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Funny Videos

  1. Super rad dog cruises the highway

  2. Bird thief steals catch of the day

  3. Angry goose goes on attack

  4. Extreme dogsled racing

  5. Secret agent dog infiltrates kitchen

  6. Kids gets covered in bird poop

  7. Trained puppy fetches beer from fridge

  8. Mean bird pecks unsuspecting woman

  9. Dog uses bed as turtle shell

  10. Three ducks eagerly follow a laser

  11. Hungry cow slobbers all over woman

  12. Gifted golden retriever jumps over three people

  13. Demanding dog won't take no for an answer

  14. Barking bird makes a good watchdog

  15. Booty-shaking bronco gets down

  16. Cute puppy gets stuck in a sweater

  17. Loyal dog hangs out underneath its owner

  18. Dog dashes between rooms

  19. Decisive dog chases its own shadow

  20. Playful puppy chases bubbles

  21. Dogs sing and play the piano together

  22. Kid risks life retrieving ball from scary dog

  23. Crazy canine bounces of the couches

  24. Dreaming dog runs for his life

  25. Rodeo dog bucks like a bronco

  26. Lassie gets a workout on the treadmill

  27. Shy shar pei smacks his lips

  28. Wacky dog walks like a human

  29. Responsive puppies perk up quickly

  30. Magic camel has no head

  31. Peeing dog puts on a balancing act

  32. Wound up dog spins like a tornado

  33. Dancing lizard puts on the moves

  34. Parrot plunges into pool after being provoked

  35. Praying mantis attacks taunting person

  36. Daring dog stands up to a crocodile

  37. Macho mutts play musical bowls

  38. Big bulldogs play tether ball

  39. Incredible golfing dog hits the links

  40. Batdog to the rescue!

  41. Friendly feline high-fives camera

  42. Battling birds go fencing with their beaks

  43. Having a bad day? This pup shares your pain

  44. Heroic mouse rescue

  45. Jealous buffalo headbutts innocent goat

  46. Sunbathing sea lions slip off slanted dock

  47. Pugs try to understand English

  48. Hidden pup scares unsuspecting dog

  49. Dog drags kid across the lawn

  50. Cute kitten falls asleep sitting up

  51. Driven dog keeps drinking from the sink

  52. Dirty dog leaves messy trail

  53. Fishing dog catches his own meal

  54. Resourceful dog raids the fridge

  55. Chihuahua dances in the rain

  56. Tired horse hitches a ride in car

  57. Lion attacks boy at the zoo

  58. Castaway dog leaps for dry land

  59. Copycat dog fails at being a kitty

  60. Baby bulldog scares away big mama

  61. Dog takes kid for a ride

  62. Chipmunk crams peanut in its mouth

  63. Careful canine reaches for ball

  64. Excited dogs tackle their owner

  65. Talking dog yelps for attention

  66. Pup passes treat to pal

  67. Big dog bulldozes boy

  68. Doggie naptime

  69. Curious cat clumsily slips into bathtub

  70. Determined dog chases leash

  71. Cat's tail moves conspicuously

  72. Mad cow has major freak out

  73. Long-tongued bird licks like a lizard

  74. Gloved girl rescues squirrel

  75. Thirsty bulldog gets shot with water gun

  76. Furious fido can't find his footing

  77. Dumbfounded dog has big bone issues

  78. Golden Retriever pins crime on bulldog

  79. Tenacious turtle goes for a ride

  80. Babbling bulldog squawks like a bird

  81. Scared to death doggie swims on land

  82. Dentist dog helps cure toothache

  83. Confused canine stuck behind missing glass door

  84. Daring deer enters doggie door

  85. Drumming dog rocks out

  86. Resilient rabbit wrestles snake

  87. Raccoon robber sneaks through doggie door

  88. Angry elephant takes a tumble

  89. Petsami Top 5: Perpetual Pups

  90. Talented dog fetches frisbees

  91. James Bond 007 Dog Makes Miraculous Mistake

  92. Rowdy puppy roughs up receipt

  93. Lovely lady gets a llama loogie

  94. Starving puppies ride foodie-go-round

  95. Demanding monkey has a bad itch

  96. Patient puppy waits for the school bus

  97. Psycho squirrel attacks innocent bystander

  98. Pleading puppy wants a treat

  99. Hitchhiking hound needs a ride

  100. Spinning squirrel chases after a Cheeto

