1. Bobby Hebb: Betty Jo from Ohio

  2. Bobby Hebb: You don't know what you got until you.

  3. George & Ted: Oh yeah

  4. The Great Scots: Don't want your love

  5. Herbert Hunter: The sound of a crying man

  6. Mose Allison: Train

  7. Josephine Taylor: I'm gone

  8. Los Bólidos: La máquina

  9. Junior Wells: Love me

  10. Los Eskizos: Una vez más

  11. Sunlovers - I'll treat you right

  12. The Great Scots: My Baby's Name

  13. Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations: Foolish Plan

  14. Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels: Please please please

  15. The Fiestas: Rock A By Baby (Don't Cry No More)

  16. Leo Wright: Sigi

  17. Michael Garrick Sextet: Merlin the wizard

  18. Bobby Powell: Stay in bed

  19. Oboe with The Keys: Too slow

  20. Orchestra Harlow: Be free

  21. Marvin Gaye: She's got to be real

  22. Gene 'Bowlegs' Miller: Bow Legged

  23. Phillip & The Faithfuls: Rhythm Marie

  24. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: You Don't Have To Say You Love

  25. The Monsters: The pot

  26. Juan & Junior: Bajo el sol

  27. Chuy Castro: Swahili baby

  28. Stiv Bators: I'll be alright

  29. Dany Gurdall: Prends garde a toi

  30. Floyd White: Finders Keepers

  31. Los Eskizos: La última Lambretta

  32. Jimmy & Jean: I Can't Believe

  33. The Tick Tocks: Mary

  34. Sergio Mendes & Brasil' 66: The frog

  35. Chucho: Cirujano patafísico

  36. Four Winds & Dito: El juicio universal

  37. Ella Fitzgerald: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

  38. Manfred Mann: Get away

  39. Juan Torregrosa con Orquesta Tejada: Mi Vaca Lechera

  40. Otis Rush: All Your Love (I Miss Loving)

  41. Maggie Hammond: High Flying Bird

  42. Gene & The Teen Beats: I'll Carry On

  43. Antoñita Rusel con La Orquesta Club Trébol: Mi casita de papel

  44. La Secta: I hate that trip

  45. Little Caesar & The Euterpeans: Good good lovin'

  46. Leni Guess: For all you've been

  47. Los Brincos: What's the matter with you

  48. The Hi-Fly Orchestra: Hi-Fidelity

  49. Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs: I got a woman

  50. Eugene Paul & The Pilots: Sugar dumpling

  51. Tito Puente: Ran kan kan

  52. Big Jack Reynolds: Made it up in your mind

  53. Ronnie & Joyce: We got the feeling

  54. Little Teena Bronson: Lonely little girl

  55. Chuck Wright : Don't play that dance

  56. Jimmy 'J': Do The Jet

  57. Young Jessie: My Country Cousin

  58. The Barons: Walking In The City

  59. Lennie Tristano: East thirty second

  60. The Falcons: Anna

  61. Bobby Freeman : Sinbad

  62. The Falcons: That's what I am to do

  63. Pervis Herder: All That's Good

  64. The Hot Tamales: You are my sunshine

  65. Jack Costanzo: Sax con ritmo

  66. Morine & The Zercons: Show me where it's at

  67. Las Akelas: Ratones de Belén

  68. Las Akelas: Campanas a ritmo

  69. Gidian: Try me out

  70. Micky y los Tonys: Zorongo gitano

  71. Doctor Explosion: Out of fun

  72. Snatch & The Poontangs: Hey shine

  73. Joan Proctor: Matchmaker

  74. Pat Lundy & Bobby Harris: We got a thing goin' on

  75. Jay Porter: Way out east

  76. Jim & Bob Harrison: Country boy

  77. Keith Field: Stop! thief

  78. The Clovers: He sure could hypnotise

  79. Zito Righi e Seu Conjunto: Love is here to stay

  80. Lavern Baker: You said

  81. Coleman Family: Peace on Earth

  82. Dave Davani Four: Boot-leg

  83. The Monsters: I want you

  84. Phillip Goodhand-Tait & The Stormsville Shakers: No problem

  85. B.B. Brown: Low down dirty tramp

  86. The Undivided: You Can All Join In

  87. The Divine Men: Stop & take another look

  88. Al T. Joe: Goodbye Dreamboat

  89. George Lee: Don't let him in

  90. Little Mason: Long loving daddy

  91. Buddy Terry: Hey Nellie

  92. Billy & Lilly and the Thunderbirds: Baby don't you know

  93. Rolls Royce & The Wheels: The frog

  94. Sam Baker: The bump

  95. Cicero Blake: Could this be love

  96. The Olympics: Dooley

  97. Sonny Til & The Orioles: Some Of This Some Of That

  98. Essau Isaacs: What Did I Do To You

  99. The Modern Jazz Quartet: Walkin' stomp