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  1. President Obama Updates Haitian Earthquake Relief Efforts

  2. The President Proposes Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee

  3. Haiti Earthquake Relief Update

  4. President Obama Pledges Support for Haiti

  5. Security Review on Attempted Terrorist Attack

  6. Honoring Educators in Math and Science

  7. President Obama Speaks to the Press After Security Meeting

  8. President Obama Updates the Press 12/29

  9. Nancy Fichtner's SAVE Award Story

  10. President Obama speaks to the Press in Hawaii 12/28

  11. President Obama on Senate Passage of Health Reform

  12. President Obama Speaks After Meeting with Community Bank CEOs

  13. The President Brings Christmas Cheer to Boys and Girls Club

  14. SAVE Award and Government Efficiency

  15. Progress on Health Care and Climate Change

  16. President Obama Meets with Russian President Medvedev in Copenhagen

  17. President Obama Meets with Russian President Medvedev in Copenhagen

  18. President Obama at Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

  19. President Obama at Copenhagen Climate Change Conference-Morning Plenary Session

  20. President Obama Meets with Senate Leaders

  21. President Obama Meets with Lebanese President Sleiman

  22. President Obama on Meeting with Bank CEOs

  23. President Obama Meets with Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg

  24. Kennedy Center Honorees at the White House

  25. New Recovery Act Funding for Community Health Centers

  26. President Obama Meets with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan

  27. President Obama Celebrates Kennedy Center Honorees

  28. President Obama Talks Jobs in Allentown

  29. President Obama's Afghanistan Plan in 4 Minutes

  30. President Obama Lights the National Christmas Tree

  31. At Work in Allentown

  32. President Obama on the Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan

  33. President Obama Pardons White House Turkey

  34. President Obama Toasts Prime Minister Singh of India

  35. President Obama Kicks Off "Educate to Innovate"

  36. President Obama and Prime Minister Singh Press Conference

  37. President Obama Nominates Dr. Benjamin for Surgeon General

  38. President Obama Welcomes Prime Minister Singh of India

  39. President Obama Presents Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award

  40. President Obama Speaks to Press After Cabinet Meeting

  41. President Obama Meets with Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama

  42. President Obama Leads Troop Rally at Osan Air Base

  43. President Obama Leads Troop Rally at Osan Air Base

  44. President Obama & President Lee Joint Press Conference

  45. 奥巴马总统与中国青年举行对话交流会

  46. President Obama Holds Town Hall with Chinese Youth | 提供中文字幕

  47. President Obama Speaks on the Future of U.S. Leadership in Asia Pacific Region

  48. President Obama Visits Elmendorf Air Force Base

  49. President Obama Announces Job Creation Forum

  50. President Obama Honors Those Who Served on Veterans Day

  51. President Obama at Fort Hood: Greatness Before Our Very Eyes

  52. President Obama on the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

  53. President Obama on Milestones on Health Reform and Iraq

  54. President Obama on Historic House Health Reform Vote

  55. President Obama Speaks on Fort Hood and Job Numbers

  56. President Obama Speaks on Fort Hood and Job Numbers

  57. President Obama on 14th Anniversary of Rabin Assassination

  58. President Obama: Thoughts and Prayers with Fort Hood

  59. President Obama Opens Tribal Nations Conference

  60. President Obama Opens White House Evening of Classical Music

  61. President Obama Meets with Botswana President Khama

  62. President Obama Announces $4 Billion Investment in Education

  63. U.S.- European Union Summit

  64. Commemorative Tree Planting at the White House

  65. President Obama: Economy Back from the Brink

  66. Halloween at the White House

  67. President Obama Signs Ryan White HIV/AIDS Act

  68. Where the Recovery Jobs Are

  69. President Obama Meets with Singapore Minister Mentor Lee

  70. President Obama Explains Why Health Insurance Reform is Crucial for Small Business

  71. President Obama Commemorates Enactment of Hate Crimes Prevention Act

  72. President Obama Honors Senator Edward William Brooke

  73. President Obama Signs National Defense Authorization Act

  74. President Obama Welcomes Senators Hagel and Boren to Intelligence Team

  75. President Obama Explains the Smart Grid and Economic Recovery

  76. President Obama Addresses Servicemen and Women in Jacksonville, FL

  77. President Obama Pushes Clean Energy

  78. President Obama Addresses Israeli Presidential Conference

  79. President Signs Bill to Expand Veteran Benefits

  80. President Obama Announces New Small Business Lending Initiatives

  81. President Obama Addresses Members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force

  82. President Obama Bestows Presidential Unit Citation on the Blackhorse Regiment

  83. President Obama at Points of Light Forum in Texas

  84. President Obama's Diwali Message

  85. President Obama on the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate

  86. President Obama on Highways and Recovery

  87. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  88. The President Observes Diwali

  89. President Obama Speaks to the Muslim World from Cairo, Egypt

  90. صدر اوباما قاہرہ سے مسلمان دنیا سے مخاطب ہیں [Urdu]

  91. ېک آغاز جدېد (Dari)

  92. [Punjabi] صدر اوباما قاہرہ توں مسلم دنیا نال مخاطب نیں

  93. پرزیدنت اوباما از قاهره با جهان اسلام سخن میگوید [Persian]

  94. [Pashto] یو نوی پیل

  95. الرئيس أوباما يخاطب العالم الإسلامي من القاهرة (Arabic)

