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  1. Sandy Hook mother replaces Obama for weekly address

  2. Bali plane crash: 'no warning' anything was wrong

  3. North Korea marks 101 years since Kim Il-sung's birth

  4. Gun control campaigners erect mock graveyard in Washington

  5. Madonna 'disappointed' over claims she was a diva in Malawi

  6. Uruguay passes bill legalising same-sex marriage

  7. G8 condemns Korean threat 'in strongest possible terms'

  8. US senate votes in favour of gun law debate

  9. Glenda Jackson criticises Margaret Thatcher in Commons debate

  10. Syria's air force targeting civilians, says Human Rights Watch

  11. Michelle Obama enters gun control debate as senators announce breakthrough deal

  12. North Korea: fear of attack raises tension around world

  13. Dylan Quick charged over stabbings at Lone Star college in Texas

  14. New Jersey boy, six, shot dead by four-year-old brother

  15. Serbian shooting rampage: 60-year-old kills 13

  16. North Korea ready for new nuclear test, says South Korea

  17. European Commission tribute to Margaret Thatcher

  18. British woman's death in Kashmir under investigation

  19. North Korea: international leaders react to missile placement

  20. International Pillow Fight Day celebrated in Washington

  21. North Korea advises foreign embassies to evacuate staff

  22. North Korean aggression is condemned by Australian prime minister Julia Gillard

  23. Lady Thatcher's obituary - Margaret Thatcher dead at 87 following stroke

  24. France: anti-gay marriage protesters gather in Paris

  25. George Osborne - The Philpott case shines light on welfare state

  26. UK must defend against North Korea's nuclear threat, says David Cameron

  27. Beer bonanza in Mexico: truck crash leaves hundreds of cans for lucky residents

  28. Hurricane Sandy: The post-disaster housing boom

  29. Bassem Youssef's supporters protest as Egyptian satirist is detained

  30. Oscar Pistorius granted permission to travel abroad

  31. North Korea declares 'state of war' with South Korea

  32. Flash floods leave 11 dead in Mauritius capital

  33. Pope Francis delivers his first Easter Sunday address

  34. Easter celebrations around the world

  35. Gay marriage at supreme court: 'the issue of my lifetime'

  36. North Korea's nuclear plans condemned by South Korea

  37. Barack Obama scores just 2 out of 22 basketball hoops

  38. South Korea promises robust response to North Korea attack

  39. Chinese bus driver hit by lamp-post through windscreen

  40. Chinese Cultural Revolution: the boy who denounced his mother

  41. Nelson Mandela receiving 'best possible' hospital treatment

  42. Boris Johnson busks it again - this time in a tube station with Misha B

  43. Angry protests in Cyprus against bailout deal

  44. Gay marriage supporters and protesters at supreme court

  45. Gay marriage hearings at the supreme court: why is it important for you to be here?

  46. Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito's lawyers give their reactions to retrial

  47. France: anti-gay marriage protesters clash with police in Paris

  48. US Senate passes budget for first time in 4 years

  49. Heavy snow sweeps across the UK

  50. Cyprus: shoppers stock up and bankers demonstrate ahead of eurozone bailout talks

  51. Pope Francis meets Benedict XVI

  52. The Walls of Downtown Cairo - A short documentary

  53. Damascus mosque suicide bomb blast aftermath

  54. Obama pledges 'unwavering support' for Israeli security

  55. North Korea threatens US airbases in Japan

  56. Nasa's Apollo moon mission engines recovered from Atlantic

  57. Berlin police investigate Olympic Stadium helicopter crash

  58. Diana's dresses at auction in London

  59. Ukip's heartland: immigration, the EU and clean toilets

  60. CPAC 2013: Are there enough women at CPAC?

  61. Campaigners fighting to overturn murder convictions of family members

  62. CPAC 2013: Young Republicans on why they're attending

  63. 'We were interviewing James Steele in Iraq and I saw blood everywhere'

