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  1. John Stossel - The Real Bully in the Classroom

  2. [Deleted Video]

  3. Mark Steyn on "America Alone " 2/2

  4. Understanding the Islamic Bombing of the Boston Marathon

  5. Egyptian Cleric: Boston Bombing Was Meant to Deliver a Message; Similar Attacks Expected in France

  6. Thomas Sowell Dismantles Feminism and Racialism in under 5 Minutes

  7. DN! Attorney Lynne Stewart (1) Conviction and Ordering and Prison

  8. Gutfeld » Do Liberal Celebrities Think We're Idiots?

  9. #BrooklynProtest organizers confront Revolutionary Communist Party in #EastFlatbush 3-24

  10. Rick Santelli Speaks To The Nature of Government Programs 'It's All About Incentives'

  11. Bill Maher on California Income Taxes: 'Liberals - You Could Actually Lose Me'

  12. Gowdy Presses DHS on Release of Aggravated Felons to Cut Costs

  13. BBC Conspiracy Files 9 11: The Third Tower

  14. Figures. Obama State Department to Honor Islamist Anti-Semite With Courage Award

  15. Adam Carolla interviews Gavin Newsom

  16. Crossroads GPS: "Obama's Mess"

  17. 9/11 Building 7 Explained

  18. Developing Self-Reliance (1951)

  19. 南三陸町志津川高校から見た津波の様子 Tsunami attacking in Minami-Sanriku

  20. Kerry Washington DNC Speech Democratic National Convention

  21. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA): We Don't Have A Spending Problem, We're Not Broke

  22. They Fell For My Hoax 9/11 Video

  23. Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama Present

  24. Opie and Anthony get Schooled By Jesse Ventura On The Tsunami conspiracy

  25. Secretary of Defense Panetta Admits Information from Waterboarding Led US to Bin Laden

  26. Government Scientist Fired for Telling the Truth

  27. moon hoax not

  28. @ProjectVeritas_ Journalists, Politicians Refuse to Post Lawn Sign saying "HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE"

  29. Krauthammer's Epic Takedown of Obama's Anti-Business Speech

  30. The Daily Charles - January 14, 2013

  31. Morning Joe: The Real Default Is Obama's And The Democrats' Lack Of Leadership On Spending

  32. [Deleted Video]

  33. Che Guevara - Pop Culture Icon

  34. Chicago Teachers Union VP withers when Marxist connections exposed by talk radio show

  35. Violent Mob Destroys AFP Tent in Lansing, Michigan Protest

  36. Christopher Hitchens Debates Jon Stewart on Iraq

  37. Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale


  39. Journalist Tossed from Marxism Conference at Northwestern Journalism School

  40. Citizens Grand Jury video evidence

  41. @ProjectVeritas_ October Voter Fraud Investigations Cause Media Uproar

  42. Judge Jeanine asks White House 'How do you sleep at night'

  43. Big Bird of Sesame Street disses Barack and Michelle Obama

  44. An Urgent Message for America

  45. "I Pledge to Serve Barack Obama" (Urgent 2012 Election Update)

  46. Anita Moncrief describes voter fraud by Obama and ACORN in 2008

  47. Libya Timeline

  48. The Truth About Libya - Failed Foreign Policy

  49. The Liberal Media's History of Falsely Blaming Conservatives for Massacres

  50. Benghazi Jay

  51. Planned Parenthood - No Mr. President, 'We Don't Do Mammograms Here'

  52. Socialists Around Obama

  53. He Said Allahu Akbar-The Attack On Fort Hood

  54. Michael Moore Defends Fidel Castro and Communist Cuba; Bashes U.S. and Capitalism

  55. Lawrence O'Donnell Challenges Tagg Romney To Fight

  56. American Crossroads: "Act of Terror"

  57. AXED: The End of Green (Kickstarter Project)

  58. NBC Fact Check: Biden Contradicted State Department On Benghazi Security

  59. Democrats saying stupid things.mp4

  60. Thomas Peterffy - Freedom To Succeed

  61. The Broken Common Bond

  62. Shariamerica: Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause

  63. Dearbornistan Muslim food stamp fraud

  64. John Cooper Clarke. Evidently Chickentown.

  65. A word to rioting Muslims

  66. Jennifer Granholm on the Dating Game (1978)

  67. Paul Ryan Takes Apart Obamacare in 6 Minutes

  68. Krauthammer Rips Krugman's Claim Republicans Are Stealing From Babies and Pregnant Women

  69. "We've Heard It All Before" (Extended Cut)

