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  1. Grandpa's explanation of the European Union Crisis and World Banks

  2. European Financial Crisis - Greece... Italy...

  3. Greece, European debt crisis. Employment. Gold and Silver.

  4. QE3 Explained ( quantitative easing )

  5. Fed's Operation Twist is killing stock market and hammering gold and silver

  6. Operation Twist. More stimulus. Still to come is QE3..

  7. American Jobs Act 2 of 2 - Obama's job speech

  8. American Jobs Act 1 of 2 - Obama's job speech

  9. Bernanke speech in Jackson Hole, QE3

  10. Hurricane Irene - more disasters.. would kill the dollar

  11. No BS economic update 8/20

  12. Credit downgrade panics wall street August 8 2011: DOW drops 600 more points, gold over $1700

  13. S&P Update 8-6: S&P Downgrades US Debt - US Credit Rating Devestated - Gold will continue surge

  14. Debt Ceiling Deal Passed at Last Minute - US credit downgraded

  15. Gold Value from 1935 to 2011

  16. US Debt Downgraded from Stable to Negative - S&P

  17. Debt Ceiling here and Obama's deficit reduction plan does not make sense

  18. Future of the Global Economy

  19. Simply put: Bernanke, The Fed (Federal Reserve), The dollar, Inflation, Deflation

  20. Inflation kills Loans

  21. How banks work - (Fractional Reserve Banking) - Money creation

  22. Will the dollar continue to decline, or does the G20 know magic??

  23. Money Supply, Fractional Reserve Banking and Hyperinflation

  24. Dollar is screwed

  25. Savers will become losers as inflation sets in

  26. Fed to Buy Back Bad Debt and Push Government for Looser Lending Restrictions

  27. Economy To Suck through 2014?

  28. State of the Economy: What is QE3 (Quantitative Easing)

  29. Gresham's Law - Dollar Shun Continues

  30. The American Dream in 2012 - Capitalism for the Individual

  31. Don't Drink the Unemployment Kool Aid!