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  1. Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

  2. Secret History of the World

  3. Apocalypse Newscast

  4. Derren Brown - Subliminal Advertising

  5. Bill Clinton under Mind Control

  6. hillary clinton meeting wanting a 'new world order' 1984

  7. New Kissinger NWO : New World Order & Obama Worship

  8. Hulu: Alec and Huluwood

  9. NEO Asteroid 2009 DD45 from Canberra

  10. Letterman: 'Dick Cheney Couldn't Care Less About Americans'

  11. Who's That Hiding In My Fox 5 News Logo?

  12. Raw Video: Moments Before Pakistan Blast

  13. Senate Hearings Interrupted

  14. Janet 'Jada' Conforto

  15. Burma's Secret War

  16. [Private Video]

  17. [Private Video]

  18. BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell

  19. (To Dave's credit, he apologized) Bill Hicks on Late Show censorship

  20. G.DeMohrenschildt - The Security Alarm

  21. The depository revisited - Alyea#2

  22. [Private Video]

  23. We're In A Lot Of Trouble- Chris Geo featuring Howard Beal

  24. Sex in Advertising Mind Control Video Psychology Sex Porn Sell

  25. [Private Video]

  26. [Private Video]

  27. Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government

  28. Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

  29. Coup in New York State senate - Republicans Take Control (footage)

  30. Shepard Smith Calls Out "More and More Frightening" Fox E-mailers

  31. Brewer Ends Interview With Palin Defender Ziegler After Insults: Cut His Mic Off Please

  32. Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

  33. CNN's hoax on America. REAL VIDEO PROOF!! NO BS!!!

  34. Tea with Julian Assange, editor of Wikileaks

  35. [Deleted Video]

  36. World's most bizzare UFO sightings Part 2

  37. Glaciers Visit Izatys Resort - Mille Lacs Lake, MN

  38. Understanding Deep Politics featuring Michael Parenti

  39. TalkingStickTV - Michael Parenti - The Assassination of Julius Caesar

  40. [Deleted Video]