  70. Honey, You Didn't Build That

  71. Sen. Coburn Takes on and Educates MSBNC Panel On Tea Party and Constitution 08022012.flv

  72. Obama Un-narrated Documentary/Review (in his own words)

  73. American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic

  74. Bob is a Racist

  75. Man, goose form odd-couple friendship

  76. Idiots who voted for Obama

  77. MSNBC's Touré: Romney Engaging In The Racist "Niggerization" Of Obama

  78. Seven Minutes of Terror: The Challenges of Getting to Mars

  79. 65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama

  80. The Obama Record of Broken Promises

  81. Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

  82. Gov. John Sununu video compilation - destroys liberal media

  83. Rep. Kelly's Rousing Floor Speech Receives Standing Ovation and Chants of "USA!"

  84. Top Immigration Officials Describe Border Chaos Resulting From Admin's Amnesty Policy

  85. America's Confusing Gun Laws

  86. President Obama Making C-SPAN Promise 8 SEPARATE TIMES

  87. These Hands

  88. Bill Maher & Christopher Hitchens & Whoopi Goldberg | Communism, Socialism and Capitalism. (2)

  89. Sen. Tom Coburn: How Both Parties Bankrupted America

  90. Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts

  91. Soledad O'Brien Embarrasses Herself

  92. Senate Vote HSR July 6 2012 Simitian

  93. Five Stupid Things About the 9/11 Truth Movement

  94. CAIR Confronts Allen West

  95. American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit)

  96. The left's Hindenburg Moment: "Crying Man" calls talk show; crashes and burns

  97. If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey (Warning for a Nation)

  98. Bob Turner's Patriotic Presser 6-18-12

  99. Hitler finds out that Scott Walker won the Wisconsin recall election

  100. Darrell Issa explores the Obama administration definition of Green Jobs - June 7, 2012

  101. Andrew Breitbart Dies - Last Words on Twitter "I Apologize"

  102. Tom Easton on Dodd-Frank: "A Terrible Law"

  103. Barack Obama, The Road We Really Traveled

  104. Lion Behind Glass Reacts to Baby's Hoodie (Official) [HD]

  105. Why does President Obama take so much credit for killing Bin Laden?

  106. Kyle Olson on Glenn Beck Program GBTV 1/5/12

  107. Glenn Beck Explains Obama Part 1

  108. 9/11 Case Study: The Pentagon

  109. Americanism VS. Leftism - Dennis Prager - Fox & Friends - 4-25-12

  110. These Guys: TV Ad

  111. "If I wanted America to fail"

  112. Kyle Olson on's Milwaukee teacher contract analysis

  113. EXCLUSIVE: Chicago school teaching students how to protest (Part 1)

  114. Debbie Wasserman Shultz get's smacked down by Dylan Ratigan Morning Meeting 12-18-09

  115. Allen West: political correctness affecting security

  116. Muslim mob burn and loot Church in Sudan capital Khartoum.

  117. Tim Geithner to Paul Ryan: "We don't have a definitive solution... We just don't like yours"

  118. Climate Gate Hannity 22 Apr 2010~1.mp4

  119. [Private Video]

  120. Rick Santelli Criticizes Buffett Rule

  121. West Comments 4.10.12 Unedited

  122. Chris Christie - We Are Turning into a Paternalistic Entitlement Society

  123. John Stossel: Stupid in America-D

  124. 2012.03.23 - MRCTV - Are Voter ID Laws Racist

  125. American Crossroads: "Individual Mandate: Obama v. Obama"

  126. Union Boss Violence and Intimidation

  127. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

  128. Teachers Union and NAACP Sue NY Charter School: An Update on Bob Bowdon's Choice Media TV

  129. Crying Wolf - Some quick facts about Wolves

  130. [Private Video]

