1. Security video shines new light on consulate attack

  2. Israel, Hamas violence escalates

  3. Survivor recounts escape from deadly BP rig explosion

  4. WH reacts to Israel, Hamas conflict

  5. 4 dead, 17 injured after train collides with veterans parade

  6. Netanyahu: Hamas "committing a double war crime"

  7. Thousands of Koreans make kimchi for hungry families

  8. Congress raises more questions over Benghazi

  9. Keira Knightley on "Anna Karenina"

  10. Obama tours NYC Sandy damage

  11. Preview: The Super Cartel

  12. 5-Hour Energy linked to deaths

  13. Aircraft crash landing: Caught on tape

  14. How to talk about money with your parents

  15. "War of words" explodes between Israel and Hamas on Twitter

  16. Investors see new cause for concern

  17. Bus driver, passenger fight caught on tape

  18. China's new leadership faces daunting road

  19. Chef Guy Fieri skewered in NY Times review

  20. Bad basketball in Belgium

  21. Multi-tasking could be bad for your health, study says

  22. Superstorm Sandy and used cars: Beware of damaged goods

  23. It's orientation week in Congress

  24. NTSB: Up-to-date tech needed in vehicles to avoid deaths

  25. FBI agent identified in Petraeus scandal

  26. U.S. troops react to Pentagon scandal

  27. Romney campaign: Obama won because he bought people off

  28. Headlines: Black Friday deals available on the web

  29. Great American Smokeout

  30. Pres. Obama's first press conference since re-election

  31. Surveillance and Attack Drones

  32. Ex-Ill. comptroller pleads guilty to $53M fraud

  33. Time-lapse of aurora borealis over Minnesota

  34. Murder indictment given to suspected Etan Patz kidnapper

  35. Vocal cord surgeon has patients singing his praises

  36. GOP reacts to Obama's plan for fiscal cliff

  37. Pharmacy CEO linked to meningitis outbreak pleads the 5th

  38. Spain's workers and unemployed organize general strike

  39. Controversy over possible Amb. Rice nomination

  40. Gen. Allen's career hangs in the balance

  41. Sandy Aftermath: Belle Harbor's slow recovery

  42. Congress begins investigation into meningitis outbreak

  43. Petraeus scandal raises issues for Obama

  44. N.J. shore residents bused back to damaged homes

  45. Harry Reid applauds growing number of women in Senate

  46. "Lock-up" period ends for Facebook shareholders

  47. Spending cuts spark violent protests in Spain

  48. Obama: "I've got a mandate -- to help middle class families"

  49. Obama addresses plans for climate change

  50. Obama: I don't expect GOP to "simply adopt my budget"

  51. Obama: "I'll address the families on Benghazi"

  52. The number of monthly texts dropped for first time ever

  53. Ill. jury awards woman beaten by cop

  54. Obama on Susan Rice: "She has done exemplary work"

  55. Obama: "Clear deadline" at year's end begs bipartisanship

  56. Wife of Meningitis outbreak victim testifies

  57. Madonna dances with Psy to "Gangnam Style"

  58. Sounds of the Green Room Nov. 13: Mike Huckabee

  59. Watch: Israeli Defense Forces pinpoint strike on Hamas leader

  60. Recycled glass pays off for designer furniture maker

  61. Car crash in Wellesley, Mass., caught on tape

  62. Ex-NASA worker struggles to land a job

  63. Three horned owls back in the wild

  64. Graham on Amb. Rice: "I don't trust her"

  65. Amazon.com now sells wine online

  66. Pelosi, Dem women jeer "offensive" question about her age

  67. Pelosi announces she'll stay on as House minority leader

  68. London's "other" Abbey Road

  69. Nancy Pelosi wants to keep her job

  70. Solar eclipse seen from Australia

  71. Baby gorillas born in Israeli zoo

  72. Woman order to wear "idiot" sign as punishment

  73. Obama to hold first news conference in more than eight months

  74. Target employees fight back over Thanksgiving hours

  75. Accuser of Elmo puppeteer recants his claim

  76. Web extra: Behind the scenes of GOP focus group

  77. Petraeus scandal developments

  78. Hunting for jobs in Houston, Texas

  79. Better diet may improve memory - immediately

  80. Congressional hearing to be held on meningitis outbreak

  81. Who will fill the outgoing cabinet members' posts?

  82. Death penalty sought in Afghan massacre case

  83. The fight against antibiotic resistance

  84. Triumph Japan unveils metallic concept bra

  85. Wild car crash caught on tape

  86. Post election gun sales surge in Okla.

  87. States petition to secede from union on WH website

  88. Deadly floodwaters surrounding Italian towns

  89. Solar eclipse: Clouds threaten view in Australia

  90. Judi Dench on "Skyfall" surprise

  91. New eye surgery offers near-perfect vision

  92. Judge sentences woman to hold "idiot" sign in public

  93. Hockey group wants end to National Anthem at games

  94. Ariz. woman runs over husband for not voting

  95. Calif. water main break forces evacuations

  96. Calif. shoppers embrace plastic bag ban

  97. Fiscal cliff: How it affects your money

  98. Final "Twilight" film premieres in L.A.

  99. Heartburn not always caused by acid reflux: Study