1. The JET Interview (H.A.G.P.E.T.S)

  2. 66 Seconds

  3. I've Never Been Down This Path Before

  4. Supernote, Beards, Sing-a-ma-jigs, and Paradoxes

  5. Lady and the Survey (and the Tramp)

  6. Four Gallons

  7. Weezy Wink--Occam's Razor

  8. Fun With Kant

  9. I Am Toaster

  10. Korean Introduction Video

  11. Teen Witch Rap Parody

  12. Fitter, Happier

  13. Pottermore Sorting (and existential crisis)

  14. The Opium War: A Completely Accurate History

  15. William Shatner, I choose you!

  16. Toddology meets Bye Bye Birdie

  17. Existential Tea Party

  18. Exchange Students and Banana Dances

  19. Time Turner & Library Basilisk

  20. Ghost Town

  21. Determined Acts of Kindness

  22. Falling

  23. Okefenokee Adventures

  24. Don't Feel Bad John

  25. 2011 Youtube Survey: Doing My Civic Duty

  26. Our Separation from Society... and Hot Sauce.

  27. Evoking Bent Echo Folly

  28. A gentle mocking of my friend Neely and her beloved Kim Jung Il

  29. Languages of the World: Assemble!

  30. Waiting

  31. Sirius Newscasters Who Aren't Serious

  32. The Myth of the Cave, The World of the Shadows

  33. Cling Peaches and Nuns

  34. How to be Cool- Secrets of the universe- REVEALED!

  35. Fifty Things: The Sum Of My Life?

  36. In The Land of Broken Dolls

  37. When I put on my Blazer I become: Rotary Youth Exchange Student!

  38. The Dinosaur Joke

  39. Documentary: Inside the Honors Community Room

  40. Ode to the Loch Ness Monster

  41. Gryffindor Sorting Hat Song

  42. How To Time Travel

  43. Embarking on a Magical Journey into a Nature Documentary

  44. Nerd-Off... Oh dear.