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by Big Think
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    Neil deGrasse Tyson (Caught on Camera): The Universe is Trying to Kill You

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    Lifestyle and Emotional Well-Being, with Dr. Andrew Weil | Big Think Mentor

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    Lee Smolin: Physics Envy and Economic Theory

  4. 65 Thumbnail

    Robert Greene: Achieving Mastery | Big Think Mentor

  5. 66 Thumbnail

    John Hunter: Can 4th Graders Teach World Peace?

  6. 67 Thumbnail

    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Your Ego and the Cosmic Perspective | Big Think Mentor

  7. 68 Thumbnail

    Frans de Waal: Morality Without Religion

  8. 69 Thumbnail

    Henry Alex Rubin: Is Technology Disconnecting Us?

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    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want Scientifically Literate Children? Get Out of Their Way.

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    Eric Siegel: You Are So Predictable

  11. 72 Thumbnail

    Big Think Mentor: From Big Think to Big Action

  12. 73 Thumbnail

    Alva Noë: The Puzzle of Perception

  13. 74 Thumbnail

    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Don't Sit Around Waiting for a Sputnik Moment

  14. 75 Thumbnail

    Adam Alter: Drunk Tank Pink

  15. 76 Thumbnail

    Daniel Altman: It's Time to Abolish the Corporate Income Tax

  16. 77 Thumbnail

    Eric Kandel: How Your Brain Finishes Paintings

  17. 78 Thumbnail

    Penn Jillette: Donald Trump is Scrooge McDuck

  18. 79 Thumbnail

    Richard Florida: Want Job Stability? Get Creative.

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    Eric Kandel: Creativity, Your Brain, and the Aha! Moment

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    Neil deGrasse Tyson: We Live in a Cosmic Shooting Gallery

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    Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

  22. 83 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell

  23. 84 Thumbnail

    Are You a Psychopath? Take the Test.

  24. 85 Thumbnail

    Penn Jillette: Don't Leave Atheists Out on Christmas

  25. 86 Thumbnail

    Henry Rollins on Gay Marriage

  26. 87 Thumbnail

    How World of Warcraft Could Save Your Business and The Economy

  27. 88 Thumbnail

    Why Be Happy When You Could Be Interesting?

  28. 89 Thumbnail

    Henry Rollins: The One Decision that Changed My Life Forever

  29. 90 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: The Search for Life on Mars

  30. 91 Thumbnail

    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Be Yourself

  31. 92 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: Can We Resurrect the Dinosaurs? Neanderthal Man?

  32. 93 Thumbnail

    Mitt's Magical Mormon Undies: Penn Jillette's Rant Redux

  33. 94 Thumbnail

    Back to School with Punkle Henry (Rollins)

  34. 95 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: Is God a Mathematician?

  35. 96 Thumbnail

    Slavoj Žižek: Don't Act. Just Think.

  36. 97 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku's Must-See Videos: An Introduction to Infinity by TED-Ed

  37. 98 Thumbnail

    Paul Bloom: The Psychology of Everything

  38. 99 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: Can Nanotechnology Create Utopia?

  39. 100 Thumbnail

    Bill Nye: Why We Explore

  40. 101 Thumbnail

    Bill Nye: Teaching Evolution? Think Thriller.

  41. 102 Thumbnail

    How Do We Perceive Color?

  42. 103 Thumbnail

    Lawrence Krauss: Teaching Creationism is Child Abuse

  43. 104 Thumbnail

    How to Catch a Liar (Assuming We Want To)

  44. 105 Thumbnail

    Can We Have Brain-to-Brain Communication?

  45. 106 Thumbnail

    William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour

  46. 107 Thumbnail

    Lawrence Krauss: Our Godless Universe is Precious

  47. 108 Thumbnail

    Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain

  48. 109 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: What's the Fate of the Universe? It's in the Dark Matter

  49. 110 Thumbnail

    Penn Jillette's Bullshit Detector

  50. 111 Thumbnail

    Jaron Lanier: Why Facebook Isn't Free

  51. 112 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: Space Bubble Baths and the Free Universe

  52. 113 Thumbnail

    Michael Gazzaniga: The Criminal Brain

  53. 114 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: What Put the Bang in the Big Bang?

