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  1. Atheist Comedy Vol. 1 (Oswalt, Buress, Maher, Stanhope, Rogan)

  2. Atheists! What if you are wrong?! (Pascal's Wager)

  3. Best Of Atheist Comedy & Satire #2

  4. Bill Maher - "This is what I believe." Yeah, you believe it, and I'm going to say why it's dumb.

  5. Bill Maher - Bye Jerry Falwell

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  7. Bill Maher Evolution and Science

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  9. Bill Maher nails it!

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  13. Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

  14. Collection of Bill Maher stand-up about religion

  15. Dawkins Maher Mormons

  16. Eddie Griffin On Christians, Muslims, Bible, Jesus and Religion.

  17. Fabulous ending of Bill Maher.avi

  18. Garfunkel and Oates - The Loophole @ Musikfest Café, Bethlehem, PA 10/06/12

  19. Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me

  20. How to tell your parents that you are an atheist.

  21. Nuts on TV

  22. Penn Jillette: Don't Leave Atheists Out on Christmas

  23. Richard Dawkins destroys muslim on morality

  24. Sam Harris - Discusses Mitt Romney and Mormonism

  25. Sam Harris destroys theistic arguments

  26. Sam Harris simply destroys catholicism

  27. Sam Harris- Game, Set, Match.

  28. Sam Harris: What happens if you really follow the bible

  29. The Partisans - A Carol For The Rest Of Us

  30. The two best points made in Bill Maher's atheist documentary film 'Religulous'

  31. Why are you atheist?

  32. Bill Nye the Science Guy- Evolution (1/2)

  33. Bill Nye the Science Guy- Evolution (2/2)

  34. Top 25 Creationist Fallacies

  35. Christianity is False and Immoral (Christopher Hitchens )

  36. [Deleted Video]

  37. [Deleted Video]

  38. Bill Maher: This is a Stupid Country

  39. [Deleted Video]