1. Harry Barton's February message 2012

  2. South Efford Marsh opening event 2011.wmv

  3. Otter with cub visit Mill 31-01-12.wmv

  4. Bystock Bioblitz 2011.mp4

  5. Otter visits Cricklepit Mill Jan 2012.wmv

  6. 'The most retrograde step from Government for wildlife in the last 20 years'

  7. Cricklepit otter peeks through waterwheel

  8. 127 Marine Conservation Zones recommended. Three quarters may be lost.

  9. Cricklepit Mill in action making flour using water power.wmv

  10. Beavers take to their new Devon home.wmv

  11. Two otters visit Exeter's Cricklepit Mill

  12. Introduction to DWT's Coast to Coast cycle challenge

  13. DWT's Cricklepit Mill Garden Project with the Prince's Trust.wmv

  14. Otter scares off snipe at Mill.wmv

  15. Day time visit of the Cricklepit Mill otter.wmv

  16. Otter visits mill Jan 2011.mpg

  17. Starlings over Exe Reed Beds.mpg

  18. A relation of Tarka the otter?.mpg

  19. Woodpecker at Halsdon.mpg

  20. Otter visits Cricklepit Mill for first time following turbine installation.wmv

  21. Otters at Halsdon.AVI

  22. Dippers at Cricklepit Mill

  23. Walk around Dunsdon Demonstration Farm

  24. Otter in the day

  25. Otter in leat

  26. Otter and rat

  27. Graham Wilson's Cycle 770 Challenge Trailer

  28. Otter visits Cricklepit Mill 7/6/09

  29. Wild otter makes nightly visits to Mill - close up

  30. Wild otter makes nightly visits to office

  31. Lyme Bay Reefs animation