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  1. Help the ENP.wmv

  2. Elephant nature park Chiang Mai

  3. Ele Bathing Time at the ENP

  4. elephant park

  5. Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

  6. Помой слона!

  7. Помой слона!

  8. feeding elephants "50/50"

  9. feeding elephants

  10. Elephant swim

  11. Elephant Nature Park - Bath time

  12. Welcome to the Park

  13. Jokia and Mae Perm

  14. Elephant Nature Park - walking tour

  15. Elephant families

  16. Feeding the elephants

  17. Elephant Nature Park 3

  18. Washing Elephants in Thailand

  19. Elephant Wash

  20. Rainy day at the Elephant Nature Park

  21. ENP Walk With Lek Part 2 MVI_1271.avi

  22. ENP Walk With Lek Part 1 MVI_1258.avi

  23. ENP Walk With Jody MVI_1082.avi

  24. The Eco Tourist, Episode 6 - Rally For Street Begging Elephants

  25. Elephant Nature Park

  26. Elephant Up Close at Elephant Nature Park

  27. Bathing Elephants at Elephant Nature Park

  28. Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

  29. Elephant herd on bath time

  30. Elephant River Crossing - Chiang Mai

  31. A moment in Addo Elephant National Park.

  32. Elephant Nature Park

  33. The Eco Tourist, Episode 4 - Baby Elephant

  34. Pupia - Little Elephant, Big Story

  35. Trimming Mae Kham Geao's feet

  36. 1. My 1st encounter with an elephant-she's getting ready to eat.MOV

  37. Hope enjoys eating

  38. Trilly and Khum Pwen together in the river

  39. Sao Yai try to make friend

  40. Elephant Nature Park

  41. Elephant nature park in Chiang Mai

  42. Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai 3, mingling 2009.m4v

  43. Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai Thailand, cooling off - 2009.m4v

  44. Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai Thailand, bath time 1-2009.m4v

  45. Elephant Nature Park - Jumbo Express Aug

  46. Mae Do receives care from her Elephant Nature Park mahout

  47. Voyage to Thailand: Elephant Nature Park

  48. "Volunteering for 2 weeks at Elephant Nature Park" Cheesenut's photos around North of Chiang Mai

  49. Blind elephant Jokia & best friend Mae Perm - walking back from Elephant Haven - Nov 2010

  50. "Elephant Nature Park" Julietannetts's photos around Chiang Mai, Thailand (hotels in chiang rai)

  51. One day at ENP.wmv

  52. Elephant Nature Park.m4v

  53. Elephant playing on the shore

  54. Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai

  55. Elephant Nature Park

  56. Lilly and Mae Dta Keow splashing river joy at Elephant Nature Park

  57. A treatment for the elephant's eyes at Elephant Nature Park by vet student.

  58. Threshold Choirs visit to Elephant Nature Park.

  59. Elephant Nature Park


  61. 3 legged baby elephant playing and swimming in the water.wmv

  62. Baby Elephant Chang Yim chases Sam

  63. Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park - Chiang Mai, Thailand

  64. Lunch Time

  65. Lilly and Mae Tha Keaw munch herbs at the park

  66. Elephant Nature Park

  67. Elephant Nature Park - Chang Yim Swinging

  68. ELEPHANT NATURE PARK Lek with a baby ellie 2010

  69. Elephant Nature Park - Up Close!

  70. Elephant Nature Park- Hope playing in the river

  71. Baby Elephant at the Elephant Nature Park

  72. Rara enjoys an elephant mud-bath @ Elephant Nature Park.

  73. Tailândia - Campo de elefantes Elephant Nature Park, video 2 de 4: Alimentando os elefantes

  74. Elephant Nature Park

  75. Chang Yim

  76. Elephant

  77. VTS 01 1 256K Stream

  78. Faa Mai at Elephant Nature Park

  79. Elephant Nature Park 2/09

  80. Baby elephant chasing mahout @ Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  81. Elephants play-fighting @ Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  82. Elephant Nature Park - Chiang Mai, Thailand

  83. Super Size Sings Maximus A Song

  84. Elephant Haven

  85. Baby Elephant Thailand Elephant Camp

  86. Antoinette van de Water: Bring the Elephant home

  87. Elephant Nature Park


  89. Thailand - Elephant Nature Park

  90. Elephants: View from my balcony at the park

  91. washing elephants, Elephant Nature Park

  92. elephant reserve 1 hour north of Chiang Mai

  93. Elephant mud fight!

  94. Elephants: Feeding Medo and Max at the Elephant Nature Park

  95. Word Travels in Thailand

  96. Max and the Elephant

  97. Elephant Nature Park - Baby struggling to get up

  98. Elephant Nature Park - getting out of the dust

  99. Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park

  100. Elephants near Chiang Mai Thailand Nature Park

  101. Elephants Feeding @ Elephant Nature Park Chaing Mai Thailand

  102. Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai

  103. The Elephants and the Trees

  104. Thailand elephants

  105. Washing Elephants in Thailand

  106. Young elephant of Sheraton Krabi

  107. Malai Tong is scratching at Elephant Nature Park

  108. Elephant Nature Park Activities in Winter

  109. Elephants Playing in Thailand 1

  110. elephant nature park