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Card. Barragan: next Pope needs same qualities as Benedict XVI

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Published on Feb 16, 2013

http://en.romereports.com Cardinal Barragan took part in the conclave that elected Benedict XVI. It was April 2005. He says the Pope was very calm when he accepted, just like now that he has resigned. Since Barragan is 80, he won't be in the Sistine Chapel this time, but he says what the Church needs is quite clear. .


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  21. Card. Barragan: next Pope needs same qualities as Benedict XVI

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    ¿Qué hará el Papa cuando no sea Papa?

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    Benedict XVI legacy: Pope of reason and reconciliation

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    Biography of Benedict XVI

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    Length of Benedict XVI pontificate

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    Pope announces he will be stepping down as of February 28

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    Who's in charge when a Pope leaves his post?

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    Images from resignation of Benedict XVI

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    Official Vatican press release on the Pope's resignation

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    Pope announces he will be stepping down citing lack of strength

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    Writer Vittorio Messori investigates Lourdes apparitions

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    Preparations underway, schedule released for 155 anniversary of Lourdes apparitions

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    Agencies ramping up Syria aid efforts amid 'massive' drop in agricultural production

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    Pope will announce on Monday date for canonization for over 800 saints

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    Rock concert kicks off gathering for Pontifical Council for Culture

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    Vatican inaugurates art exhibit on Year of Faith

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    Vatican's Head of Family Council, says his words about homosexuals were manipulated

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    Spain's Civil Guard: Celebrating 100 years of its patroness, Our Lady of the Pillar

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    The Year of Faith: How are Things Going?

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    Pope: What Creation can teach us about God's relationship with human beings

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    Safe Social Media: Avoid 'Cyber Violence' in the digital world

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    Italian president becomes emotional during concert with Pope

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    WYD Rio is six months away, but organizers say it's already having an effect on the youth

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    Italy gifts Verdi, Beethoven concert to Pope to mark anniversary of Lateran pacts

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    From Milan to Philadelphia. Vatican gets ready for next World Meeting of Families 2015

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    Pope welcomes new Chaldean Patriarch, pray together for peace

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    Pope invites consecrated persons to recall first love of God within their vocation

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    Pro-life initiative aims to give legal recognition to human embryos

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    Angelus: Courage, wisdom needed to stand for truth, even against society

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    Card. Braz de Aviz: Focusing more on charism, rather than projects

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    Cardinal Roger Mahony stripped from public duties over LA sex abuse cover up

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