1. 'Watching the game, drinking some milk.' True True

  2. Stand still...the camera won't notice you

  3. Police shooting caught LIVE on the news!

  4. Japanese dragon painter (just fucking watch) [puke rainbows]

  5. How can they ban an advertisement this good??

  6. Favorite Facebook troll moment - Aziz Ansari

  7. Cat knows how to sign 'eat' and get attention

  8. Animal in Zoo Ripped Apart by Lions.mp4

  9. Worst Pro Basketball Sequence Ever. Thanks China.

  10. While sitting next to a bunch of annoying teenagers, I wanted to yell this the whole time

  11. TOW Missile vs T-72 Tank...wow

  12. The chains you see under school buses are part of a system call Onspot and are used for traction control activated with the push of a button

  13. Thats one good massage...

  14. Not a morning person? Grab a 5-Hour PCP!

  15. Inside Foxconn's Apple factory -- Factory worker sees an actual working iPad for the first time

  16. How I feel when arguing with some people

  17. F18 breaks sound barrier right above crowd @ Jones beach, NY

  18. Amazing re-mix of the BBC news

  19. Notice his shirt. Jump forward one minute. Repeat.

  20. Jeremy Clarkson receives a pie in the face like a PRO

  21. I never new dropping a slinky would be so interesting

  22. Painting on water

  23. Beautiful Short, thought those of you who haven't seen it would be interested.

  24. NYPD Rounds Up Peaceful Female Protesters And Mace Them Directly In The Face

  25. Cereal = dubstep?

  26. The NES PC.

  27. Missing wheel? No problem

  28. After seeing this video on eggs this is how I make all my eggs! It'll change your life

  29. Pretty stunning (This is a video game!)

  30. Apparently George Carlin narrated "Thomas the Tank Engine" for five years

  31. Ford Door Edge Protector

  32. Hey Arnold originally started out as a series claymation shorts on Sesame Street.

  33. Chappelle's Black President sketch

  34. "I can't understand that computer language they are talking!"

  35. Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski

  36. Not sure if the boners due to the women or the music... OR BOTH!

  37. Have you ever felt this way during sex? I know I have. (SFW)

  38. The Many Mispronunciations of Sofia Vergara

  39. No arms, no legs, no worries.

  40. Hungover Rock Climber Has an Accident

  41. My mind.... Has been fucked.

  42. Mind = Blown.

  43. That guy who sang like Freddie Mercury? This is Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder incarnate.

  44. The world's most generic news report - Charlie Brooker's Newswipe

  45. Remember this soccer stunner from Alonso- 5 years ago, yesterday

  46. My cat loves nori seaweed!

  47. World's greatest popcorn maker

  48. Giants fake injuries against Rams

  49. Evil Mr. Rogers

  50. Dexter - Killer Music Video - by Adam Ben Ezra


  52. Best of G.I. Joe PSAs

  53. AHHHHHHHHHHHH Never Nude!!!

  54. 98 Year Old Man Says Hes Been Smoking Weed Since 1936

  55. Airplane crash at Reno air races 09/16/2011