1. Egyptian Scenarist Wahid Hamed: The Muslim Brotherhood Does Not Make Good on its Promises

  2. Syrian Lawyer Thaer Ibrahim: Elie Wiesel Is the Most Dangerous Man on Earth

  3. Jordanian Cleric Al-Bustanji: I Brought My Daughter to Gaza So She Could Learn Jihad

  4. Qatar Friday Sermon: Jews Are Parasites

  5. Former Jordanian MP Abd Al-Qader: Jihad and Martyrdom Best Way to Expel Jews from Sacred Land

  6. Jordanian MP Threatens Colleague with a Gun During a Live TV Debate

  7. Hamas MP Al-Astal: The Germans Punished the Jews, Now It's the Turn of the Islamic Nation

  8. Saudi Shiite Cleric Nimr Al-Nimr: We Should Rejoice in the Death of Crown Prince Nayyef

  9. Holocaust Denier Joachim Martillo: Jews Behind Collapse of US and World Financial System.mp4

  10. Azawadi Woman: We Want a State that Rejects Terrorism, Supports Democracy .mp4

  11. Morsi during Elections Campaign: Jihad Is Our Path, Death for the Sake of Allah Is Our Aspiration

  12. Lebanese Sunni Imam Al-Assir Threatens Nasrallah and Nebih Berri: I Will Not Let You Sleep at Night

  13. Egyptian President-Elect Morsi: I Will Be President of All Egyptians

  14. Egyptian Leftist Politician Rifat Said: The Muslim Bortherhood Will Never Relinquish the Presidency

  15. Hamas Minister Fathi Hammad Vows to "Liberate" Cities in Israel

  16. Shiite Cleric Yasser Habib: Saddam Hussein Was a Handsome Man Comapred with the Caliph Omar

  17. Lebanese New Age Guru Maryam Nour: Jews Rule World Because of Arab Ignoramuses

  18. Former Jordanian MP Abu Al-Zant: AIDS and STDs Made Christians Forget about Liberating Bethlehem

  19. Egyptian Cleric Mahmaoud Al-Masri: Women Should Stay at Home, Emulating the Virgins of Paradise

  20. British MP George Galloway: Syrian Rebels Are Servants of the Crusaders

  21. Egyptian Cleric Yaaqub: MB Presidential Candidate Mursi Told Me Shiites Are More Dangerous Than Jews

  22. Egyptian Commentators Debate Islamist Proposal of United States of Arabs with Jerusalem as Capital

  23. Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Christian or a Woman Can Be President; Alexandretta Is Not Syrian

  24. US-Based Sudanese Professor Muhammad Waqi'ullah: Tom and Jerry Serve Neocons Ideology

  25. Iranian General Naqdi, Commander of the Basij: Attacking Iran Would Be Israel's Last Stupid Mistake

  26. Lebanese Cleric Amin Al-Kurdi: Al-Aqsa Liberation a Done Deal, Eyes Set on Andalusia

  27. Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Hassan Slams Western and Eastern Cultures and Religions

  28. Deputy Syrian Foreign Minister Miqdad: Turkish Leaders Are Liars and Hypocrites

  29. Egyptian Salafi Sheik Osama El Qusy: Nude Scenes Allowed in Movies

  30. Shiite Cleric Yasser Habib in Anti-Sunni Rhetoric

  31. Pro-Assad Commentator Taleb Ibrahim: Insurgents Plan to Use Chemical Weapons in Syria

  32. Palestinian Islamic Scholar Al-Yaziji: We Hope to Conquer Andalusia and the Vatican

  33. "I Love Israel" - an Egyptian Singer's Hate Song against Israel

  34. Syria TV Reporter Attacked during Live Broadcast from Aleppo

  35. Saudi Woman Defies Religious Police: It Is None of Your Business If I Wear Nail Polish

  36. Thousands of Salafis in Tunisia: Obama, We Are All Osama

  37. CAIR-NY President Zead Ramadan: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in the US Echoes Nazi Rhetoric against Jews

  38. Egyptian Philosopher Murad Wahba: Muslim Brotherhood Ideologically Required to Start Wars

  39. Hizbullah's Secretary-General Nasrallah: We Can Hit Tel Aviv

  40. Former PA Mufti: Jerusalem Is Not Holy for the Jews

  41. Al-Qaeda Flags in Islamist Demonstration in Bonn, Germany

  42. Syrian Tribal Leader Shlash: Syria Should Finance and Arm Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Rebellions

  43. Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim: Israel Spreads Drugs and AIDS in Egypt

  44. Egyptian Islamists: Soldiers Should Shoot Commanding Officers, SCAF Member Should Be Slaughtered

  45. Moroccan Amazigh Activist Ahmed Assid: We Need Secularism Now

  46. Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi: Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate Will Liberate Jerusalem

  47. US Activist Lamis Deek: DoD Finances Films That Vilify Arabs

  48. Activists Arrested in Mauritania after Burning Islamic Jurisdiction Books Legitimizing Slavery

  49. Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din: Iran Gains Control over the Najaf Shiite Hawza in Iraq

