1. Metal Mike live at Fubar doing what he does best.

  2. First Dubstep Song Ever Made (1969)

  3. 3rd Grade Recorder Concert... With Boobs.

  4. Metalhead Cat -- Abyssal by Fleshgod Apocalypse

  5. Metalhead Cat -- Spheres of Madness by Decapitated

  6. Metalhead Cat -- Homicidal Retribution by Dying Fetus

  7. Metalhead Cat -- Conquer All by Behemoth

  8. Metalhead Cat -- Needles by As You Drown

  9. All Tim wants for Christmas is a fart soundboard.

  10. Walmart is home to cannibal fish.

  11. Cannibal Corpse Makes Everything Brutal

  12. Metalhead Cat -- The Well by Rose Funeral

  13. Metalhead Cat -- The Nature of Depravity by Carnifex

  14. Metalhead Cat -- Gannon by Salt The Wound

  15. Metalhead Cat -- District of Misery by Oceano

  16. Metalhead Cat -- The True Beast by All Shall Perish

  17. Metalhead Cat -- Living Proof by Molotov Solution

  18. Metalhead Cat -- Skynet by The Acacia Strain

  19. Metalhead Cat -- Force Fed Trauma by Through The Eyes Of The Dead

  20. Metalhead Cat -- Whoop Dat Trick by I Declare War

  21. Metalhead Cat -- Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult by Goatwhore

  22. Metalhead Cat -- My Fears Become Phobias by As Blood Runs Black

  23. Metalhead Cat -- Deathmask Divine by The Black Dahlia Murder

  24. Charlie Sheen Dies! (How Sheen Should Have Been Fired)

  25. Long Range Acoustic Device w/ Justin Bieber (ORIGINAL)

  26. Awesome Call of Duty: Black Ops secret.

  27. Metalhead Cat -- Knee Deep by Job For A Cowboy

  28. Metalhead Cat -- Eternal Refuge by Whitechapel