  101. Jolly giraffe licks the camera

  102. Petsami Top 5: Collar Shocks

  103. Dancing doggy does the tango

  104. Silly horse spooks woman

  105. Munching mouse escapes death trap

  106. Fireworks fido becomes a hazard

  107. Dizzy dog hula hoops

  108. Sneaky pig steals from fridge

  109. Surfer pig sports sunglasses

  110. Piano pig plays mozart

  111. Coast guard canine saves boy from drowning

  112. Ravenous raccoons have a dinner party

  113. Candy cat has sugar addiction

  114. Athletic dog has hops

  115. Hungry bird outsmarts fish

  116. Huge bear is a scaredy cat

  117. Humongous elephant plays fetch

  118. Intelligent bird completes rube goldberg machine

  119. Proper pup eats with human hands

  120. Hungry bears politely ask for food

  121. Ditzy dog ruins marriage proposal

  122. Agressive alligator vs sand hill cranes

  123. Singing cat rocks out to harmonica

  124. Huge bear and small child horse around

  125. Talkative cat wants nothing to do with the vet

  126. Scared skunk gets trapped in chocolate milk box

  127. Olympic pup doggy paddles in the air

  128. Angry sheep rams into unsuspecting fisherman

  129. Furious Llama spits at tourists

  130. Energetic dogs play ring around the rosy

  131. Acrobatic cat does amazing backflip

  132. Gigantic grizzly attacks guy in tree

  133. Colossal cat vs peppy pooch

  134. Bloated puppy burps loudly after every meal

  135. Petsami Top 5: Spitting Llamas

  136. [Private Video]

  137. Director dog shoots summer blockbuster

  138. Interested puppy gets frightened by feline

  139. Circus squirrel walks on front legs

  140. Bear cubs make love train

  141. Curious monkey itches his butt and takes a whiff

  142. Guy puts on dog shock collar. Hilarity ensues.

  143. Puggle works out without breaking a sweat

  144. Fearless cat shows bear who's boss

  145. Courageous cat takes one giant leap

  146. Frustrated ferret loses his lunch

  147. No Fear Mouse Cuddles Up Next To Kitten

  148. Why you don't play fetch with balloons

  149. Boxing kitty meets his match

  150. Cat ruins woman's bath time plans

  151. Thirsty dog has world's largest tongue

  152. Tough kittens wrestle in the ring

  153. Rock n' roll horse plays the guitar

  154. Amazing Dog Lifeguard Rescues Pup

  155. Duck Thinks It's A Dog And Plays Fetch

  156. Kittens get their milk straight from the cow

  157. Curious cat gets attacked by fish

  158. Puppy sings and plays the piano

  159. Patty-cake pup humors human

  160. Tebow puppy shows off amazing football skills

  161. Sledding dog speeds down the mountain

  162. Lady and the trampoline

  163. Ring around the Yorkie

  164. cat ruins perfect golf game

  165. perpetual motion bulldog can't be stopped

  166. Turtle dry humps a pile of garbage

  167. Awesome Hamster Shows Off Mad Skills

  168. cat has cat-like reflexes

  169. home invasion kitten

  170. scooby doo gets beaten up by a bigger dog

  171. watch these cats get scared by their own shadows

  172. praying puppy loves dogma

  173. this bird gives the performance of a lifetime

  174. houdini puppy makes miraculous escape

  175. kitten has a spill

  176. nicki minaj kitten sings while she eats

  177. how to hypnotize a cat

  178. pussy & panties

  179. wind tunnel puppy test

  180. cat that loves water

  181. rave puppy

  182. drunk kitten falls down steps

  183. ocd puppy

  184. Rodeo Dog Bucks Baby Cowgirl

  185. Bouncer Dog Removes Unruly Baby

  186. Hamster Uses Mind Control to Make Dog Jump

  187. Dog and Baby Chase Unstoppable Light

  188. Stunt Cat Reconsiders Life of Danger

  189. Deep Fur Massage

  190. Training for Sunday

  191. pride goeth before the fall

  192. poor cat is having a bad trip

  193. dog trapped in a bear hug

  194. Goats attack dog. Dog fights back

  195. rabid dog attacks doorstop

  196. frightening dog makes frightening sound

  197. Bro uses his dogs as dumbells

  198. Wilbur fails his screen test

  199. Adorable puppies get a blow dry

  200. Devilish dog pulls boy into puddle