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  1. Togh Village School

  2. Spitak Reconstruction

  3. Hadrut Regional Hospital

  4. Spitakashen Village

  5. Apaven Village

  6. Delivering Ambulances to Karabakh

  7. Securing Armenia's Borders With Opportunities for its Villages

  8. The French-Armenian Friendship Canal Brings Water to 3000 Villagers

  9. Hope Flows Through Ditavan as Armenia Fund Canal Brings Life to Village Agriculture

  10. Stepanakert #11 School Opening with Carla Garapedian (Telethon 2010 footage)

  11. Stepanakert Hospital

  12. Yerevan #56 School Computer Class

  13. Artsni School Opening

  14. Spitak Daniel Shahinyan School Gym

  15. Stepanakert #11 School Opening

  16. Ditavan Water Project

  17. Nork Infection Hospital

  18. Shushi Abovyan School

  19. Togh School

  20. Shushi (July 2010)

  21. Nork Boarding School

  22. Stepanakert #11 school

  23. Aknaghbyur

  24. Shushi (June 2010)

  25. Abovyan Maternity Hospital

  26. Askeran Water Delivery System

  27. Ijevan Waterway

  28. Artsni (April 2010)

  29. Gishi Village

  30. Sos Village

  31. Nork Hospital

  32. Noyemberyan Hospital

  33. Shushi (March 2010)

  34. Vaghuhas School

  35. Artik Cultural Centre

  36. Goris Hospital

  37. Shushi (February 2010)

  38. Spitakashen School

  39. A New Elementary School in Jartar Brings Hope to Villagers in Artsakh

  40. [Private Video]

  41. A New Kindergarten & Water System for Hadrut's Drakhtik Village

  42. A New Kindergarten Secures the Future for the Toddlers of Jartar Village in Artsakh

  43. Nor Maragha Children's Theater in Martakert

  44. Social and Cultural Development Projects Overview

  45. Residential Buildings, Schools, Water Systems Construction

  46. Roads and Highways Construction Overview

  47. Dr. Alina Dorian at North-South Highway Construction Site

  48. New Aygestan Village Development

  49. Armenia Fund: The Importance of Roads

  50. Dr. Alina Dorian of UCLA Presents the Martakert Hospital

  51. Sailing in Karabakh - Tourism Development

  52. Martakert Kindergarten

  53. Homeland Developments in 2010

  54. Armenia Fund Telethon 2012: A Tour Through One of Our Community Centers

  55. From Ditavan to Ashan, an Update on Our Activities

  56. Education in the Regions: Updates From Martuni, Shushi and Tavush

  57. Hand-In-Hand: Project Updates from Hadrut, Shushi, and Shirak

  58. [Private Video]

  59. [Private Video]

  60. Yerevan's Renewed Hospital of Nephrology will Fight Disease and Improve Lives

  61. Hand in Hand: Six Development Projects Raising the Standard of Living in Armenia and Artsakh

  62. Togh Art School Teaching Kids From Seven Villages

  63. The Library of Shushi: Preserving Knowledge in Shushi

  64. A Strategic Initiative: The Rebuilding of the Martuni Hospital

  65. Bringing Water to the Village of Karmir Shuka

  66. Renovating the Kapan Medical Center's Pediatric Unit