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  1. Diseases Attack Cassava Crops in East and Central Africa

  2. Debating How to Fight Hunger in Africa

  3. Simple Machines Make Life Easier for Poor Farmers

  4. Turning Unused City Lots Into Farms

  5. Special Grain May Reduce Iron Deficiency

  6. How Irrigation Systems Can Increase Malaria Risk

  7. Seeking Causes of Honeybee Loss

  8. Using Social Media to Reduce Food Waste

  9. What Immigration Reform Could Mean to US Farmers

  10. In the Garden: Growing Chillies

  11. British Ban on Khat Angers Kenyan Farmers

  12. Students Develop a New Way to Purify Water

  13. Debating Direct Payments to Farmers

  14. Farmer Discovers Unapproved Genetically Modified Wheat in Field

  15. Practicing Climate-Friendly Agriculture

  16. In DRC, a Solution to Crop Thefts?

  17. Debating Government Payments for Farmers

  18. Straw Bale Gardening: Advice for Beginners

  19. Cassava Virus Spreads to West Africa

  20. Afghan Farmers Again Increase Poppy Crop

  21. The Risk From Imported Pests

  22. Schoolchildren in Virginia City Go Green

  23. The Many Uses for the Moringa Oleifera Plant

  24. Actions to Fight Hunger Fall Short of Promises

  25. In the Garden: Growing Beets

  26. The Benefits of Companion Planting

  27. Europe's Horse Meat Problems

  28. Tips for Raising Mums

  29. Growing Vegetables in the Shade

  30. Avoiding Future Famines in Somalia

  31. Reducing High Rates of Wasted Food

  32. What Makes a Plant a Weed?

  33. New Rules Aim to Improve Food Safety in US

  34. Ideas for Climate-Friendly Food Production

  35. Fighting Child Hunger in the Sahel

  36. The Business of Christmas Trees

  37. How Poinsettias Flowered Into an American Favorite

  38. Mangrove Trees Fight Poverty in Eritrean Village

  39. In South Africa, Armed Guards for Rhinos

  40. Avoiding Food Crises in Sahel

  41. An Unhappy Thanksgiving for Turkey Farmers

  42. Finding Ways to Increase 'Feed Efficiency' in Cattle

  43. Growing Coffee, Seeking Peace in Eastern DRC

  44. For 'Culinary Adventure,' Group Brings Table to Farm

  45. Daniel Hillel Wins World Food Prize for Irrigation Work

  46. Women in Burkina Faso Work to Make Dry Land Into Sustainable Farms

  47. Seeking Ways to Reduce Overfishing

  48. Worries About Rising Food Prices May Ease

  49. In Cambodia, Recycling Cooking Oil Into Biodiesel

  50. Surviving a Drought: A Farmer's Old-Fashioned Lessons

  51. Deadly Maize Disease Threatens Food Supplies in Kenya

  52. In the Garden: Growing Onions

  53. US Drought Renews Debate on Biofuel

  54. China Looks to Ukraine for Food

  55. US Faces Worst Drought in Half a Century

  56. US Farmers Struggle With Drought

  57. Good News, Bad News on Food Prices and Production

  58. When Animals Make People Sick

  59. Project in DRC Aims to Increase Fertilizer Use

