1. Are You Ready For The Bridegroom

  2. Cricified With Christ.- Rev. Phillip Allen

  3. Rev. J. Floyd Pickens

  4. Nightclub- Sermon Illustration

  5. Weeds and Wheat

  6. Lord Send Your Power

  7. Lord I Thank You- The D.L Motley Singers

  8. Sermon Close- Dr. F. Bruce Williams

  9. 'For Thou Are With Me'- Pastor D.L Motley Jr.

  10. Oh To Be Kept- D.L Motley Singers Reunion Concert

  11. I'll Get Home Someday- D.L Motley Singers Reunion concert

  12. Citizenship Of The Kingdom- Dr. F. Bruce. Williams

  13. 'Better Day'- Pastor Keith G. Tyler

  14. "Keep On Walking.."- Pastor Darrell K. Nathan

  15. 'When God says, GO'

  16. "Your Problems Are Never Greater Than The Power Of GOD"

  17. Rev. Marcus Clark

  18. Pastor Victor Vinson preaching for Youth Sunday

  19. 'Father, May I ?' -Rev. Nicole Walker

  20. Revival Night # 3- Pastor Daniel Cory Shull

  21. Revival 2012 Highlights- Rev. Jeremiah Johns

  22. "Keep On Believing"- Rev. Dr. H.D Cockerham

  23. 'Love Your Enemy'- Rev. Phillip Allen

  24. "Can You Hear The Rooster Crowing"- Minister Philip Allen

  25. "We Fight....!"-Pastor Daniel Corrie Shull

  26. 'I Love The Lord' (Metered Hymn)

  27. 'Walk with Me Lord'- the late Valerie Stallworth Wilson.wmv

  28. "I Do Believe.."- Minister Phillip Allen

  29. Be Healed (Choir)

  30. SIN - Dr. H.D Cockerham

  31. Clean Out Your House (close)


  33. Watch Night message- Pastor H.D Cockerham

  34. Victim Of a Scam- Minister Nicole Walker

  35. "When Your Dream......"

  36. Rev Jeremiah Johns (closing)

  37. It's All God - Minster Phillip Allen

  38. Our Hope- Pastor H.D Cockerham

  39. Time Is Running Out- Minister Phillip Allen

  40. D.L Motley Jr. Celebrates 39 years of Pastoring

  41. Pastor Anthony Motley's Close

  42. Wipe Off Those Crums

  43. Rejoice In Spite Of Persecution


  45. 'Spiritual Blindness'- Phillip Allen

  46. "Who Is My Neighbor"- Pastor D.L Motley Jr.

  47. Raised From Dead Spiritually-Phillip Allen

  48. Think about HIM- Sermon

  49. Believing On The Resurrection - Dr H.D Cockerham

  50. Mercy- Minister Walker

  51. Praise Break

  52. True Fellowship With God - Minister Phillip Allen

  53. Patriarchal Oath- An explanation of Genesis 24 oath

  54. To Be Somebody

  55. Eunuchs

  56. The Baker The Butler and Joseph

  57. Avail Ourselves To Teaching Part 1

  58. Avail Yourself To The Teaching Part 2

  59. Change Directions- Pastor Dr. H.D Cockerham

  60. Why Did Jesus Have To Come?- Pastor H.D Cockerham

  61. Servants - Pastor Darrell K. Nathan Part 1

  62. Servants- Pastor Darrel K. Nathan part 2

  63. Mary The Worshipper Martha The Worker- Pastor Andre C. Barnes

  64. Lose The Dead Weight

  65. Tear Down Baal's Altar

  66. At Ease In Your Sin

  67. In The Darkest Moments

  68. I know Your Works

  69. Be Faithful Unto Death

  70. Dr. H. Donald Cockerham (Wednesday Session)

  71. "Lord Save Me"

  72. Bid Me Come

  73. Our Weakness/ God's Strength

  74. Pastor A. Russell Awkard

  75. Preaching Closing by Pastor A. Russell Awkard

  76. Stand Firm

  77. Training Up A Child

  78. Rev. Joique Bell Closing It Out

  79. Pastor Joique D. Bell- Sermon Clip

  80. Sacrafice Of Giving

  81. Dr. Cockerham giving God the Glory

  82. 89th Anniversary Highlights

  83. Upon This ROCK- Sermon highlights

  84. "God IS"- Mass Choir

  85. James Snorton part 2 (Sermon close)

  86. Rev. James Snorton - Preaching

  87. Cast Your Net On The Right Side (conclusion)

  88. Cast Your Net On The Right Side- Sermon

  89. Fathers Day Message- Senior Pastor D.L Motley Jr.

  90. Fathers Day Sermon Close- Senior Pastor D.L Motley Jr

  91. On My Way Home- Youth of Gilt Edge

  92. Genuine Concern For Your Neighbor- Lecture

  93. June 13th Sunday Preaching

  94. Faith In The Midst Of A Storm- Preaching

  95. Kids Stepping

  96. Grateful - Gilt Edge Choir

  97. Believe What You Say- Preaching Clip

  98. That Word Works

  99. Seek The Savior