  96. President Obama on a "Critical Milestone" for Health Reform

  97. President Obama's Hispanic Heritage message on MNF

  98. President Obama Speaks for Gay Civil Rights

  99. President Obama and Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki Address the Press

  100. President Obama Pushes for Financial Reform

  101. President Obama On Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

  102. President Obama Presents a Night of Astronomy

  103. President Obama Holds Town Hall in New Orleans

  104. President Obama Awards National Medal of Science and Medal of Technology

  105. President Obama Speaks to Counterterrorism Staff

  106. President Obama Hosts Doctors for Health Reform

  107. The President and the First Lady Speak to IOC

  108. President Obama: Remarks After Returning from Copenhagen

  109. President Obama On Progress Made During P5+1 Meeting

  110. Creating Jobs & Finding Cures: The Recovery Act at Work

  111. President Obama and NATO Secretary General Rasmussen on Afghanistan, Russia

  112. President Obama Speaks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Awards Dinner

  113. President Obama at UN Security Council Summit on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Disarmament

  114. Obama, Sarkozy, and Brown on Iranian Nuclear Facility

  115. The President Addresses the Press on G-20 Summit

  116. President Obama Addresses the UN General Assembly

  117. President Barack Obama at UN Climate Change Summit

  118. President Obama, PM Netanyahu, and President Abbas Speak to the Press

  119. President Obama at the Clinton Global Initiative

  120. President Obama at Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Awards Gala

  121. President Obama and PM Harper on Ongoing Recovery Efforts

  122. The Olympics at the White House

  123. President Obama on Innovation and Sustainable Growth

  124. The Obama Plan in 4 Minutes

  125. הנשיא אובמה מוסר את ברכתו לראש השנה

  126. President Obama Speaks on Missile Defense in Europe

  127. الرئيس أوباما يوجه رسالة بمناسبة روش هاشانا

  128. کاخ سفید، باراک اوباما، رئیس جمهوری

  129. President Obama: Warm Wishes for Rosh Hashanah

  130. President Obama Rallies for Reform with AFL-CIO

  131. President Obama: Fighting for America's Autoworkers

  132. President Obama on the Anniversary of Lehman's Fall

  133. President Obama: Rally for Health Insurance Reform in Minneapolis

  134. President Obama Speaks at the Pentagon Memorial on 9/11/09

  135. President Obama Welcomes the Pittsburgh Penguins

  136. President Obama Discusses His Cabinet Meeting

  137. President Obama and Nurses Join Together for Reform

  138. President Obama: Address to Congress on Health Insurance Reform

  139. President Obama's Conversation with 9th Graders

  140. President Obama Memorializes Walter Cronkite

  141. President Obama's Message for America's Students

  142. President Obama on Labor Day and Health Reform

  143. President Obama Speaks Before Ramadan Celebration Dinner

  144. President Obama on Continuing H1N1 Preparations

  145. President Obama Introduces the Troop Town Hall

  146. President Obama's Eulogy for Senator Edward Kennedy

  147. President Obama on the Passing of Senator Ted Kennedy

  148. President Obama Nominates Ben Bernanke for Chairman of the Federal Reserve

