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Jeffrey Smith is the Russ Miller of the anti-GMO movement

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Uploaded on Jan 13, 2012

Update: I have learned that Smith's definition of GMO (as synonymous with transgenic) is an accepted term and correct. I very stupidly believed in the credibility of a person who I have subsequently learned bases his own claim as an academic ("I am a biochemistry major studying genetics...") on the fact that he took one semester of classes over two years ago. He has turned out to be exactly the "wikischolar" or "Google scholar" he accuses others of being.
Original Video:

Smith's Youtube page:


His series to Jeffrey Smith:

Info page from FDA on GM Salmon:

The briefing packet on GM Salmon:

Study by AquAdvantage:­dicineAdvisoryCommittee/UCM224760.pdf

Study of Bovine Growth Hormone:

Smith GD, Gunnell D, Holly J (2000) Cancer and insulin growth factor-1. British Journal of Medicine 321: 847-848.

Smith's HuffPo blog about rats and soy:

The actual paper he cites:

Marshall A (2007) GM soybeans and health safety -- a controversy reexamined. Nature Biotechnology 25(9): 981- 987.

An excellent breakdown of the Ermakov study (also the entire site is a breakdown of Smith's contradictions with actual published literature)

Smith on sterility in hamsters:

More info on the Surov study: (mostly in Russian, some English)

Paper Smith claims "proves" Roundup-Ready bacteria are produced in human gut:

Netherwood T, Martín-Orúe SM, O'Donnell AG, Gockling S, Graham J, Mathers JC and Gilbert HJ (2004). Assessing the survival of transgenic plant DNA in the human gastrointestinal tract. Nature Biotechnology 22(2):204-209.

Smith, TM and the Maharishi (look especially at the contact info of the anti-GMO sites):

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