  60. In the Garden: Getting Started With Roses

  61. Getting a Firm Grip on Weed Control

  62. What Rio Conference Means to Farmers

  63. Tomato's Genetic Secrets Are Peeled Away

  64. Growing a Farm With Crowd-Sourced Money

  65. Why 'Precision Agriculture' Is a Good Investment

  66. Rice Production Grows, but Not Everywhere

  67. Do It Yourself: Raising Angora Goats

  68. The Limits to Organic Farming in Feeding the World

  69. Teaching Coffee Farmers About the Birds and the Bees

  70. From Ancient Farmers, Lessons for Today's Amazon

  71. A Call for Equal Rights for Women Farmers

  72. New Findings About Loss of Bees

  73. Water Problems in a World of Insecurity

  74. For Meat Lovers, the Challenge of Faking It

  75. Making Power From Coconut Shells, Mango Pits

  76. The Appeal of Urban Farming

  77. Friends With Benefits, in the Plant World

  78. Putting Agriculture at the Center of Climate Talks

  79. Will Cost of Cocoa Raise the Price of Valentine's Day?

  80. Really, It's OK to Pinch Mums

  81. Grow It Yourself: Diving Into Aquaponics

  82. Farmers Learning Limits of Popular Herbicide

  83. Steps Toward Drought-Resistant Crops, 'Designer' Rice

  84. Big Investors, Small Farmers in Africa: a Fair Deal?

  85. In the Garden: Growing Your Own Lettuce

  86. High Food Prices, Revolutions, and the Future

  87. Two of Santa's Reindeer Flee in Texas (Really)

  88. 'Property Ladder' Helps Poor Gain Land Rights

  89. Prawns and Tobacco Find a Home Together

  90. UN Says Food Production Must Rise; How 'Fertilizer Trees' Could Help

  91. At Thanksgiving, the Makings of a National Feast

  92. Test Your Word Knowledge With a Quiz About Farm Terms

  93. Seeking a Better Way for African Farmers to Fight a Fever

  94. In the Garden: Growing Beets

  95. Refugees Bring Flavor of Home to Community Farms

  96. Poor Suffer as Food Prices Likely to Stay High

  97. US, EU to Increase Fight Against Illegal Fishing

  98. Issues Slow Recovery of Kenya's Cotton Industry

  99. Experts Defend Way of Life for Herders in East Africa

  100. Grow It Yourself: Turning Bulbs Into Beautiful Blooms

  101. Getting to the Root of How to Water Trees

  102. Experts Link East Africa Drought to La Niña in the Pacific

  103. African Film Shows Tensions Between Banana Growers, Villagers

  104. Hot in the Garden: Too Much Sun Can Be Bad for Vegetables

  105. Gardening: Vegetables Made in the Shade

  106. Ideas for Getting a Firm Grip on Weed Control

  107. Inventor of Weed Eater Started a Revolution

  108. Building a Windbreak to Protect Crops

  109. Putting Worms to Work to Help Your Garden

  110. Grow It Yourself: Onions Are Nothing to Cry About

  111. Groups Press for US Ban on Antibiotics in Healthy Animals

  112. Teaching Rural Farmers With Cell Phone Videos

  113. Trying to Improve Food Safety With a Camera

  114. [Private Video]