  149. Valerie Jarrett Introduces the Council on Women and Girls Website

  150. Punjabi - صدر اوباما رمضان دا سنیہہ دیندے ہین

  151. President Obama on the Elections in Afghanistan

  152. Pashto - دامرېکا جمهوررئېس د روژې پېغام ورکوي

  153. Urdu - صدر اوبامہ کا رمضان کا پیغام

  154. Dari - باره ماه مبارک رمضان پیام مي فرستد

  155. Hindi - राष्ट्रपति ओबामा का रमादान सन्देश

  156. پیام پرزیدنت اوباما به مناسبت ماه رمضان - Persian

  157. الرئيس أوباما يوجه رسالته بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان - Arabic

  158. President Obama Gives Ramadan Message

  159. President Obama Looks Under Hood of No. 48 with Jimmie Johnson

  160. President Obama and NASCAR at the White House

  161. President Obama and President Mubarak Speak to the Press

  162. President Obama Speaks to the Veterans of Foreign Wars

  163. President Obama Holds a Health Care Town Hall in Colorado

  164. President Obama Holds a Health Care Town Hall in Montana

  165. President Obama Honors Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients

  166. President Obama Hosts a Reception for Justice Sotomayor

  167. President Obama Holds a Health Reform Town Hall in New Hampshire

  168. President Obama, President Calderon, PM Harper: Joint Press Conference

  169. President Obama on July Unemployment and the Recovery Act

  170. President Obama on Judge Sotomayor's Confirmation

  171. President Obama Announces Recovery Grants in Wakarusa, Indiana

  172. President Obama on the Release of American Journalists from North Korea

  173. President Obama Meets with the Amir of Kuwait

  174. President Obama Launches Post-9/11 GI Bill

  175. President Obama Speaks on New GDP Numbers

  176. President Obama and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Talk to the Press

  177. President Obama: Health Reform Town Hall at Kroger in Virginia

  178. President Obama: Health Reform Town Hall at North Carolina High School

  179. President Obama Holds a Health Care Town Hall at AARP

  180. President Obama Welcomes WNBA Champions Detroit Shock

  181. President Obama Attends the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue

  182. President Obama Hosts a Health Reform Town Hall in Ohio

  183. President Obama & Sec. Clinton Speak on Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities

  184. 7/24/09: White House Press Briefing

  185. President Obama on Race to the Top

  186. President Obama's Primetime Press Conference on Health Reform

  187. President Obama Meets with Prime Minister Maliki

  188. President Obamas Remarks on Health Care and F-22 Funding

  189. President Obama Honors the Astronauts of Apollo 11

  190. President Obama Discusses Health Care at Childrens National Medical Center

  191. President Obama on Health Reform: We are Going to Get this Done

  192. President Obama Resets Relations with Russia

  193. President Obama's Visit to Ghana

  194. President Obama at the MLB All-Star Game

  195. Nurses Join President Obama on Health Care Reform

  196. President Obama and Willie Mays on Air Force One

  197. President Obama Announces American Graduation Initiative

  198. President Obama Talks Baseball with Bob Costas

  199. President Obama on Urban Policy

  200. الرئيس أوباما يتحدث في غانا