1. Swimbait Equipment with Bill Siemantel

  2. Equipment Tips for Small Swimbaits

  3. Swimbait Overview with Bill Siemantel

  4. Monofilament Fishing Line Overview

  5. 6 Inch SPRO BBZ 1 with Bill Siemantel

  6. 4 Inch SPRO BBZ 1 with Bill Siemantel

  7. 2.5 Inch SPRO BBZ 1 with Bill Siemantel

  8. Electronics Overview with Bill Siemantel

  9. SPRO Phat Fly with Bill Siemantel

  10. Float 'n Fly Technique with Bill Siemantel

  11. Siemantel Alabama Rig

  12. Siemantel And His Big Fish

  13. Rojas Topwater Frog Equipment

  14. Personal Floatation Devices with Dean Rojas

  15. Rojas' Florida Success

  16. Fishing Line Overview with Dean Rojas

  17. Rojas Buzzing Frog

  18. Rojas Braid Fishing Line

  19. Rojas Approaching New Waters

  20. Meyers Texas Rig

  21. Meyers Swim Jigs

  22. Meyers Sunglasses

  23. Meyers Soft Jerk Baits

  24. Meyers Organizing Jigs

  25. McClelland Working Hard Jerkbaits

  26. Jigs 101 with Mike McClelland

  27. Spro Jerkbait Overview with Mike McClelland

  28. McClelland Football Jig

  29. Fishing a Shaky Head with Aaron Martens

  30. Martens Removing Line Twists

  31. Tackle Storage Tips with Aaron Martens

  32. The Drop Shot with Aaron Martens

  33. Lane Rod Storage Tips

  34. Lane Pitchin 101

  35. Lane Mid South Crankin

  36. Flipping Jigs with Russ Lane

  37. Deep and Medium Diving Crankbait Tips

  38. Fishing Stick Baits with Jeff Kriet

  39. Shaky Head 101 with Jeff Kriet

  40. Drop Shot 101 with Jeff Kriet

  41. Hite Working Walking Baits

  42. Hite Working Spinner Bait

  43. Hite Working Popper Baits

  44. Hite Working Buzzbaits

  45. Hite Walking and Popper Baits

  46. Hite Trollling Motor Overview

  47. Hite Trollling Motor Options

  48. Hite Minn Kota Talon

  49. Hite Five Must Have Rods

  50. Hite Buzzbait

  51. Hite Bladded Swim Jigs

  52. Hite Adjusting to Weather

  53. Gamakatsu Wacky Head Jig Head with Shinichi Fukae

  54. Gamakatsu Swivel Shot Drop Shot Hook with Shinichi Fukae

  55. Tips on Working Shallow Running Crankbaits

  56. Sonar Features Overview with John Crews

  57. Side Imaging Technology Overview with John Crews

  58. Shallow Crankin' with John Crews

  59. Organizing Crankbaits with John Crews

  60. Lipless Crankbaits with John Crews

  61. Labeling Rod and Reel Combos

  62. John Crews on GPS and Mapping Technology

  63. Fluorocarbon Line Overview with John Crews

  64. Crankbaits 101 with John Crews

  65. Crews 5 Must Have Crankbaits

  66. The Carolina Rig with Russ Lane

  67. Trailer Assembly Part 3

  68. Trailer Assembly Part 2

  69. Trailer Assembly Part 1

  70. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

  71. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Warm Feet All Winter!

  72. Multistar Side & Gate Assembly.mp4

  73. TanneriteNEW

  74. Fishing Topwater Frogs with Dean Rojas

  75. Magnum Roar.mp4

  76. Marmot's Curly's Clips The Trailight 2P Tent

  77. Marmot's Curly's Clips The Limestone 4P Tent

  78. Marmot's Curly's Clips The Limelight 3P Tent

  79. Marmot's Curly's Clips The Limelight 2P Tent

  80. Marmot Trailight 2P Tent Setup Video

  81. Marmot Limestone 4P Tent Setup Video

  82. Marmot Limelight 3P Tent Setup Video

  83. Marmot Limelight 2P Tent Setup Video

  84. Marmot Halo 4P Tent Setup Video

  85. Marmot Halo 4P Tent Reviewed by Professional Guide Christian Santelices

  86. Curly's Clips - Halo 4 person Tent.mp4

  87. Veritas Review with Winch and MicroGuide Models by Abu Garcia

  88. Vendetta™ Rod Product Review by Abu Garcia®

  89. Revo® Winch™ Product Review by Abu Garcia®

  90. Revo® S Product Review by Abu Garcia®.mp4

  91. Revo® SX Product Review by Abu Garcia®

  92. Revo® Premier™ Low Profile Product Review by Abu Garcia®

  93. Revo® Premier Spinning Reel Extended Cut by Abu Garcia®

  94. Revo® MGX Product Review From ICAST by Abu Garcia®

  95. Revo Toro & Toro Winch Product Review by Abu Garcia

  96. Orra™ SX & Orra Inshore Product Review by Abu Garcia®

  97. New Revo® Winch™ Low Profile Product Video by Abu Garcia®

  98. New Revo® SX Spinning Reel Product Video by Abu Garcia®

  99. New Revo® SX Low Profile Product Video by Abu Garcia®