  64. James Steele: America's mystery man in Iraq - Trailer

  65. Karin Svanborg-Sjövall: Two lessons from Sweden's uniquely organised welfare state

  66. Comandante Hugo Chavez dies: controversial Venezuelan president remembered

  67. Mend helps families in the fight against obesity by seeing food differently and getting active

  68. Poundland made me feel like I was free labour, says Cait Reilly

  69. Obama's dreamers long for immigration reform

  70. Asylum seeker alleges excessive force by escort guards

  71. ActionAid explain how they exposed tax avoidance by a British company in Zambia

  72. Sugar manufacturer British Associated Foods avoids paying corporate tax in Zambia

  73. Police spy: 'How we stole dead children's identities'

  74. Be Myself: Lucy's story of homelessness and survival

  75. Royal Navy Sea Kings search-and-rescue in action

  76. Pope's UK visit: child abuse survivors campaign for justice

  77. US embassy leaks: 'The data deluge is coming ...'

  78. Ten years in Guantánamo: Tunisian families hope for loved ones' release

  79. The English Defence League uncovered

  80. CCTV reveals Sainsbury's treatment of teenage shoplifter

  81. Ukip's Nigel Farage reacts to David Cameron's referendum speech

  82. Supporters of transgender rights protest at the Guardian/Observer offices

  83. [Private Video]

  84. Will the Jimmy Savile report affect public trust in the police and CPS?

  85. Graduate with kidney failure at risk of deportation to Nigeria

  86. The Shard - A view from the top of London's tallest building

  87. Steve Bell's year in cartoons

  88. Michael White's political year

  89. Madam President: meeting Malawi's Joyce Banda

  90. Anywhere but Westminster: where do we go next?

  91. North Korean emigrant women on the state of their country, a year into Kim Jong-un's reign

  92. UK Uncut targets Starbucks over taxes

  93. Richard O'Dwyer: pity UK government didn't resolve extradition case

  94. Inspiring video shows success of Guide Dogs Week

  95. Malians prepare to reclaim north after conflict

  96. Life of a sex worker: disease, abortion, debt bondage and death

  97. News Desk Live: NHS in England: patient safety could be at risk, says health care report

  98. 7/7 victim John Tulloch gives his reaction to the Leveson findings

  99. The Leveson inquiry: learn to speak like Robert Jay QC

  100. An interview with UKIP leader Nigel Farage at Rotherham

  101. Newsdesk Live: Richard O'Dwyer strikes US deal to avoid extradition

  102. The Sun's Page 3: protesters demonstrate against objectification of women

  103. The Leveson Inquiry: the evidence

  104. The housing crisis: Jo Boaden shares lessons from her career in housing

  105. Newsdesk Live: How will the energy bill affect consumers?

  106. Newsdesk Live: Can new director general Tony Hall restore stability to the BBC?

  107. Global Development: Ha-Joon Chang: microfinance saga tells you aid is no magic bullet

  108. Newsdesk Live: Could the ban on women bishops split the Church of England?

  109. Newsdesk Live: How widespread is sexual abuse of children in England?

  110. Catalonia elections 2012: Madrid residents discuss independence

  111. Breadline Britain: The life and tragic death of Telan Stone aged 11 months

  112. Newsdesk Live: What is the future for the Olympic Stadium?

  113. Breadline Britain: The volunteers struggling to keep a lunch club open

  114. Breadline Britain: The job of Mum

  115. CPM-703: After Fukushima - a portrait of those under constant threat of radiation

  116. Newsdesk Live: Alan Travis on the low turnout at the police commissioner elections

  117. Mark Malloch-Brown: The poor will live in 'an arc of weak states'

  118. Susan Sarandon hosts Hurricane Sandy benefit in NYC

  119. Newsdesk Live: Israel's reasons behind the Gaza attacks

  120. Newsdesk Live: How will Ofcom deal with Newsnight and This Morning over false child abuse claims?

  121. News Desk Live: Graeme Wearden on the anti-austerity strikes and protests across Europe

  122. News Desk Live: Terry Macalister on the gas price story

  123. Inside the Energy Markets: The suspicious trading behaviour which led to an FSA investigation

  124. Lakshmi Puri on combating violence against women worldwide

  125. Mo Ibrahim interview: Africa's youth are either a blessing or a curse

  126. Syrian exile: Loubna Mrie: 'People I trust are telling me my mother has gone'

  127. Adoption: the race to find families

  128. Alan Moore: The Decline of English Murder

  129. How Israel's West Bank barrier isolated Bir Nabala

  130. Syrian uprising: 'The internet has been central to the revolution'

  131. Liberia's Johnson Sirleaf on women in politics: 'We have a story to tell'

  132. Hurricane Sandy: scenes of devastation on New York's Staten Island

  133. Liberia's Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on corruption and land rights

  134. Hurricane Sandy: houses gutted by Frankenstorm in New Jersey

  135. Ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party infiltrates Greece's police, claims senior officer

