1. Federal Funding Update

  2. Virginia Learning Collaborative Webinar for CoC Leads

  3. Federal Homelessness Policy Update

  4. Reallocating CoC Resources

  5. Home-based Voluntary Services: Preparing Your Staff

  6. @home NAEH video

  7. Why Retool?

  8. President's FY 2014 Budget Briefing

  9. Coordinated Assessment and System Change

  10. State of Homelessness in America 2013

  11. 15.03 Partnering with TANF Agencies to End Family Homelessness_ Idaho

  12. What if your program's leadership doesn't support retooling?

  13. Community Success Stories

  14. Discretionary Budget Cuts: Impact on Veterans Part 4

  15. Discretionary Budget Cuts: Impact on Veterans Part 3

  16. Discretionary Budget Cuts: Impact on Veterans Part 2

  17. Discretionary Budget Cuts: Impact on Veterans Part 1

  18. 14.05 SSVF for New and Existing Grantees

  19. Rapid Re-Housing Module 5: Outcomes and Data Module

  20. Five Questions About Coordinated Assessment

  21. Rapid Rehousing Module 4: Supportive Services

  22. 15.02 Tips & Tools to Improve Housing_Health Care Integration

  23. It's a Data Driven World: Making the Most of the 2013 Youth Homelessness Counts.wmv

  24. 14.02 Retooling Transitional Housing

  25. 10.06 Shifting Transitional Housing Programs to Rapid Re-Housing

  26. Webinar: Implementing Coordinated Assessment Under the New CoC Regulations

  27. Webinar: HEARTH Act Regulations and Homelessness Assistance in Virginia

  28. Family Intervention Webinar

  29. Rapid Rehousing Module 3: Rental Subsidies

  30. McKinney-Vento Site Visit Campaign: August 2, 2012

  31. Rapid Rehousing Module 1: Housing Barriers Assessment

  32. Rapid ReHousing Module 2: Housing Search, Location and Landlords

  33. Improving the Crisis Response for Youth (2012-07-11)

  34. Successful Partnerships to Serve Survivors of Domestic Violence (4-12-2012)

  35. The President's FY 2013 Budget Proposal: Ending Veterans Homelessness

  36. The Emergency Solutions Grant: Recommendations from the Alliance (Part 2)

  37. The Emergency Solutions Grant: Recommendations from the Alliance

  38. Fairfax-Falls Church Community Snapshot

  39. System Evaluator Instructions

  40. Meet Norm Suchar!

  41. Catch: Ending Homelessness in Boise, ID

  42. Dan Schulman accepts Alliance Private Sector Award

  43. Virgin Mobile USA, Private Sector Awardee

  44. Martha Kegel accepts Alliance Nonprofit Award

  45. UNITY of Greater New Orleans, Nonprofit Awardee

  46. Mo Vaughn accepts Alliance Macy Award

  47. Mo Vaughn, John W. Macy Awardee

  48. Sen. Murray accepts Alliance Public Sector Award

  49. Sen. Patty Murray, Public Sector Awardee

  50. Nan Roman at a congressional briefing on chronic homelessness

  51. Sen. Richard Burr at Alliance Congressional Briefing

  52. Nan Roman at NHC Budget Forum

  53. Nan Roman for MyAmerica

  54. MyAmerica - Caroline Wagner

  55. Understanding the Data - Video Fact Sheet

  56. Geography of Homelessness, Part 2

  57. Youth Housing

  58. What is HPRP?

  59. Healthcare and the Homeless

  60. Geography of Homelessness, Part I

  61. Understanding the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Programs

  62. Atlanta's Leaders Plan to End Homelessness

  63. Housing is Treatment

  64. Do Well, by Doing Good

  65. Leadership in Ending Homelessness: Commissioner Gail Dorfman

  66. Tribute to the Dedication of Susan Baker and Betty Boyle

  67. Michigan's Campaign to End Homelessness

  68. First Avenues: Housing Solutions for Families

  69. Making Home Possible: Freddie Mac Takes on Homelessness

  70. Ending Homelessness is Possible