1. It All Started with a Lemonade Stand

  2. Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 2008

  3. June event radio PSA

  4. Alex Gordon of the Kansas City Royals Helps Find a Cure!

  5. Rita's Helps Kids with Cancer

  6. Alex's Lemonade Stand

  7. Alexandra Scott - Volvo for life Awards PSA

  8. Alex's Lemonade Stand at Sheraton University City

  9. Alexs Lemonade Stand

  10. Alex's Lemonade

  11. Alexandra Scott - Volvo for life Awards Documentary

  12. Jay's One Mile Rocky Crutch Walk

  13. Lemonade stand at Blue Springs, MO Hy-Vee

  14. Yorba Linda Lemonade Grand Stand KABC Channel 7 News Story organized by Keiko Hoen

  15. The Big Give Challenge for Alex's Lemonade

  16. Yorba Linda CA City Council Comments About Alexs Lemonade Stand and Keiko Hoen efforts

  17. Alex's Lemonade Tribute

  18. Kaleigh's Sponsoring Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

  19. Bowling Greens Alex's Lemonade Grand Stand 2008

  20. 2008 Alex's Lemonade Stand in Bowling Green

  21. Alex's Lemonade Stand Carnival 2007 in Bethlehem, PA

  22. Alex's Lemonade Stand

  23. T Ball Game for Alex's Lemonade Stand


  25. June event commercial

  26. Alex Scott (1996-2004)Please Help Fight Childhood Cancer

  27. Fighting Childhood Cancer