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Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire - The New Factions (Audio Blurbs, Pictures & Bonuses)

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Uploaded on Oct 21, 2007

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Youtuber Rushhardroc wanted to hear more voiceovers from the new factions of Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire, the expansion pack to the Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri strategy videogame, so I made this little presentation to accompany the audio blurbs with some pictures, faction properties and eery music by Darude :D. Nothing special, but hope you enjoy it anyway =)!

Be sure to also check out the "official prequel" video presenting the original factions of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, made by pinkgothic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIUb66...

Correction to the credits: "Datatech Sinder Roze" instead of "Datajack Sinder Rose". Sorry, my bad :(! And the special thanks should go to Rushhardroc, but when I made this I didn't know he was using his brother's (Spartan289) account :o!

The Cult of Planet blurb:
Mankind has been blind for thousands of years-for all of its history. We have come to a place whose wonders are a hundred-fold more amazing than anything on Earth. Around us is clear evidence of the will of a higher power. I bring the Vision to the blind eyes of men. I bring the Word to the deaf ears of men. I will make them see it. I will make them hear it.
-- Prophet Cha Dawn, "Planet Rising"

The Cybernetic Consciousness blurb:
Those who join us need give up only half of their humanity--the illogical, ill-tempered, and disordered half, commonly thought of as 'right-brain' functioning. In exchange, the 'left-brain' capacities are increased to undreamed potential. The tendency of Biologicals to cling instead to their individual personalities can only be attributed to archaic evolutionary tendencies.
-- Prime Function Aki Zeta-5, "Convergence"

The Data Angels blurb:
What's more important, the data or the jazz? Sure, sure, 'Information should be free' and all that--but anyone can set information free. The jazz is in how you do it, what you do it to, and in almost getting caught without getting caught. The data is 1's and 0's. Life is the jazz.
-- Datatech Sinder Roze, "Infobop"

The Free Drones blurb:
"Now it's day and night the irons clang, and like poor galley slaves we toil and toil, and when we die, must fill dishonored graves. But some dark night, when everything is silent in the town I'll shoot those tyrants one and all, I'll gun the flogger down. I'll give the land a little shock, remember what I say, and they'll yet regret they've sent Jim Jones in chains to Botany Bay."
-- "Jim Jones", Traditional

Manifold Caretakers blurb:
Tau Ceti Flowering: Horrors visited upon neighboring systems must never be repeated. Therefore: if it means the end of our evolution as a species, so be it.
-- Caretaker Lular H'minee, "Sacrifice : Life"

Manifold Usurpers blurb:
Risks of Flowering: considerable. But rewards of godhood: who can measure?
-- Usurper Judaa Marr, "Courage : To Question"

Nautilus Pirates blurb:
The sea ... vast, mysterious ... and full of wealth! And the nations of Planet send their trade across it without a thought. Well, the sea doesn't care about them, so it lets them pass. But we can give the sea a little hand in teaching the landlubbers a lesson in humility.
-- Captain Ulrik Svensgaard, "The Ripple and the Wave"

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