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    Hungry Planet Episode 18

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    Qatar: Robots win

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    The face of AIDS in America

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    UN staff in South Africa on Nelson Mandela International Day 2012

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    Ban Ki-moon addresses Srebrenica mothers in emotional, historic visit

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    As Summer Games start, UN highlights key role of Olympic ideals for world peace, development

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    Olympic Games and Truce, Video message by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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    Secretary-General takes part in torch relay ahead of Olympic Games in London

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    India: Disappearing Elephants

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    Struggle in the Amazon: The Clash between Energy and the Environment

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    India: Saving Elephants

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    Greenland: The Lookout For Nuclear Explosions

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    Mali: Shea Tree Empowers Women

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    Brazil: Coal to Crops

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    ICJ Delivers Judgment in Hissène Habré Case (Belgium v. Senegal) - Reading by President

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    ICJ Delivers Judgment in Hissène Habré Case (Belgium v. Senegal) - Reading by Registrar

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    Tuberculosis and HIV: Protecting the Vulnerable

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    Nelson Mandela International Day (18 July 2012) - UN Secretary-General's Video Message

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    UNODC global awareness-raising campaign on the impact of organized crime

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    Syria: Security Council briefed by Annan on latest efforts to resolve crisis

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    Libya: The Aftermath of War

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    Libya Election, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon message (English)

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    Libya Election, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon message (Arabic)

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    Terrorism survivor speaks out on the rights of the victims at the UN

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    United Nations Secretary-General's video message on the International Day of Cooperatives

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    2032: The Future We Want

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    Forests for People: UN International Short Film Contest

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    Zero Hunger Challenge - UN Secretary-General message

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    UNDP Rio+20 - Sustainable Energy

  30. 826 Thumbnail

    Brice Lalonde and the Rio Dialogues at Rio+20

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    Forest heroes, Latin America - Paulo Adario (Brazil)

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    Future We Want: Turn your world around

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    Forest heroes, North America - Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen (United Sates)

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    Drought Claims Lives in Mali

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    A New Vision for Russia

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    India: Preserving Wildlife and the Environment

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    Trinidad and Tobago: Turning Waste Into Profits

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    3 questions for Ban Ki-moon on the Future We Want -- Water

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    3 questions for Ban Ki-moon on the Future We Want -- Jobs

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    3 questions for Ban Ki-moon on the Future We Want -- Energy

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    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: The Future I Want

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    World Environment Day - Fabrica

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    Costa Rica: Gold or Green?

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    Yerevan: The Paper Garden

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    Hungry Planet 16: RIO+20 Special Report

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    What is UN Peacekeeping doing to reduce the environmental footprint of its peacekeeping operations?

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    Quelles actions le Département des Opérations du Maintien de la Paix de l'ONU

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    Why is it important for UN Peacekeeping to consider the environment?

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    With Syria at 'tipping point,' UN steps up efforts to curb violence, build momentum for peace plan

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    World No Tobacco Day 2012 - Stop tobacco industry interference

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    Kofi Annan, Joint Special Envoy of the UN and the Arab League, on the situation in Syria

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    UN Observers in El-Houleh, Syria

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    Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan's arrival in Damascus and statement to the press

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    Syria-Houla Killing

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    On first ever visit by UN rights chief to Zimbabwe, Pillay reiterates call for violence-free vote

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    High-level UN debate spotlights role of mediation in resolving disputes, preventing conflict

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    Dominican Republic: Haitian Migrants Struggle for Citizenship

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    Gabon: The Elephant Man

  59. 855 Thumbnail

    Iraq: One Woman's Quest for Justice

  60. 856 Thumbnail

    Mexico: African Migrants

  61. 857 Thumbnail

    Republic of Congo: The Fight Against Cholera

  62. 858 Thumbnail

    South Africa: Coal's Lethal Legacy

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    Guatemala: Weavers Find International Markets

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    30th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (1982-2012)

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    LIVE: Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference

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    New 'growth paradigm' urged as high-level UN debate seeks remedies for world economy

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    Pillay on homophobia: Punish violence and hatred, not love!

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    Noor: Women's rights in Iraq

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    A New Vision for Russia

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    Building Mine Awareness in Libya

  71. 867 Thumbnail

    Benghazi Gears Up for Twin Elections

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    A Visit to Brega and Ajdabiyah

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    UN Mission to Kufra Finds City Damaged On, Beneath its Surface

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    Hunger, malnutrition threaten Africa's economic gains, UN development agency warns

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    UN mission may be only chance to stabilize Syria, envoy says as civil war concerns mount

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    Statement by Major General Robert Mood Head of Mission and Chief Military Observer

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    Head of UN Peacekeeping, Hervé Ladsous' visit to Liberia, April 2012

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    LIVE concert: "International Jazz Day", 30 April 2012

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    A New Vision for Russia

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    In historic judgment, UN court finds ex-Liberian leader guilty of war crimes

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    On World Malaria Day, UN calls for more funding to eradicate disease

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    Recruitment at the United Nations Secretariat (April 2012)

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    Bangladesh: Climate Change Threatens Livelihood

  84. 880 Thumbnail

    Republic of Congo: The Fight Against Cholera

  85. 881 Thumbnail

    Haiti: Wooden Soldiers for Sale

  86. 882 Thumbnail

    Roma: Breaking the Poverty Cycle

  87. 883 Thumbnail

    A New Vision for Russia (long version)

  88. 884 Thumbnail

    Saving Noor: Women's Rights in Iraq

  89. 885 Thumbnail

    International Jazz Day

  90. 886 Thumbnail

    Journée internationale du Jazz

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    Mother Earth Day: UN Assembly focuses on scientific solutions for sustainable development

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    Prospects for global economy slowly improving, but growth expected to be weak -- IMF

  93. 889 Thumbnail

    UNCTAD 13: Towards inclusive and sustainable growth and development

  94. 890 Thumbnail

    Titanic remembered by IMO Secretary-General

  95. 891 Thumbnail

    Syria: Full implementation of peace plan urged as UN pursues efforts to curb violence

  96. 892 Thumbnail

    Empowering youth with better job opportunities

  97. 893 Thumbnail

    Battling dementia: As cases rise, UN urges steps to improve early diagnosis

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    Google+ Hangout with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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    18th Commemoration of the Genocide in Rwanda: Secretary-General's Message