1. Piano Cover: Comet Observatory- Super Mario Galaxy

  2. Me Singing "Doctor Who the Musical" (AVbyte Sing Along #3)

  3. Birthday Gift for Aravi Velez

  4. [PMV (sort of)] Hasbro Pony Dot

  5. Total Drama Craziness 3.5: A Totally Dramatic & Crazy Christmas

  6. Animaniacs Tribute

  7. Me Singing "Hipster Disney Princesses the Musical" (AVByte Sing Along)

  8. Wayne Valley Fall Concert 2012: Chamber Choir- Ain't Got Time to Die

  9. Animaniacs: Mostly in Toon (Disney Sing Along Songs Closing Theme)

  10. Animaniacs: Yakko's World (Disney Sing Along Songs Closing Theme)

  11. Beth & Dawn are Cute

  12. Piano Cover: Stuck to a Pole- Total Drama World Tour (as Bridgette)

  13. Me Singing "Yesterday I Loved You" (cover)

  14. Jekyll & Hyde Bonus Video: Taking the Group Photo

  15. Jekyll & Hyde Part 12: Facade Reprise 3/The Wedding/Finale

  16. Jekyll & Hyde Part 11: A New Life/Lucy's Death/Confrontation

  17. Jekyll & Hyde Part 10: Dangerous Game/Facade Reprise 2/Angst

  18. Jekyll & Hyde Part 9: Once Upon a Dream/Streak of Madness/In His Eyes

  19. Jekyll & Hyde Part 8: Murder! Murder!

  20. Jekyll & Hyde Part 7: Your Work and Nothing More/Sympathy, Tenderness/Someone Like You/Alive Reprise

  21. Jekyll & Hyde Part 6: This is the Moment/Transformation/Alive

  22. Jekyll & Hyde Part 5: The Red Rat/Bring on the Men

  23. Jekyll & Hyde Part 4: I Must Go On/Take Me as I Am/Letting Go

  24. Jekyll & Hyde Part 3: The Engagement Party

  25. Jekyll & Hyde Part 2: Board of Governors/Persue the Truth/Facade Reprise 1

  26. Jekyll & Hyde Part 1: Lost in the Darkness/I Need to Know/Facade

  27. Disney Sing Along Song Credits Parody: Broadway Mania!

  28. Wayne Valley Pops Concert 2012: Chamber Choir- Get Happy

  29. Wayne Valley Pops Concert 2012: Chamber Choir- Long Ago and Far Away

  30. Wayne Valley Pops Concert 2012: Selected Girls- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

  31. Wayne Valley Pops Concert 2012: My Solo- I'm Old Fasioned

  32. Crocodiles Jump Over Team Amazon While I Play Fitting Music

  33. Piano Cover: Sympathy, Tenderness- Jekyll & Hyde

  34. Total Drama Craziness 3

  35. My Questions to Tom McGillis

  36. A Shane X Lisa Tribute

  37. Wayne Valley SDA 2012: Blue Aerobics

  38. Wayne Valley SDA 2012: White Aerobics

  39. Wayne Valley SDA 2012: Blue Pom

  40. Wayne Valley SDA 2012: White Pom

  41. Wayne Valley SDA 2012: Blue Jazz

  42. Wayne Valley SDA 2012: White Jazz

  43. Wayne Valley SDA 2012: Blue Tap

  44. Wayne Valley SDA 2012: White Tap

  45. Wayne Valley Spring Concert 2012: America the Beautiful

  46. TDI, TDA, TDWT: Welcome to Sacred Heart

  47. Piano Cover: Paparazzi- Lady Gaga

  48. Me Singing "Superluv" (cover)

  49. Total Drama Craziness 2

  50. Duncan's Commercial Nightmare

  51. Gwen & Trent Tribute

  52. Piano Cover: Castle on a Cloud- Les Miserables

  53. Total Drama Island: Your Fault/ Last Midnight

  54. Me Singing "My Gentleman Friend" (cover)

  55. Autism & Asperger's: My Story

  56. Me Singing "Mine" (cover)

  57. Disney Sing Along Songs Credits Parody: The Best of Youtube

  58. Total Drama Craziness 1

  59. Piano Cover: The Very First Christmas- Spongebob Squarepants

  60. 12 Black Box Theatre Days of Christmas (audio only)

  61. Piano Cover: It's a Wonderful Day for Pie- Family Guy

  62. Wayne Valley Fall Concert 2011: Medley from Big River

  63. Piano Cover: Castle Fortress- Yoshi's Island

  64. Me Singing "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" (cover)

  65. Monologue- Searching for Justice

  66. Black Box Theatre Part 11: The Farbers Meet the Coneheads

  67. Black Box Theatre Part 10: Saturday Night Live- Weekend Update 2

  68. Black Box Theatre Part 9: Saturday Night Live- Weekend Update 1

  69. Black Box Theatre Part 8: Saturday Night Live- Samurai Delicatessen

  70. Black Box Theatre Part 7: The Carol Burnett Show- Went with the Wind

  71. Black Box Theatre Part 6: Saturday Night Live- Mighty Mouse ft. Andy Kauffman

  72. Black Box Theatre Part 5: Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Cocktail Party

  73. Black Box Theatre Part 4: I Love Lucy- Job Switching

  74. Black Box Theatre Part 3: I Love Lucy- Lucy does a TV Commercial

  75. Black Box Theatre Part 2: The Honeymooners- A Matter of Record

  76. Black Box Theatre Part 1: The Honeymooners- Women's Work is Never Done

  77. Piano Cover: Alejandro- Lady Gaga

  78. Piano Cover: Theme from the Total Drama Series

  79. Me Singing "Kiss Me" (cover)

  80. Piano Cover: A Lonely Jew on Christmas- South Park

  81. The Wizard of Oz: Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead Reprise

  82. The Wizard of Oz: The Merry Old Land of Oz

  83. The Wizard of Oz: Optimistic Voices

  84. The Wizard of Oz: If I Only Had the Nerve

  85. The Wizard of Oz: If I Only Had a Heart

  86. The Wizard of Oz: If I Only Had a Brain

  87. The Wizard of Oz: Munchkinland Musical Sequence

  88. The Wizard of Oz: Magic

  89. The Wizard of Oz: Over the Rainbow

  90. The Wizard of Oz: Hoedown Throwdown

  91. Wayne Valley Charity Show 2011: "Here I Am"

  92. Piano Cover: This is Me- Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

  93. Sierra's Monologue (Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Show)

  94. The Ugly Barnacle (Extended Edition)

  95. Me Singing "Let's Play a Love Scene" (cover)

  96. Piano Cover: Hello- Lionel Richie

  97. Wayne Valley Pops Concert 2011 Senior Girls: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  98. Wayne Valley Pops Concert 2011 Chamber Choir: The Winner Takes it All

  99. Wayne Valley Pops Concert 2011 Boys: She's got a Way