1. Inspite of ourselves karaoke

  2. Eagles Peaceful Easy Feeling cover w Jenivieve Elise

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  5. bath and daddy sings Movie

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  9. Crazy as a loon cover John Prine

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  12. oct swim

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  15. I'd really love to see you tonight cover

  16. Free cover parkway, feeding sept 2012

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  18. swiming aug 31

  19. sparring my newly harvested orb weaver spiders (bush spiders)

  20. pool play

  21. Jenivieve Elise in a portable swimming pool

  22. the BERKS Dec 26, 2011

  23. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye cover

  24. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight acoustic cover

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  26. Pinay cover

  27. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight cover

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  29. Don't Fade away cover

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  32. Free cover Zac Brown

  33. Red River Valley cover

  34. SPI class of '1977 part 2

  35. Bakit Ba SIAKOL cover

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  37. Runaway Train (Soul Asylum) cover

  38. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

  39. Patience (Demo) cover

  40. compilation 2

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  42. Why Worry

  43. How's The World Treating You in the style of James Taylor Alison Krauss

  44. Something Stupid cover style of Robbie Williams Nicole Kidman

  45. more Giggles at the swing cradle

  46. MY WAY cover (los lonely boys)

  47. Two steps Behind Movie

  48. bouncy seat playtime.

  49. Don't Cry Joni Conway Twitty cover

  50. Walk Right Back cover (harmony)

  51. Goodbye Girl cover

  52. dear penis.wmv



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  62. Clay Pigeons cover

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  82. how's the world treating you

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  85. xieda 9958 2 a bit windy...

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  88. Chinook M-47 micro helicopter S026

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  90. Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song cover by B.J. Thomas

  91. I'll Never Fall In Love Again cover by Bobbie Gentry

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  93. Please Come Home For Christmas cover

  94. Is it ok if i call you mine cover

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  98. heading for home

  99. Jenivieve Elise