1. Most Americans skip lunch or eat at their desks

  2. Stussy model strips for Facebook Likes

  3. Russian guy destroys car showroom

  4. Don't leave your wallet at the crime scene

  5. History in the making for Ridge Point soccer Class Acts star

  6. Day in Music: Phil Spector, Dan Aykroyd and 'We are the World'

  7. Menthol cigs may increase chance of stroke

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  9. Guy texting almost walks right into a bear

  10. Bun B shares his feelings about the Trayvon Martin case

  11. America By Numbers: Relocation Hotspots

  12. Smoke this Book

  13. Woman calls 9-1-1 over bad burger

  14. Maid service promises to tidy up your place while taking off their clothes

  15. Woman hides urine bottle in her vagina, fails drug test

  16. Kids save everyone after school bus driver passes out

  17. Fertility doctor fathered 600 kids

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  19. Bun's Beat - Hip-Hop and Religion

  20. News says 33 is happiest age, but don't listen to that

  21. Couple sets fuel efficiency record

  22. America By Numbers: Fast Food Restaurants

  23. Hospital bans obese job applicants

  24. Tulsa pair shoot five black men while driving around

  25. The politics of Easter and a look back at previous elections

  26. Arnold Palmer, Ron Blomberg and Bert Blyleven

  27. Tammy Wynette and Wendy O. Williams of Plasmatics

  28. Dog eats Masters tickets, owner pieces puked-up ticket back together

  29. Your iPod is too loud. I'm going to choke you

  30. Thief caught on tape dancing

  31. Bun's Beat - What you want to know about?

  32. The Kel-Tec RFB has an illusion guns

  33. Porn in politics and hoodies in Congress

  34. Caution: High gas prices mean new motorcyclists on the road

  35. Vaginas under pressure to stop riding bikes

  36. Respect things like Hunger Games -- they prevent brain pollution

  37. Top designers making Obama swag

  38. Man buys a lotto ticket, gets struck by lightning

  39. Watch a tornado toss 18-wheelers into the air like toys

  40. Repeat after me: Mom, I love you

  41. Celebrate National Cleavage Day

  42. How to receive CW39's over the air signal

  43. Tell DirecTV to Keep My CW39

  44. Simon Says: Stress is making all of us a mess

  45. Don't play your music loud or you may end up getting choked

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  47. Hot Flash Havoc offers amusing insight into menopause

  48. Skinny runway models banned in Israel

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  53. A national day of unplugging from the internet

  54. Kim Kardashian gets hit with a bag of flower on the red carpet

  55. Obama becomes officially Irish and Romney becomes an Etch a Sketch

  56. Please don't throw bags of your vomit

  57. Day in Music: John Lennon, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley

  58. Abercrombie & Fitch website offers "N--ger Brown" pants

  59. One day at SXSW, all in photos

  60. SXSW comes alive on Austin's Sixth Street

  61. The one SXSW show that Bun B did not want to miss

  62. Here's a great carry gun that's perfect for home defense

  63. Maybe this is why people started drinking

  64. Hail to the 'Coregasm'! Women get fit and off at gym

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  66. Man uses panda excrement to fertilize tea leaves

  67. Shocking new sport is played with tasers

  68. Volvo working on airbags for the pedestrians you hit

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  70. Anti-Bullying School Assembly Turns Into Anti-Gay & Anti-Abortion Bullying Session

  71. Expect high prices for flights over the next decade

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  73. America By Numbers: Same Sex Marriage

  74. Guys drive around partying with dead friend in the car

  75. Woman finds out her husband has another wife via Facebook

  76. After being extinct for nearly 10,000 years, the woolly mammoth may return

  77. Mutton Bustin: Little ones shine at the Rodeo

  78. The Coolest .22 in the World

  79. Celebrities getting in trouble via Twitter

  80. Tuition costs are rising faster than medical costs

  81. Who's this old guy? It's Paul McCartney, idiots.

  82. Not all high school kids are the scary kind

  83. Good ways to keep your memory from fizzling out

  84. Listen to how trees sound, if you could hear the rings of a tree

  85. Check out photography through a microscope

  86. You no longer have to be great to be nominated for an Oscar

  87. Ways to get rid of stress come in all forms

  88. Gun tricks at the Cimarron booth at Shot Show

  89. Magpul accessories at the Shot Show in Las Vegas

  90. Don't go looking for a job in your birthday suit

  91. Don't build a secret porn camera and get caught using it

  92. Don't get your car towed if it's full of stolen bras

  93. Your fake ID should look like you, not a celebrity

  94. Day in Music: John Belushi and Grace Slick

  95. Food is the most important part of the rodeo

  96. Celeb Goat Milk-Off

  97. Under Wraps; 12-yr-olds Can Order Condoms Free Online Without Parents Knowing

  98. Senator Tries to Pass Bill Declaring Single Parenting is Child Abuse

  99. Auto Correct Fail Leads to School Lockdown