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Super Monkey Ball Inspiration (part 2)

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Uploaded on Nov 22, 2010

I can't even begin to say how sorry I am for being gone this long=(. It's not just the computer that kept me from Youtube, I've got a lot going on in my life right now and it can be described in only one word: hectic. I'm so sorry this took so long to post and I'm sorry I haven't been on Youtube very often to comment and show videos.=( Enough talk... HERE IT IS! THE VIDEO YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!=D=D Get ready to see really awesome records, glitches, stunts, new strategies, and just pure inspirational replays that will leave your mouth agape. Seriously, the majority of these replays are going to blow you away!!! I hope you have fun watching this piece of work that took forever to create, and might be the last compilation of these two games, but I'm not completely sure. Relax, get comfortable, maybe get some popcorn and a soda, because this is a LONG compilation. Have lots of fun watching it!!

Here is the yadda...yadda...yadda...

E50: Stunt
A26: Goal-glitch finish
EX10: Goal-Glitch finish
M8: Stunt
BX8 Quick Turn: Stunt
A21 Pro Skaters: Stunt
Same level: Goal-glitch finish
AX4 UFO: Stunt
AX10 Teapot: Stunt
E22 Wavy Option: Really awesome stunt
EX3 Puzzle: Stunt
EX8 Conical Slider: Stunt
S10-4 Disorder: Goal-glitch finish

Super Monkey Ball

B7: 12,196: Tied Record
Same level: 54:66 New record
B8: 57:26(2 replays), 57:28 New Record
B10: 11,376 Tied Record (kind of a dumb strategy...)
BX1: 5,316
A2: 13,046
A6: 57:46/31,492
A8: 4,692
Same Level: 18:53
A15: 57:58/11,516
A18:57:05/57,510 Tied Record
A19: 28:01 New record
A23: 57:25
Same Level: 13,040
A24: 25:00 (Can't get any faster...)
A26: 56:55/12,310 New Record (Took...so...long...)
A27: 6,506 New record...wow...
AX3: 56:55/11,410
AX5: 57:43
E8: 5,416 New Record by a frame
E9: 55:48
E14: 57:23
E22: 54:58
E25: 24:63 New record
E26: 27:33 New record by a frame
E28: 56:53/12,306 New Record
E29: 11,180
Same Level: 54:95
E33: 7,032
E37: 27:26 Tied Record
E40: 22:01
E46: 24:08 New record and strategy O_O
E50: 5,066 New Record by a frame
Same Level: 24:35 New Record by a frame
M1: 46:40/9,280 (I'm not sure if this strategy is okay to use...)
M8: 11,476 New Record (Same comment above)

Super Monkey Ball 2

B2 Hollow: 53:91
B3 Bumpy: 12,386
BX2 Bumpy Check: 53:36/10,872
BX6 Fluctuation: 54:01 New record by a frame (3 replays lol)
BX8 Quick Turn: 53:03/11,306 Tied NTSC Record =D
A2 Eaten Floor: 52:80 New record
A4 Coaster: 15,886 New record!!! O_O_O
Same Level: 54:46 Tied Record =)
A6 Swell: 51:90 New NTSC Record
A7 Gravity Slider: 48:13 New Record (!)
A13 Stepping Stones: 11,150
Same Level: 52:28 New record (finally...)
A16 Mad Rings: 57,422 New Record and strategy
A21 Pro Skaters: 50:61/34,122 New record by 286 points O_O (New strategy)
A23 Beehive: 52:66 New record and strategy
A24 Dynamic Maze: 54:46
A25 Triangle Holes: 53:83/10,766
A26 Launchers: 53:10/31,120 New Record and strategy
A28 Coin Slots: 54:33 New Record and strategy
AX2 Heavy Sphere: 10,862 New Record
Same Level: 53:86 New NTSC Record
AX4 UFO: 54:60/10,920 Tied Record =)
AX9 Grid Bridge: 56:45 2 strategies
AX10 Teapot: 25:08 New record and strategy
E1 Wormhole: 52:91
E5 Partition: 11,772
E7 Zigzag Slope: 9,932 New NTSC Record
Same Level: 46:40 New record and strategy
E8 Tower: 49:51 New Record
Same Level: 10,502 New Record
E9 Toggle: 12,050 New NTSC Record! =)
E10 Pachinko: 55:01 Former Tied record
E16 Cliffs: 55:86/11,172 New Record
E22 Wavy Option: 54:06 New Record
E25 Sieve: 48:53/10,206 Tied Record!! =D (I will provide a tutorial=))
E30 Banana Hunting: 55:05
Same level: 11,390 (Live)
E21 Pistons: 54:22
E35 Totters: 55:01 New record by a frame (2 replays)
E36 Vortex: 53:88/31,876 New record
E43 Spinning Saw: 55:75 New record
E44 Chipped Pipes: 34,112 E48 Orbiters: 55:86
E49 Twin Basin: 54:48/10,996 Tied NTSC Record
EX4 Giant Swing: 53:68 New Record
EX5 5 Drums: 51:63 New record
EX7 Pendulums: 54:80/12,960
EX8 Conical Slider: 54:83
EX9 Construction: 54:56/12,012 Tied record
M1 Centrifugal: 11,646
M2 Swing Bridges: 52:21 New NTSC Record by a frame
M5 Notch: 11,646 New record and strategy
M7 Long Torus: 50:58/11,116 New Record!!! (highlight replay=)=))
M9 Double Twin: 51:15 New Record (I swear, this strategy came right of the clear blue sky)
M10 Clock Face: 55:40
Same Level: 55:43 Tied Record
MX4 Planets: 51,426 Tied Record
MX5 Sliced Cheese: 55:58 Former record
Same Level: 13,516 Tied Record
MX6 54:70 Tied Record (I think?)
MX7 Synchronized: 32,320 Tied NTSC record
S10-1 Training: 53:55 New Record
S10-4 Disorder: 55:61 New Record
S10-6 3-D Maze: 54:20 with banana bunch, 54:26 New Record, 12,342 New Record

Hope you enjoyed the video and have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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