1. Justin Bieber Murdered & Castrated... Almost


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  7. Female Condoms Prevent HIV!

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  9. Mom Rescues Sex Trafficking Victims

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  11. Beer Can Help Cure the Common Cold?

  12. Brain Cells from Urine?!

  13. Underwear Bird Smuggler!!!

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  19. Starship Troopers - SFMC

  20. Life of Pi or Life of WHY?!

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  27. Liars Suffer from Pinocchio Effect!

  28. The Definitive Guide to Being Butthurt

  29. Bioshock Infinite, Dungeons & Dragons & Django #nerdporn

  30. Epic Old Dinosaur!

  31. Prisoners Forced to Rub Hot Sauce on Testicles?!

  32. Bank Robber Brags on YouTube, Gets Busted!

  33. Space Spiders and Voyager's Magnetic Highway

  34. Robots, Ghostbusters, and Unicorns Oh My! #nerdporn

  35. Death of the American Dream Lulz

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  38. Kate Middleton Is Pregnant!!

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  41. Pedophile Exposed by FBI Dad

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  46. History's Most Important People: According to Wiki!


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  58. Underwater Resort!

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  64. Cyber Spy School!!!


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