  54. 115 Thumbnail

    Michio Kaku: The von Neumann Probe (A Nano Ship to the Stars)

  55. 116 Thumbnail

    Your Irrational Brain

  56. 117 Thumbnail

    Henry Rollins: The Myth of Online Transparency

  57. 118 Thumbnail

    How Not to Spend Your Whole Day on Facebook

  58. 119 Thumbnail

    Porn Movies in Our Minds

  59. 120 Thumbnail

    Henry Rollins: Education is the End of Disaster Capitalism

  60. 121 Thumbnail

    Tamar Gendler: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Politics and Economics

  61. 122 Thumbnail

    Howard Dean: Let's Drive Over the Fiscal Cliff.

  62. 123 Thumbnail

    Are You Dating a Psychopath?

  63. 124 Thumbnail

    Bill Nye: The School of the Future

  64. 125 Thumbnail

    Henry Rollins: Education Will Restore A Vigorous Democracy

  65. 126 Thumbnail

    Daniel Altman: Fiscal Cliff, Schmiscal Cliff.

  66. 127 Thumbnail

    What Are You Worth? Getting Past Status Anxiety.

  67. 128 Thumbnail

    Rick Smolan: Can Big Data Change Who You Are?

  68. 129 Thumbnail

    Jane McGonigal: Truths & Myths in Gaming

  69. 130 Thumbnail

    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Has the Future Arrived?

  70. 131 Thumbnail

    The Optimism of Melancholia

  71. 132 Thumbnail

    Slavoj Žižek: We Need Thinking

  72. 133 Thumbnail

    Lawrence Krauss on Caveman Common Sense

  73. 134 Thumbnail

    Lawrence Krauss: Should Science Teachers Be Paid More Than Humanities Teachers?

  74. 135 Thumbnail

    Mindfulness: How to Call Off the Emotional Attack Dogs

  75. 136 Thumbnail

    How Darwin Can Save Your Marriage

  76. 137 Thumbnail

    Ray Kurzweil: Bad Memory? Not a Problem Unless You're a Robot.

  77. 138 Thumbnail

    Do Dogs Speak Human?

  78. 139 Thumbnail

    Buddhism as a "Science of the Mind"

  79. 140 Thumbnail

    Joel Cohen: An Introduction to Demography (Malthus Miffed: Are People the Problem?)

  80. 141 Thumbnail

    Penn Jillette: Why Celebrity Apprentice Sucks Away Your Willpower

  81. 142 Thumbnail

    Jeffrey Brenzel: The Essential Value of a Classic Education

  82. 143 Thumbnail

    Nicholas Christakis: The Sociological Science Behind Social Networks and Social Influence

  83. 144 Thumbnail

    Daniel Burrus: Predicting the Future

  84. 145 Thumbnail

    Ray Kurzweil: Your Brain in the Cloud

  85. 146 Thumbnail

    Ethan Nadelmann: The White House Experiments With Weed

  86. 147 Thumbnail

    Rationality in Action: Look at a Problem as an Outsider

  87. 148 Thumbnail

    Charles Murray: Are You a Snob? Take the Test.

  88. 149 Thumbnail

    Charles Murray: Are You a Snob? Take the Test.

  89. 150 Thumbnail

    Douglas Melton: Is Biomedical Research Really Close to Curing Anything?

  90. 151 Thumbnail

    Alain de Botton: How Proust Can Change Your Life

  91. 152 Thumbnail

    David Eagleman: Welcome to Your Future Brain

  92. 153 Thumbnail

    Ai Weiwei: The Internet vs. The Chinese Government

  93. 154 Thumbnail

    Why We Make Bad Decisions About Money (And What We Can Do About It)

  94. 155 Thumbnail

    Eric Kandel: Unconscious Decision Making

  95. 156 Thumbnail

    Ai Weiwei: The Price of China's Success

  96. 157 Thumbnail

    Seeing Sound, Tasting Color: Synesthesia

  97. 158 Thumbnail

    Bob Kulhan: Improv 101 (The "Yes, and..." Principle)

  98. 159 Thumbnail

    Information Obesity: Take Responsibility for Your Media Menu

  99. 160 Thumbnail

    Me All the Time: The Epidemic of Narcissism

  100. 161 Thumbnail

    Lawrence Summers: Decoding the DNA of Education in Search of Actual Knowledge