1. Nadler: Ban the Instruments of Mass Murder

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  4. Good Morning America on Families Flying Together

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  8. Nadler: Bring the Troops Home NOW!

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  10. Yet Another Attack on Women's Constitutional Rights

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  12. Fairness for Pregnant Workers

  13. Nadler: Protect Pregnant Workers

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  15. Nadler: End the Influence of Money in Politics

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  18. GOP Pushes Partisan Transportation Bill

  19. Republican Budget is Shameful

  20. Health Care Reform is Constitutional and Helping Americans Right Now

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  25. NYC Congressional Delegation Says: It Gets Better

  26. Nadler: Protect Women's Right to Contraception while Respecting Religious Freedom.

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  28. Nadler: Scan 100% of Maritime Cargo

  29. Fighting to Protect Long Term Care

  30. Nadler on NY1 New York Times Close Up

  31. Indefinite Detention and Endless War are Affronts to American Values

  32. Nadler Joins Up with Chris Hayes

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  34. 'Occupy' has Changed Political Discussion in America

  35. Regulatory Maneuvers Threaten Safety around Nuclear Plants

  36. Nadler Opposes Reckless Gun Legislation

  37. Republicans Oppose Protections for Nuclear Safety

  38. Republicans are Wasting Our Time with Irrelevant Debates

  39. Don't Balance Budget on Backs of the Poor

  40. Bring Fairness to Immigration Detention

  41. We Can't Wait for Republicans to Make College Affordable

  42. Nadler on Occupy Wall Street with Keith Olbermann

  43. Nadler: Stop This Attack on Reproductive Freedoms

  44. Standing up for Fairness

  45. Abolish the Debt Ceiling and Restore Tax Fairness to American Families

  46. Confronting the Asbestos Health Crisis

  47. Don't Bow to Republican Extortion

  48. Default Would Devastate the Middle Class

  49. GOP Driving America to Default

  50. Stop Holding the Economy Hostage

  51. Don't Play Chicken with the US Economy

  52. Pay our Bills & Honor our Commitments

  53. High Speed Rail Promotes Economic Growth

  54. Nadler: Energy Efficiency Saves Lives in Afghanistan

  55. Nadler: End the War

  56. Two States for Two Peoples

  57. Don't Privatize Passenger Rail

  58. Nadler: End the Afghan War

  59. Fighting the Immoral Cuts to Food Aid for Low-income Women and Children

  60. Opening the High Line's 2nd Section

  61. Nadler: Protect the Constitution, Withdraw troops from Libya

  62. Nadler: Republican Balanced Budget Amendment would require destroying Medicare

  63. Nadler Questions Assistant Attorney General Perez on Voter ID Laws, Voter Rights

  64. Nadler calls on GOP to cease making false allegations against the DOJ's Civil Rights Division.

  65. Extending PATRIOT Act Provisions a Reckless Way to Treat our Liberties

  66. Nadler: Bring Detainees to Justice

  67. Nadler Opposes Sweeping New War Powers

  68. Honor and Support those who Brought Osama bin Laden to Justice

  69. Nadler Calls Out "Born Again Fiscal Conservatives" on Balanced Budget Amendment

  70. Nadler: Don't Give 2nd Amendment Rights to Suspected Terrorists

  71. History Inexorably Leads to Equality, But We Must Hasten Its Progress

  72. President's Visit to Ground Zero a Fitting Tribute

  73. Nadler: A Bittersweet Day for Those Affected by 9/11

  74. H.R. 3 is a Radical Assault on Women

  75. Nadler Questions Attorney General on DOMA and the State Secrets Privilege

  76. Nadler: bin Laden's death is simple justice

  77. GOP Budget Takes Aim at Middle Class and Seniors

  78. Nadler: End LGBT Discrimination in Immigration Law

  79. DOMA is Cruel, Discriminatory, and Unconstitutional

  80. Nadler Promotes LGBT Immigration Rights

  81. GOP Budget Burdens Middle Class, Bails out Rich

  82. Budget Deal Hurts Middle Class, Threatens Recovery

  83. Nadler: GOP Budget is Most Radical in Our Lifetime

  84. Priorities for the Transportation Reauthorization Bill

  85. Nadler Opposes Hazardous FAA Reauthorization

  86. Nadler Introduces Bill to Repeal DOMA

  87. Nadler Defends Planned Parenthood

  88. Nadler Amendment Would End the War in Afghanistan

  89. GOP Spending Bill Cuts Beyond the Bone

  90. Rushing to Extend the PATRIOT Act is Dangerous

  91. Exposing the Hypocrisy of H.R. 3, the Anti-Choice Bill

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  93. Nadler Opposes PATRIOT ACT Reauthorization

  94. Don't Repeal our Health Care Rights

  95. Defending Patients' Rights

  96. Defending the 1st Amendment

  97. Reacting to the Tragic Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

  98. Nadler: Today we redeem the honor of the United States

  99. Senate Must Act to Provide Care for 9/11 Responders and Survivors