  50. Kamal Khatib of the Islamic Movement in Israel: Arab Babies - a Demographic Time Bomb

  51. Moroccan Cleric: Husband May Have Sex with Dead Wife's Corpse; Women May Use Carrots as Vibrators

  52. Egyptian Film Director Khaled Yousuf: The MB and Salafists Live in the Past

  53. President of Austrian Islamic Council Hassan Musa Calls on Palestinians to Kidnap Israeli Soldiers

  54. Egyptians Attack Saudi Embassy: To Hell with Saudi King

  55. Egypt Presidential Candidate Sabahi in 2005: I Support Al-Qaeda When It Kills Americans

  56. Egyptian Scholar Mamoun Fandy: The Muslim Brotherhood Is the Political Wing of the Military Council

  57. Grandson of Malcolm X: US Carried Out 9/11; Slavery Still Exists in the US

  58. Sudanese Writer Al Haj Waraq Warns against the Rise of Islamists in Egypt

  59. Sudanese President Al-Bashir Vows to Liberate South Sudan from "The Poisonous Vermin"

  60. Egyptian Islamist Nabil Naeem Threatens Armed Violence in Case Omar Sleiman Elected President

  61. Neturei Karta Leader Meir Hirsch Welcomes Raed Sallah upon his Return from Britain

  62. Lebanese Islamist Ahmad Al-Assir: Hizbullah Peddles in the Palestinian Cause

  63. PA Minister Habbash: Hamas Corruption Responsible For Gaza Sufferings

  64. Afghan MP Hameedzai Fires on Taliban Attacker during Raid on Afghan Parliament

  65. Former Zarqawi Comrade: Arab Spring Is a Western Zionist Conspiracy

  66. UN Vehicles Participate in Iran's Army Day Military Parade

  67. Egyptian Salafi Candidate's Campaign Manager Calls Host Jewish to Make Point, Is Thrown from Studio

  68. Egyptian Cleric Issues Fatwa: People Must Vote for the Salafi Candidate Abu Ismail in Elections

  69. Egyptian TV Host: Egyptian Christian Pilgrimage to Jerusalem Is Treason

  70. Wikileaks' Assange Interviews Hizbullah's Nasrallah

  71. Accusations of Embezzlement against Egyptian MB Presidential Candidate Khayrat Al-Shater

  72. Saudi Sports Commentator: I'd Rather Be Slaughtered Than See Saudi Women at the Olympics

  73. Report on "Emo Killings" in Iraq

  74. Zaheer Ahmed Siddiqui, Indian Rep. in "Global March to Jerusalem"

  75. Egyptian TV Host Hussam 'Aql on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

  76. Kuwaiti Cleric Tareq Suwaydan: Jews More Dangerous to Muslims Than Dictatorships

  77. British Islamist Seyful Islaam: Western Women Follow Lady Gaga, Behave Like Prostitutes

  78. Friday Sermon on Jordan TV: Jordanian Army Is Invincible, Will Shatter Israel's Might

  79. Ali Belhadj, former VP of the Algerian FIS, Slams "Despicable" Sarkozy over Merah Burial

  80. Hamas Interior Minister Slams Egypt over Fuel Shortage in Gaza Strip: We are Egyptians!

  81. Osama Al-Mallouhi of the Syrian Opposition Suggests Jews Use Syrian Blood for Passover Matzos

  82. Syrian Poet Adonis: A Revolution Cannot Be Completed with Only One or Two Deaths

  83. Director of London-Based Institute of Islamic Political Thought Azzam Al-Tamimi

  84. Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim Praises Death of Pope Shenouda III

  85. Egyptian Presidential Candidate Abd Al-Mun'im Abu Al-Futuh

  86. Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya Stresses Differences between Positions of Fatah and Hamas

  87. Former IAEA Director-General ElBaradei, Talks about the "Rigged" Egyptian Elections Process

  88. Egypt Author Sayyid Al-Qimni: We Have Tried Islamic Rule for 1,400 Years

  89. Palestinian Campaign: "No to Violence against Women"

  90. Lantos 2011 Event: Dr. Khaleel Mohammed, Assoc. Professor of Religion at San Diego State University

  91. Lantos 2011 Event: Hannah Rosenthal, State Department Special Envoy to Monitor & Combat Antisemitism

  92. Lantos 2011 Event: Sara J. Bloomfield, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Director

  93. Lantos 2011 Event: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair

  94. Lantos 2011 Event: Levi Tillemann-Dick, Grandson of Tom Lantos

  95. Saudi Columnist Princess Basma bint Saud bin Abd Al-Aziz Speaks Out against Islamic Extremism

  96. U.S. Professors Attend an Occupy Wall Street Conference in Tehran

  97. Egyptian Cleric, Founder of American Center for Islamic Research: War with the U.S. - Why Not?

  98. Egyptian Clerics: It Is an Obligation to Kill Bashar Al-Assad

  99. Egyptian Cleric Hazem Shuman Calls to Spread Islam to South America