1. Ironman Vs Mandarin!From Ironman#526

  2. Fantastic Four Vs Blackheart!From Fantastic Four Annual1999

  3. Who would you choose to fight Blackheart?!!!

  4. Fear Surtur The Fiery Demon!

  5. Thor Vs Surtur!From Everything Burns!

  6. Origins Of The Asgardians!(Revamped)

  7. World War Hulk Vs Hiro Kala!

  8. Hulk Vs Juggernaut Fights!

  9. Alien Vs Predator Booty

  10. Thor Vs Jormungand!From Thor#379-#380!

  11. Superman Vs The Abominable Snowman! From Superman#266

  12. Origin Of Ghost Rider(Noble Kale)!

  13. Superman Vs Blackheart!Who would win and why?!

  14. Fear The Manananggal!"Winged Terror of the Night!"

  15. Hulk Vs Abomination

  16. Fear Blackheart!Part 2

  17. Fear Blackheart!Son Of Mephisto!

  18. Fear Dormammu!Lord Of The Dark Dimension!

  19. Fear Jormungand!Part 2

  20. Fear Jormungand The Midgard Serpent!

  21. Odin and Thor Vs Surtur!

  22. Revere Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze)!

  23. Revere Snowbird!

  24. Fear Bi-Beast!

  25. Fear Surtur!Part 5!

  26. Thor Vs Zeus From Thor Annual#8

  27. Fear Surtur!Part 4

  28. Fear General Wade Eiling!

  29. Hulk Vs Devil Hulk(Brian Banner) From Chaos War:Incredible Hulks#620!

  30. Alien Vs Predator Duel!

  31. Fear The Sinister Trickster Loki!.

  32. Multiversal Eternity Vs Crisis On Infinite Earths Anti-Monitor!

  33. Thor Vs Thing(Angrir breaker of souls) and Hulk(Nul breaker of worlds)

  34. Thing(Angrir breaker of souls) Vs Red Hulk

  35. Superman fact findings!

  36. Hulk Vs Red Hulk

  37. Ragnarok Battles!

  38. Grundy Smash!!!

  39. Types Of Kryptonite!

  40. Thor Vs Sentry From Siege #3 and Thor #608

  41. Thor Unleashed Part 2 The Dreaded G Blast!

  42. Thor Unleashed!!