1. The Origin of Cesar's signature "Tsch!"

  2. Junior plays in the snow in Red Bank, New Jersey

  3. Exlusive Behind the Scenes Clip - Cesar Millan's "Leader of the Pack"

  4. Cesar Millan Announces 'Leader of the Pack' Trivia Contest Winner

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  6. Cesar Millan's Leader of the Pack

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  10. Mango's Progress - An Update

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  13. Newest Pack Member

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  16. How to Live in the Here and Now

  17. 100,000: Saving the Stray Dogs of Puerto Rico

  18. Cesar Millan: It Gets Better

  19. Making an Impact

  20. Remembering Daddy on the Second Anniversary of His Passing

  21. Cesar Discusses Germany's Mandatory Spay and Neuter Program

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  23. Cesar's Live Seminar in Westbury, NY

  24. Meet Alicia—Teenager Who Founded Marvin's Miracles

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  27. Tug of War with Your Dog

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  30. Universal Language of Tsch!

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  34. Meet Choco, the Newest Member of My Pack

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  42. Cesar Millan's Great Dog Adventure

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  58. Cesar Millan phones astronaut Suni Williams Part 3 of 3

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