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Scabin Pasta Twingo by Davide Scabin

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Uploaded on Dec 15, 2011


Davide Scabin
Italian chef

As far as international critics are concerned, Davide Scabin is a supremely talented professionnal.
For over 20 years he has been inventing and offering new gastronomical dishes,
combining top quality with innovation, both in the domain of style and in the blend of tastes and ingredients.
The latter is never left to chance, but is the fruit of long consideration, followed by meticulous execution
and an almost obsessive precision.

Evolving from the extremes of the senses and ergonomics, as well as the functional character of food,
Davide Scabin infuses new life into traditional ingredients, offering an unexpected vision,
evocative and emotional. He astonishes his guests' palates with sensations
which are simultaneously playful and conceptual; which delight the mind and arouse all the senses.

At the avant-garde of « art and food design », Davide Scabin has invented a new approach
to the preparation of dishes. Unique recipes are born of long hours of research and experimentation,
not only with the raw materials, but also with texture, form, temperature -- even the waiting time
before the dish is served. His resolutely conceptual approach is fundamental to the harmony of elements
which compose the emotional background linked to the food : according to Scabin himself,
this approach is essential in order to guarantee the identical reproduction of a dish in order
that it may always attain the same pinnacle of perfection
and offer the same sensory experiences as the original dish.


For Davide Scabin, pioneer of conceptual Italian cuisine,
a chef's approach is similar to that of a designer : working from a base of taste and certain characteristics
such as ergonomics and functionality, the chef marries the different elements of the dish.
From a fusion of raw materials and an idea is born an object
which is both attractive to the eye and the palate.

Davide Scabin has no qualms in proclaiming a parallel between
individualised haute cuisine and industrial mass production.

Davide Scabin was born in Rivoli (Turin) on 9 September 1965.
Aged 45, he has already spent 30 years wielding pots and pans. In 2002, he installed himself
at the « Castello di Rivoli », where the Museum of Modern Art is situated: Combal.zero was born.

Although he is constantly innovating, Scabin's inspiration and fantasy
are built on solid technical bases. His dishes, culinary works of art, are dedicated to pleasure in new forms,
on new occasions, to experimenting with new cooking techniques and ranges.
But the game plan is always the same one: to bring joy and delight to the palate.

«Scabin Pasta Twingo» by Davide Scabin

Davide Scabin, like all Italians,
loves a « Bella Macchina ».

In the cabin of the New Twingo
Davide Scabin draws up a detailed inventory
of all the components of Italian cuisine with,
as a centrepoint for this world of emotions,
that essential: Pasta.

He then offers us, in a 3D video, his vision :
conceptual and refined yet
with his cuisine at its heart.

« For me, the car is like cooking.
It is a discovery, a movement, a journey to other people. »

« I see New Twingo as a manifesto, an explosion which expresses
the essential values of my work. It is the opposite of standing
still like New Twingo. »

Quelle: Media Renault

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