  115. An American Cowboy Aims to Help Russia's Beef Herd

  116. Study Links Climate Change to Changes in Crop Yields

  117. In Africa, the Greening of the Sahel

  118. Much of Africa Not Investing Enough in Agricultural Research

  119. Growing Chili Peppers: A Heated Subject

  120. Beauties in the Garden: Growing Ornamental Trees and Bushes

  121. Grow It Yourself: Turning Bulbs Into Beautiful Blooms

  122. Next Step After Carbon: Knowing Your Nitrogen Footprint

  123. For Japan Farmers, Radiation Fears Mean Economic Pain

  124. Getting to the Bottom of a Fish Die-Off in Southern California

  125. How Women Farmers Could Feed More in Developing World

  126. Food Makers See Crunch Time Against New Maize for Fuel

  127. Long History, Unclear Future for 'Golden Rice'

  128. 'Green Super Rice' About Two Years Away for Asia, Africa

  129. Fish Farms May Soon Supply More Than Half the World's Catch

  130. US Lets Farmers Plant Biotech Sugar Beets, With Conditions

  131. Bags Help Farmers Protect Harvests From Air and Insects

  132. Looking to Africa for Ideas About How to Fight Hunger

  133. World Food Prices Expected to Stay High or Keep Rising

  134. New Law in US Aims to Increase Food Safety

  135. An 'Image Problem' for a Food That Could Save African Lives

  136. Archi's Acres Guides Returning Veterans Toward Business Success

  137. The Evergreen Industry in Christmas Plants

  138. Activists Say Fishing Limit Not Enough to Save Bluefin Tuna

  139. US Farm Exports May Set Record in 201

  140. Scientists Recycle Oyster Shells to Aid Chesapeake Bay

  141. Traditional Thanksgiving Meal, With Modern Shortcuts

  142. An African Grain Joins the Gluten-Free Market for People With Celiac

  143. Integrated Pest Management Can Increase Crop Production

  144. Fight to End Rinderpest Is Declared a Success

  145. New Attention Given to Child Cocoa Workers in Ivory Coast and Ghana

  146. Unwrapping the Genetic Secrets of a Chocolate Bar

  147. In the Garden: Growing Your Own Lettuce

  148. US Considers First Genetically Modified Animal for Food

  149. Many Farmers and Gardeners Turn Away From Tilling

  150. World Leaders Urged to Meet Development Goals by 2015

  151. Pretty Flowers Lead Two Scientists to a Discovery

  152. Want Truly Homemade Sweaters? Try Raising Your Own Goats

  153. Test Your Word Knowledge With a Quiz About Farm Terms

  154. Russian Housing Plan Threatens Seed Bank

  155. Phone Call About Fertilizer Could Be a Big Help to Philippine Rice Farmers

  156. Ideas for Getting a Firm Grip on Weed Control

  157. Slaughterhouses on Wheels Come to the Aid of Small Farms

  158. Got Baboons in Your Crops? Offer Them a Snake Sandwich

  159. Uncooperative Goat Becomes the Mother of an Invention

  160. Growing Trees in the Desert, With the Aid of a 'Waterboxx'

  161. Farming in the City: Joys of Growing Food

  162. In the Garden: Getting the Most Out of Mums

  163. World Food Prize Honors Heads of Two Groups Based in US

  164. In the Garden: Getting Started With Roses

  165. Farmers in East Africa Struggle Against Cassava Disease

  166. A Chicken in Every Pot: Finding New Uses for Feathers

  167. A Cotton Plant Kills One Kind of Bug, but Is Blamed for Another

  168. Why Grafting Still Fits Nicely Into Agriculture

  169. In Kenya, Low-Cost Crop Insurance for Small Farmers

  170. VOA Learning English - Agriculture Report # 391

  171. Oil Spill Puts Fisheries, Birds at Risk Along US Gulf Coast

  172. Transgenic Crops Get Good Marks in General in US Study

  173. Study Warns of Dangers to World's Mangrove Forests

  174. In Haiti, a Struggle to Get Crops in the Ground

  175. Deforestation Decreased Over the Past 10 Years

  176. Study Documents Effects of Market Policy Changes on Three West African Countries

  177. West Africans, Free Markets and the '08 Food Crisis

  178. Rise in Food Gardens in US Brings Crop of Questions for Experts

  179. Broccoli and Cauliflower Their Tops Make Good Eating

  180. Want to Grow a Root? Beets Are Hard to Beat

  181. Winter Gives a Hard Chop to Washington's Cherry Trees

  182. Burros Can Do More Than Work Just as Pack Animals

  183. Some Crops Can Help Farmers Prepare for Disasters

  184. Mapping the Way to a Better Soybean

  185. New Understanding of How Plants Use Water

  186. Giving Grasslands a Rest

  187. Keeping Plants and Trees Warm When Temperatures Drop

  188. New Alliance to Study Greenhouse Gases in Agriculture

  189. Circular Thinking: Round Barns on US Farms

  190. How a Hoop House Can Extend the Growing Season

  191. Officials in US Look for Fixes to Carp Problems

  192. An International Treaty Targets Fishing Abuses

  193. Making Better Concrete With Rice?

  194. Earl Cooley: Remembering an Early Smokejumper

  195. Two Efforts Seek to Increase Food Security in Africa

  196. Why Holding Fruit on Trees May Limit Next Year's Crop

  197. Group Works to Expand Supply of Cattle Vaccine in Africa