1. Cuba Sunrise in Holguin

  2. Cuba Pool (Topless optional )

  3. Drew Shows How to really do Tricks

  4. BMX Riders Show there stuff

  5. No Accidents with these flips

  6. Smallest Postoffice in Canada in Terrance Bay Nova Scotia

  7. Micah Kranz Shows Halifax a great time

  8. Eric Farr in Halifax

  9. Eric Farr in Halifax extreme sports

  10. Dan Newth in Halifax knows how to please the crowd

  11. Dan Newth in Halifax pleases the crowd of 7000

  12. Dan Newth in Halifax Riding High

  13. Dan Newth in halifax Extreme Sports

  14. Cody Elkins in Halifax Metro Centre Flying high

  15. Cody Elkins in Halifax extreme Motocross

  16. Cody Elkins Halifax Rocks

  17. Cody Cavanaugh in Halifax

  18. Cody Cavanaugh Big jumps

  19. Flying HIGH without a CRASH

  20. Yarmouth Driving

  21. Halifax Barrington Street at Night

  22. Barrington Street Daytime with Scanner

  23. Winter Wonder Land

  24. Pants on the ground.flv

  25. Air Canada 114 Landing in Halifax Airport

  26. WestJet 651 Takeoff from Halifax into the beautiful sky.

  27. Air Canada Landing followed by a Helo following a VIP Motorcade

  28. LearJet Takeoff from Halifax to who knows where?

  29. WestJet Arrival in Halifax in HD

  30. Life Flight Jet with Patient Onboard

  31. Halifax Airport Scan

  32. Girl gets Thrown From Horse Big Crash

  33. Lake Pesiquid in Windsor

  34. Town Crier Opens Pumpkin Races

  35. Hantsport Mayor

  36. Motor Pumpkin Racers 3 in Total First 5 min

  37. Motor Pumpkin Racers Finish Line

  38. The Cannabis Pumpkin Boat

  39. The Rowing Pumpkin Boats Start

  40. Pumpkin Races Rowing Event End

  41. Windsor Pumpkin Race Day

  42. Kings Black Knocks two Down

  43. Horse Rips Shirt open on Rider

  44. Caper Shows Her Stuff

  45. Slow Starter but fast

  46. Horse Not into Racing Today

  47. Highway Driving in the Valley

  48. MFF Barrel Racer on a White Horse

  49. Horse 582 Barrel Racer

  50. Top 10 Barrel Racer

  51. Antigonish Barrel Racer

  52. New Brunswick Barrel Racer

  53. Down Home Lady

  54. Barrel Racer 524

  55. Youngest Rider From Tatamagoushe

  56. Mississippi Woman Barrel Rider

  57. Sweet Spot Should have gone Bare Back

  58. Old Man and A Old Horse

  59. A drive in the valley

  60. Blue Shirt Rider

  61. Valley Cowboy Rider

  62. Barrel Racer FEMALE at Maritime Fall Fair

  63. Barrel Horse Racing WFF

  64. A Drive on The Wild Side

  65. Pumpkin People Of Kentville



  68. Westjet landing at Halifax runway 32

  69. Jazz S-FDLS Air Canada Landing at Halifax Runway 32

  70. Halifax Runway 32 Air Jazz Landing

  71. Halifax Airport Plane Landing

  72. Grave Digger Part2

  73. Grave Digger Race Part1

  74. Grave Digger Spins

  75. Pure Adrenelene Spins to win

  76. Instigator and Grave Digger Race

  77. Grave Digger Jumps

  78. Instigator Jumps

  79. Monster Truck Pure Adrenelen

  80. Halifax Airport