  136. Hurricane Sandy: the view from Battery Park in New York

  137. Occupy Oakland one year on: Iraq veteran on where the movement stands today

  138. London's cabbies mourn demise of classic black taxi

  139. UK out of recession: Larry Elliott analyses latest GDP figures

  140. Thousands protest at TUC rally in London

  141. Why Prince Charles's letters must be released - An interview with journalist Heather Brooke

  142. TUC Future That Works march begins in London

  143. Patrick Collinson on energy tariffs: 'It's just not working'

  144. Dale Farm one year on: 'we're going to have one hard winter'

  145. Billionaire philanthropist Mo Ibrahim on Rwanda, DRC and African governance

  146. US Elections 2012: North Carolina's recovery: is it enough to give Obama a second term?

  147. US Elections 2012: The people politics forgot

  148. E-bikes review: cycle to work without breaking a sweat

  149. US Elections 2012: Do Mitt Romney's sums add up?

  150. Steve Bell captures David Cameron's 'sensual' performance at the Conservative party conference

  151. Conservative party conference: the Tory message in inner city Birmingham

  152. Conservative party conference delegates discuss gay marriage

  153. Conservative party conference: Ken Clarke praises George Osborne's speech

  154. Conservative party conference: in search of the British Tea Party

  155. Paloma Faith joins youth choir to protest outside parliament

  156. Hugo Chávez's 14 years as Venezuelan president

  157. How welfare assessors told disabled woman to get ready for work

  158. On the Campaign bus with Hugo Chavez

  159. Labour party conference: Michael White meets last year's star Rory Weal

  160. Labour party conference: a lesson in anger management

  161. Which way's the exit? Lib Dems look ahead to the next election

  162. 'The Lib Dems are in a death spiral': Steve Bell at the 2012 party conference

  163. Liberal Democrats' reactions to Nick Clegg speech

  164. Lib Dems promise mansion tax at conference

  165. Lib Dem conference dominated by Andrew Mitchell row

  166. Lib Dem conference: what else should Nick Clegg say sorry for?

  167. Liberal Democrats party conference analysis

  168. Voices from Germany: 'Values? We don't have them any more'

  169. Hillsborough report: South Yorkshire police chief's reaction

  170. Hillsborough disaster: Investigating Hillsborough - 20 Years On

  171. Hillsborough disaster: people of Liverpool react to report

  172. Hillsborough disaster: David Conn analyses report

  173. Hillsborough disaster: Justice Campaign pleased information is now public

  174. Squatters reopen Friern Barnet library after council closes service

  175. Climate protesters build ice pyramid at Shell HQ

  176. 'The Green Party are turning into a force on the radical left'

  177. Liberty's Shami Chakrabarty on the new Lord Chancellor

  178. Cameron's cabinet reshuffle explained

  179. Disabled people protest against Atos role in Paralympics

  180. Bedford's Italian community expresses alarm and isolation at consulate closure

  181. Elisabeth Murdoch attacks News Corp values and backs BBC licence fee

  182. The victims of Anders Behring Breivik: A family and their loss, a year on

  183. Trotsky's assassination remembered by his grandson

  184. Richard Marsh talks about his recovery from locked-in syndrome

  185. How Syria's video activists use camera phones to fight the revolution

  186. Gaza's healthcare system in crisis

  187. Interview with Frances O'Grady, voted TUC's first female general secretary

  188. Melinda Gates: 'I'm a Catholic, but women need access to contraceptives'

  189. A dying breed: John Harris goes canvasing with Labour

  190. Egyptian cartoonist George Bahgoury: 'My vision is contaminated everyday in Egypt'

  191. Thames cable car opens at Greenwich

  192. Richard O'Dwyer's extradition looms over copyright infringement claims

  193. Marine Le Pen: 'Integration is the Anglo-Saxon system adopted in Great Britain'

  194. Free Syrian Army fights on with 'shotguns, sticks and knives'

  195. How Facebook became the world's biggest social network animation

  196. Joanna Lumley speaks out to 'clear name' over Gurkha campaign

  197. Manchester Withington: the state of the student vote

  198. My Bright Idea: Robin Dunbar

  199. Inside the lonely and violent world of the Yard's elite undercover unit

  200. When the English Defence League came to London