1. SmartGait from Purdue University measures a person's risk of falling

  2. Purdue students' device tests that pacemaker leads are securely fixed

  3. Purdue crop storage system may control storage insect pests

  4. Purdue University students create Toucan app for restaurant ordering

  5. Purdue University's Artisan and Fabrication Lab

  6. Purdue University patented technology could improve early cancer diagnosis

  7. Purdue innovation kills waterborne microorganisms with solar UV radiation

  8. Purdue technology to assist law enforcement professionals

  9. Purdue assistive wheelchair tray could help people use mobile devices more easily

  10. Purdue app may help children affected by non-verbal autism to communicate

  11. Purdue technology could help control insect damage on crops

  12. Purdue-developed technology fries food with less oil, more flavor

  13. Purdue Research Park network: Unique places to live, work and play.

  14. Purdue-designed fiber may improve digestive health

  15. Flash mob sings "Hail Purdue"

  16. Human-vision robot

  17. Purdue University hardwood trees, seeds are available for licensing

  18. Purdue students' device creates "wah" effect without physical pedal

  19. The Purdue Research Park drives Indiana's idea economy.

  20. Purdue app may soon provide information on nutritional value of a person's dietary intake

  21. Alyssa Panitch of Moerae Matrix speaks about Office of Technology Commercialization

  22. James Mann of M4 Sciences speaks about Purdue Research Park

  23. Jeff Ready of Scale Computing speaks about Purdue Research Park

  24. Mark Bleyer of Cook Biotech speaks about Purdue Research Park

  25. Michael R. Ladisch speaks about Office of Technology Commercialization

  26. Dr. Phil Low of Endocyte speaks about Purdue Research Park

  27. Purdue University technology may improve patient consulting in pharmacies

  28. Purdue Research Park network celebrates 50 years

  29. Purdue Research Park of Indianapolis, 30-second commercial

  30. Purdue Research Park of Indianapolis, 15-second commercial

  31. Officials dedicate new CACI facility in Purdue Research Park of Southeast Indiana

  32. David B. Patteson of Advion speaks during dedication at Purdue Research Park.

  33. April 2011 meeting: Matt Gordon of Expected Behavior

  34. AMI - Pre-Clinical PaperSpray Ion Source for Rapid Analysis

  35. Purdue students create portable dental/medical chair called Mantis

  36. Director's Forum 2 17 11

  37. Director's Forum Video

  38. Dow AgroSciences in the Purdue Research Park

  39. Purdue Research Park - The Innovation Train

  40. AmeriPlex-Indianapolis - Short

  41. AmeriPlex-Indianapolis

  42. Purdue Research Park: What happens when bright ideas meet world-class infrastructure?

  43. Walkthrough the Kurz Purdue Technology Center

  44. Purdue researcher creates device to help people with Parkinson's disease speak more loudly.

  45. Purdue Research Park Amenities

  46. Beyond Innovation

  47. 2008 Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy

  48. Joe Hornett talks about how quality of life issues impact ec

  49. Purdue prototype could predict stress fractures in soldiers, athletes, and sporting animals.

  50. Officials announce Purdue Research Park of Indianapolis construction

  51. 2007 - Entrepreneurship Academy

  52. Purdue Research Park

  53. Swift Enterprises

  54. PC Krause and Associates

  55. IN Space

  56. En'Urga

  57. Akina

  58. Simulex

  59. FLIR Griffin

  60. Endocyte

  61. Copient

  62. Cook

  63. BASi

  64. Arxan