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  1. Court Ordered Benefits

  2. You Can Take It With You: Questions & Answers on the TSP

  3. Best Practices for Recruiting Women into the Federal Government

  4. United States Patent and Trademark Office

  5. New IQ

  6. Fireside Chat: Mentoring

  7. You Can Take It With You

  8. Death Claim Benefits

  9. Alternative Discipline and Settlement Agreements

  10. Overview of Federal Insurance Programs

  11. Medical Documentation: Who, What, When, and Why should it be Submitted

  12. Tips on Submitting a Healthy Retirement Package

  13. Telework Reboot: A Workplace Transformation

  14. Reorganization, BRAC, and Joint Basing: Using PDI and Planning to Achieve Your LR Goals

  15. Making Diversity and Inclusion in the Government Work for You

  16. Crediting Peace Corps and Vista Service

  17. Managing Conflict in a Union Environment

  18. Government Performance Results Act and Modernization Act

  19. Charge Writing for Employee Relations Practitioners: An Essential Building Block Defensible Actions

  20. Building National Service Talent Pipelines

  21. Military Deposits

  22. Benefits Officer Meeting

  23. Modernizing Federal Career Transition Programs to Enable Career and Organizational Goals

  24. CFC National/International Charity Application Requirements

  25. Dismissal and Closure Webcast

  26. Back to the Basics: What's New in Mentoring

  27. Navigating The Human Capital Framework

  28. Civilian Deposits

  29. Back To The Basics: How To Handle A Grievance Like A Pro

  30. Civilian Redeposits

  31. Federal Women's Leadership Forum

  32. Disability Law and Reasonable Accommodation

  33. How To Advance In Your Federal Career

  34. Domestic Violence

  35. Modernizing Federal Career Transition Programs

  36. Pathway Information Session

  37. Find It All On The FLRA's Website

  38. Coverage of Same-Sex Spouses Under Federal Benefit Programs

  39. 20130712 CSRSFERS Overview Sequence

  40. New Basic SES Appraisal System

  41. Leading Change Management

  42. The Federal Service Impasses Panel

  43. OPM's Leadership Development Matrix

  44. People-Relationships-Effective Communications

  45. Human Capital Framework Systems: Evaluation

  46. Pathways Onboarding

  47. Human Capital Framework System: Results-Oriented Performance Culture

  48. Overview of Special Hiring Authorities

  49. The New Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012 and Prohibited Personnel Practices

  50. The Unveiling of the Wall of Honor

  51. Human Capital Framework Systems: Alignment and Strategic Planning

  52. Pathways Training Webcast Part One

  53. Pathways Training Webcast Part Two

  54. Chief Human Capital Officers Council: Pathways

  55. The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Welcome Webcast

  56. The STEM Techbridge Training Session Webcast

  57. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Closing Session Webcast

  58. Economic Empowerment Webcast

  59. OPM Policy Series: Back to Basics

  60. Open House: Women's Roundtable Panel Discussion

  61. The CHCOC's perspective on Key Issues Impacting HR Today

  62. Back to the Basic: The Merit System

  63. An Introduction to the Executive Branch Ethics Program

  64. CHCOC Academy: Retirement Disability

  65. 2013 CFC Campaign Training

  66. CHCOC Inclement Weather Briefing

  67. A Healthy Retirement

  68. Changing The Culture

  69. Logic Modeling

  70. Challenge 1A: The Workforce That You Will Need

  71. Challenge 1B: The Workforce That You Will Need

  72. Bringing Your Talent as a Student or Recent Graduate to the Federal Government

  73. Veterans Thinking Ahead: Transitioning to the Federal Workforce

  74. Challenge 2A: The Workforce That Will Stay

  75. Challenge 2B: The Workforce That Will Stay

  76. Getting Into Federal Science-based Professions

  77. CHCOC Academy Session on HR Strategies for a Multigenerational Workforce

  78. Upward Mobility in the Federal Government

  79. Acquiring a Job with the Federal Government

  80. Reducing Crime in Indian Country through Analytics

  81. The Emerging Leaders Development Program Webcast

  82. Merit Service Protection Board Case Law Update

  83. Pathways for Students and Recent Graduates: Posting Position on USAJOBS

  84. The Combined Federal Campaign Commission Meeting

  85. Pathways Programs

  86. Making the Right Connections: Targeting the Best Competencies for Training

  87. Hatch Act Roundtable Webcast

  88. Tribal Benefits Officer Training: FEHB Standard Forms 2809 & 2810

  89. [Private Video]

  90. Recruitment and Hiring with Constraints and Uncertainty

  91. New SES Appraisal System

  92. Policy and Labor Relations: Reduction In Force

  93. Reduction In Force Webcast

  94. How To Conduct A Successful Interview Webcast

  95. Work Place Violence Webcast

  96. Merit System Protection Board: Policy and Practice

  97. MSPB Case Law Update

  98. Settlement Agreements Webcast

  99. Bargaining Unit Determinations Webcast

  100. Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

  101. Taking Adverse Actions Based on Suitability or Security Issues

  102. Addressing AWOL

  103. Principles of Assessment

  104. Sodexo Webcast

  105. Partnership Webcast

  106. Genetech Webcast

  107. VSIP-VERA Webcast

  108. Workforce Planning

  109. HR Swat Team Orientation - July 13, 2009

  110. End-to-End and Mapping the Hiring Process -- July 20, 2009

  111. Manager Survey Results/Identifying Barriers - August 7, 2009

  112. Assessment Training Part One

  113. Structured Interview Training

  114. Occupational Questionnaire

  115. Medically-Based Passovers of Preference Eligibles

  116. What Is Category Rating?

  117. New Employee Orientation 101

  118. Military Spouse Hiring Webcast

  119. Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act Webcast

  120. Thrift Savings Plan Webcast

  121. FLSA Webcast

  122. The ADA Amendment Act of 2008 and the EEOC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking