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  1. Can the Rise of the Feminine Create a New Civilization? ASK DEEPAK! (with Jean Houston)

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  7. Do We Have a Living Relationship to The Universe? Ask Deepak!

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  10. Why You Are Not Your Body or Your Mind | Ask Deepak!

  11. What's the best advice you've ever received? | ASK DEEPAK

  12. What Are the Secrets of Charisma? Ask Deepak!

  13. Does Climate Change Threaten The Survival Of The Human Race? Ask Deepak!

  14. Hurricane Sandy & Other Natural Disasters | Ask Deepak!

  15. The Wizard in Us (with Jean Houston) | Ask Deepak!

  16. What Is Social Change 2.0? Ask Deepak!

  17. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama - Is It Moral To Use A Tragedy For Political Wrangling? Ask Deepak!

  18. Is Threatening Iran With A Pre-emptive Strike Responsible? Ask Deepak!

  19. What are Qualia? Ask Deepak!

  20. Killings in Libya and the Role of Social Networks

  21. If The Universe Is Perfect, Why Are We Not? Ask Deepak!

  22. Is Total Energy And Matter Constant In The Universe? Ask Deepak!

  23. Are The Laws Of Nature Fixed? Ask Deepak!

  24. What Is Existential Suffering And How Do We Go Beyond? Ask Deepak!

  25. Does The Experience Of Time Influence How We Age? Ask Deepak!

  26. Do We Reincarnate? Ask Deepak!

  27. How Is Ayurveda a Science Of Healing? Ask Deepak!

  28. What Are Adaptogens? Ask Deepak!

  29. What Is Nonlocality (with Marilyn Schlitz)? Ask Deepak!

  30. What Is The Significance Of The Mars Landing? Ask Deepak!

  31. What Is The Deeper Meaning Of Death? Ask Deepak!

  32. What can we do about gun violence? Ask Deepak!

  33. What Is Intuition? Ask Deepak!

  34. Are Your Genes Your Destiny? Ask Deepak!

  35. What Is Contemplative Neuroscience? Ask Deepak!

  36. Is There A Holistic Treatment For Addiction? Ask Deepak!

  37. What Is Belief And How Does It Shape Reality? Ask Deepak!

  38. Response to the Colorado theater shooting | Ask Deepak!

  39. What Is Ego? Ask Deepak!

  40. Do We Live In A Dream? Ask Deepak!

  41. What Is Synchronicity? Ask Deepak!

  42. Can We Influence Our Own Evolution? Ask Deepak!

  43. How Do I Maintain A Relationship Once The Sizzle Dies? Ask Deepak!

  44. What Is A Physical Object? Ask Deepak!

  45. The Higgs Boson and Other Particles as Possibility Fields | Ask Deepak!

  46. What Is Our True Identity? Ask Deepak!

  47. Are Nature's Laws Structured In Consciousness? Ask Deepak!

  48. Birthday Tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama ~ Deepak Chopra

  49. Does The Higgs Boson Rule Out The Existence Of God? Ask Deepak!

  50. Who Made God? Ask Deepak!

  51. What Can Make You Irresistible? Ask Deepak!

  52. What Is The Nature Of Existence? Ask Deepak!

  53. Why Did Buddha Get Enlightened Under The Tree? Ask Deepak!

  54. What Is Your Position On "Obamacare"? Ask Deepak!

  55. What Can We Learn From The Jerry Sandusky Sexual Abuse Case? Ask Deepak!

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  57. Where Does Experience Occur? Ask Deepak!

  58. Is Sexual The Same As Spiritual Energy? Ask Deepak!

  59. What Is Enlightened Awareness? Ask Deepak!

  60. To Know the World Feel Your Body | Ask Deepak!

  61. How Does One Deal With Loss? Ask Deepak!

  62. Is There An Ultimate Reality? Ask Deepak!

  63. Deepak Chopra, Perez Hilton, Rudy Tanzi : Motivation and Hardwiring the Brain | Ask Deepak!

  64. What Are The Seven Principles of Manifesting Your Desires? Ask Deepak!

  65. How Gratitude Creates Abundance Consciousness? Ask Deepak!

  66. What Is Ultimate Reality? Ask Deepak!

  67. How Does Forgiveness Heal? Ask Deepak!

  68. What Is The Meaning of Death? Ask Deepak!

  69. What Is The Soul? Ask Deepak!

  70. How Can We Live With Least Effort? Ask Deepak!

  71. What Is The Nature Of The Universe? Ask Deepak!

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  73. Can I Reduce Physical Pain? Ask Deepak!

  74. What Is The Purpose Of Life? Ask Deepak!

  75. Who Was Shankara? Ask Deepak!

  76. The Mind and Brain | Ask Deepak!

  77. The Biblical God - must we obey to be loved? Ask Deepak!

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  79. The Mind Body Connection, Integrative Medicine, Endocrinolgy & Metabolism

  80. My Medical Practice