  131. The Civil Left - Hypocritical Hate (Mini-Movie)

  132. How Housing Policy Caused the Financial Crisis

  133. Soledad O'Brien v. Joel Pollak

  134. Thomas Sowell - Obama's Vision

  135. Building 7 Explained

  136. Douglas Murray at his best - Israel & Nuclear Iran

  137. lottery winner on food stamps

  138. [Private Video]

  139. One Froggy Evening - Michigan J. Frog



  142. CNN: Barack Obama's opposition to Born Alive Act

  143. ACORN likes it when dead people vote

  144. Soledad Cross Debate Update

  145. Alex Jones Cover Up - When Alex Got His Ass Beat

  146. ★ WHAT ISLAM IS NOT ★

  147. Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record

  148. State of the Union: Is Obama Using Phony Facts to Support Calls for Class Warfare?

  149. [Deleted Video]

  150. An Abuse of Power: President Obama's "Recess" Appointments

  151. Jesse Ventura Govt Causes Tsunamis-Controls Weather

  152. European Racism in Football

  153. "Obama's Pig

  154. Thomas Sowell - Welfare

  155. Sen. Tom Coburn sits down with The Daily Caller

  156. The New Deal Was A Failure: Hoover and FDR Prolonged the Great Depression with Big Government

  157. Why Obama's Stimulus Failed: A Case Study of Silver Spring, Maryland

  158. 2011 10 11 Adam Carolla Occupy Wall Street

  159. Pension Reform and Union Shenanigans in San Diego

  160. Christopher Hitchens Exposes George Galloway's Lies

  161. Adam vs "Anti-Capitalism Teach In" at Occupy DC

  162. Driver in Elmo Shirt Goes Ballistic on KRON 4 Reporter (AKA: Carpool Guy)

  163. Andrew Klavan: Liberal Fantasies vs. Reality, Can you Spot the Difference?

  164. OBAMA's END GAME REVEALED BY KGB - Communist Obama Socialist / Marxist / Leninist

  165. Sheriff Paul Babeu on Immigration and the Border

  166. To Catch a Journalist, Part I - Sam Stein, Huffington Post

  167. The Socialist OWS mob invades Oakland, California: "Occupy Oakland"

  168. Communist Party U.S.A. in Solidarity with Occupy Chicago

  169. Glenn Beck Learns About Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis

  170. Obama Blames Solyndra Scandal On...BUSH!

  171. AFP's "Common Sense": Around the World on $69 Million in Welfare Funds

  172. 99.5 WRNO: Morning Rush Interviews Tim Reily

  173. #OccupyWallSt - Law Student & Journalist Arrested for Civil Disobedience 9/24/11


  175. George Galloway's Latest Lies

  176. Gov. Chris Christie on leadership, governing, confrontation, argument, and escape hatches.

  177. Make Mine Freedom (1948)

  178. Longshore Union Member Attacks Media - Mirror from KGW.mp4

  179. American flag burned outside US embassy on 9/11

  180. Twitter Users Want Republicans Dead

  181. Maxine Waters wants Obama to use extortion

  182. Political quotients with Tim Groseclose: Chapter 1 of 5

  183. Obnoxious Protest at Successful Choice School

  184. Rick Santelli Rant: We'd be rated BBB without the Tea Party

  185. Three Minute Philosophy: Galileo

  186. History Channel - 9/11 Myths Part 1

  187. Ronnie Bryant quote

  188. Three Minute Philosophy - Immanuel Kant

  189. CAIR Revealed

  190. Becks Exact Warning Dangerous Left Coalitions; Farrakhan, Cynthia Mckinney

  191. George Galloway Owns Nut-Job Neocon David Frum Video.wmv

  192. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (subtítulos en español) - 1962

  193. Massive Prominence Eruption / CME June 7 , 2011

  194. Milton Friedman Debunking Myth Of The Great Depression part 1

  195. John Cooper Clarke - Chickentown 2

  196. OMSA: End the De Facto Gulf Drilling Moratorium Now

  197. Breitbart, Racism, and the NAACP

  198. Dennis Prager Q & A At University of Denver

  199. Katie Couric's Most Liberal Moments at CBS

  200. Scheuer: Al Qaeda & US Policy -1/6