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How to be Ulzzang

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Uploaded on Oct 22, 2011

Hello everyone!

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In this video im going to show you how to do the cute ullzang style! Basically ulzzang is a korean word that means best face. It already got popular in western countries too!! It consists of big eyes, small face, nose and mouth. Everybody can look ullzang with the right makeup! And with the time you will know the makeup that makes out the best of your face!
In this tutorial im going to show you how to achieve big eyes, a smaller face, nose and mouth, so its easy to look like a cute ullzang!


First of all, put on your circle lenses and then apply foundation!! Now, we can shade our face, to make it look smaller. For shading your face, you will need a brush, and a powder that is 3 skin tones darker than your skin.

Put the powder on your brush, and blend it with light up and down movements on your cheeks .
Get a smaller brush and repart the shading powder lighly on the sides of your nose.
Then blur the shadow upwards, just like this.
Brush the shading powder allong your jaw, and apply some on the tip of your chin. I warn you, dont use too much powder, or it will look like a beard!

Now, my right eye has got makeup on, but my left eye not. Can you see the difference?
To let your eyes appear bigger、we are going to do the following eye makeup:
Put a light milk-coffee coloured eyeshadow on your brush, and apply it from your lid to your upper crease.

Then get a darker, somewhat milk-chocolate like colour, and apply it on your eyelid.
Now we are going to choose an even darker brown colour. But this time, put the colour only on the tip of your brush and apply it on your crease.

Put a hot pink colour on your brush, and apply on the outer V of your eye.

With a light pink eyeshadow, we are going to soften the eye-makeup by dabbing it lightly on theeyelid, but without smearing anything.
With the same pink eyeshadow, highlight the lower outer lash and the outer corner.

Get a black eyeliner and line one third of your lash line. Also line your upper lash line.
Then, draw both lines to the border of your orbita and connect. Fill out the gap between your outer corner and the border of your orbita.

With a white eyeliner, we are going to line our waterline by creating the illusion of expanding the white area of your eye. Still using the white eyeliner, connect the inner corner with the inner lash line.

Apply mascara! We all know, that mascara darkens, thickens and lengthens your eyelashes. But that's not enough. To make your eyes stand out more, I highly recommend wearing fake lashes!
Use a special glue for fake lashes!
Apply some glue on the eyelash band, and wait a few seconds so it can become sticky.
Set the lashes to the middle of your lashline and adjust it to to the curvature of your eye.
Apply mascara over the fake lashes, to make them even longer and thicker.

See how much bigger the eyes are now?

Apply a light pink blush on your cheeks.
And a hot pink blush on your cheekbones!

First, apply a lipbalm.
Then, apply concealer on your lips.
Next comes foundation.

With a pink lip liner, line your lips!
Apply lipstick which is around 2 colour tones lighter than the lip liner.

Over the lipstick, apply lipgloss. The lipgloss should have a similar colour to the lipstick, or transparent.

I think that dark hair suits ulzzang style the best. Because Ive got fair hair, im going to wear a wig! The wig im going to wear has got layer and bangs. To wear a wig just style your hair in to a ponytail, then flip the ponytail over your head and put on a wig cap.

Im wearing a black bob wig! It's a popular ullzang hairstlye.
And here, im wearing a brown layered wig with bangs! Ullzang hair is simple to do. And you DONT have to got dark hair to imitate this style. Fair hair is recently popular too! If you are not sure about how to style your hair, do braids!! They always looks sweet!

Thank you for watching this video, and I wish you lot of fun while trying out this style! See you!


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