1. Crazy For You - Adele (cover)

  2. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus (Cover by Stefani Wood)

  3. All I Want - Joni Mitchell

  4. The Story Goes On - Baby

  5. Sweet Home Cookin Man

  6. I'll Forget You - Scarlett Pimpernel

  7. Mr. Hopalong Heartbreak

  8. My Heart Belongs To Me-Barbra Streisand Cover

  9. Say it (over and over again) -Loesser

  10. You Better Love Me- High Spirits

  11. Ain't No Sunshine - Eva Cassidy Cover

  12. I'm Not Waiting - Andrew Lippa

  13. Stefani Wood and Bart Mather - "Lost"

  14. Gravity by Sara Bareilles

  15. Thank You! (for everyone invloved in the "Im a Star" contest)

  16. Watch Me Soar by Scott Alan (I'm a Star contest)

  17. You Don't Know This Man - Stefani Wood

  18. You Don't Know This Man - Stefani Wood

  19. A Boy Like That - BoCo Backwards Miscast Cabaret

  20. Climb Every Mountain - BoCo Backwards Miscast Cabaret

  21. Holding Out for a Hero - The Boston Conservatory's Conservatory Cabaret

  22. Girls just wanna have fun

  23. The Trouble With Love Is - Stefani Wood - Conservatory Cabaret at The Boston Conservatory

  24. Out of the Blue from Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party" - The Boston Conservatory

  25. Poker Face - The Boston Conservatory - Stefani Wood, Alessandra Vagenek

  26. Anytime (I am there) from Elegies - The Boston Conservatory MT - Stefani Wood

  27. The Boston Conservatory - Conservatory Cabaret "The Trouble With Love Is" performed by Stefani Wood

  28. Stephen Sondheim (trio) Not a day goes by, Losing My Mind and Anyone Can Whistle

  29. Stefani Wood sings NOT A DAY GOES BY by STEPHEN SONDHEIM

  30. Stefani Wood sings "SPRING CLEANING" by Chris Miller

  31. "SUN IN THE MORNING" The Boston Conservatory Freshman Revue - Stefani Wood

  32. Stefani Wood - "Watch Me Soar" by SCOTT ALAN (accompanied by Scott Alan)

  33. "Watch Me Soar" sung by Stefani Wood written By Scott Alan. (accompanied by Scott Alan)

  34. "Spark Of Creation" from CHILDREN OF EDEN - Stefani Wood

  35. "Waiting for Life" from ONCE ON THIS ISLAND. Stefani Wood at The Boston Conservatory

  36. Stefani Wood "WATCH ME SOAR" by Scott Alan

  37. Stefani Wood - "SPARK OF CREATION" at Scott Alan's "MONDAY NIGHTS NEW VOICES" - Stefani Wood

  38. Stefani Wood with Lance Horne - "Anywhere But Here" at "Monday Nights New Voices"

  39. "I Have Found" from "The Royal Family" by "William Finn" sung by "Stefani Wood"

  40. "Never Neverland (Fly Away)" by "Scott Alan" sung by "Stefani Wood"

  41. "A New World" from "Songs for a new world"

  42. Necronomicon

  43. "Heart and Music" by "William Finn" from "A New Brain"

  44. "Runaways" from "The Flood" by "Peter Mills"

  45. "Heart and Music" by "William Finn" from "A New Brain"

  46. "Move" from "Dreamgirls"

  47. "Runaways" by "Peter Mills" from "The Flood"

  48. "My Junk" from "Spring Awakening"

  49. "Rhythm in Me"

  50. "A New World" from "Songs for a new world"

  51. "Ain't it Good" from "Children of Eden" by "Stephen Schwartz" sung by "Stefani Wood"

  52. "Children of Eden" from "Children of Eden" by "Stephen Schwartz" sung by "Stefani Wood"

  53. "Spark of Creation Reprise" from "Children of Eden" sung by "Stefani Wood"

  54. "Spark of Creation" from "Children of Eden" by "Stephen Schwartz" sung by "Stefani Wood"

  55. "The Naming" from "Children of Eden" "Stefani Wood" "Evan Tyler Wilson" "Sterling Liska"

  56. "Take me or leave me" from "RENT" performed by "Stefani Wood" and "Caitlin Stegemoller"

  57. "Over The Moon" from "RENT" performed by "Stefani Wood"

  58. "Tell Her I Love Her" from "Urinetown" performed by "Stefani Wood" and "Carson Wright"

  59. "I am Changing" from "Dreamgirls" performed by "Stefani Wood"

  60. "Open Arms" performed by "Stefani Wood"

  61. "Natural Woman" sung by "Stefani Wood" TMP

  62. "Almost Paradise" form "Footloose" performed by "Stefani Wood" and "Tanner Tegtemeyer"

  63. "I need a Hero" from "Footloose" performed by "Stefani Wood" as Ariel.

  64. "Little Fall of Rain" from "Les Miserables" performed by "Stefani Wood" and "Chase Peacock"

  65. Mom's song

  66. "On My Own" from "Les Miserables" performed by "Stefani Wood"

  67. "I believe in you and me" by "Whitney Houston" performed by "Stefani Wood"

  68. "Natural Woman" sung by "Stefani Wood"