: The Paradise Skies Of Western Canada (HD)

  80. The Ultimate Stupid Car Commercial Parody (REMIX)

  81. B.C. Place Stadium: Eat Vancouver-An International Food Expo! (HD)

  82. Vancouver Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team (TIMELAPSE) June 2, 2012

  83. RCMP Motorcycle Squad: Hats Off Parade, Burnaby, B.C., Canada (HD)

  84. Vancouver Police Department Shooting: Video Analysis: Paul Boyd Innocent??

  85. Vancouver's Hastings Race Park: Canada's Thoroughbred Horse Racing Mecca!!

  86. Oahu, Hawaii: Good Morning Beautiful Day (HD)

  87. Underwater Camera Test: Bios Bullet 5.0 Pool Test (HD)

  88. Where Beef REALLY comes from...CAUGHT ON TAPE (HD)

  89. Wide Open Spaces: Merritt and The Dixie Chicks & Canada's Heart of Country

  90. Pink Floyd Pig Flying Over Vancouver, Canada (HD)

  91. Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada: A National Historic Site (HD)

  92. If an Animal POOPS Big it must be BIG! (HD)

  93. New Country Corn Flakes Colorized Classic TV Commercial (1966)

  94. Lunch at Liard Hot Springs on the Alaska/Alcan Highway (HD)

  95. Why? Why is the Middle Class Dying? (HD)

  96. Granville Island, Vancouver: Ferarri Spotting! (HD)

  97. Vancouver Harbor Fire Department Boat (HD)

  98. Crossing the Yukon, Canada Border

  99. Vancouver-Alaska Cruising Season Begins: Scenes from a Departure